Sleepwalking my way through life: "I broke my promise"

"I broke my promise"


It's monday afternoon, I'm at work, and this is the first time I've updated in a while.
I broke my promise.

I need to be quick. I'm only taking half an hour for my lunch today so I can leave at half past four instead of five, and I have ten minutes before I have to get back to work.

Work isn't as good as I first said. I sit here all day and do the same things over and over again. It's really repetitive. But it was alright last week, seeing as when I finished one batch of work I was allowed to piss about on the internet until they gave me more stuff.
I can still do that this week, but all the energy is being drained from me by doing the same work over and over again. And by the time I finish one batch there's another alreayd waiting me. But I can still fit time to read up on emails and forums everyonce in a while, but not this.

What other news is there?

On firday I took a half hour lunch too so I could leave early. The next train wasn't for another half hour so I wlaked around Glasgow for a bit to pass the time. I got a call from mum asking if I wanted a lift home, and since it would be quicker I aggreed. She told me to be at her office at a certain time, which was fine 'cause then i could read more Mangas in borders.
So I went to her office and had to wait twenty minutes while she got ready. Then another twenty while a guy we were giving a lift home got ready. And then there were protesters at the bridge about G8 and there was this huge traffic jam goin on for miles. So I hoped out and got the train home.
I sat at a table seat so I could write (I had an amazing hit of inspiration that morning) and this huge family with around seven or so kids sat down beside me and there was a boy jumping about and the adults kept reading what I was writing. I'm gonna post it on DeviantArt later, after I work out the kinks that is.
By the time I arrived at the station it was the time I had to meet up with Laura, Jeff (JenMc) and Jason. We just walked about and went up to the Key.

On Saturday Jason, Jeff, Laura and I went to the centre to hang about. But it was too hot in there so we walked Jason home and went to Lauras house (Since she was
closest). We sat up in her room and read "A guide to sex for smart girls".

Needless to say, I am now traumatised.

At six me and Jeff went home (And saw a squished seagull on the way). And that was my saturday.

Sunday was bad. Mum made us clean the house since Anne couldn't come in on thursday. And in the process I broke a twentyfive quid glass soap holder thing.
So I went out and took out a hundred and sixty pounds to pay mum back for all the stuff she bought me. That's a serious dent in my wallet...

Ack. I need to go now.
You might expect another update tonight to make up for not posting, but that's only if I find other stuff to talk about.

So long.

(WHIT?! 187 posts??? You're kidding right?)
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