Sleepwalking my way through life: "Hey, watch me not give a shit! Whooo! There I go!"

"Hey, watch me not give a shit! Whooo! There I go!"

So I am sitting here at my desk, wet, sticky, and in a not too pleasant mood.

There is a reason for this.

It officially started last week, but I shall fast forward it to last night for your convenience.
I was lying on the couch watching tv, as I usually do, when my trousers start to vibrate in a peculiar manner so I sit up and pull my mobile out from my pocket. I expected it to be LauraMcG or Jeff asking if I was going to the Key the next night but, to my surprise, it was Jen. I opened the message expecting a long rant of insults and shouting at me for something I could have possibly written on here that would offend her.
Lets say I was only slightly wrong.
She was angry for what I had said about her on Lauras Livejournal. For the past week, me and Laura have been shouting at some anonymous person who commented on her account with abuse. So after a while of reading the insults I came to the conclusion that Jen was the one behind it, and I said so I named her.
apparently it wasn't her and I shouldn't have said anything about her. Oh, and that I was an asshole.

"Hey, watch me not give a shit! Whooo! There I go!"

She replied, requesting that I depart to the underworld after telling her why I thought it was her who was rampaging on Lauras account.

"It looked like your insults." You know, the ones that have been used over and over again. And then I said something that I truly regret. "Apologies for getting it wrong, I shall proceed to shout at Charlotte. Thanks!"
Why did I have to say that? Why did I have to apologise? A moment of weakness is the only reason I can think of.

So I went to bed, I slept, I woke up and got myself ready for my day. It was going to be a good day since it was Friday and all Fridays have to automatically be good days. But I was wrong again.
As I was doing my hair I received a text. I automatically knew it would be from Jen, so I opened the text, expecting more abuse and sarcasm.
Once again, I was wrong.
She merely asked who was the person that was insulting her on my blog comments (They're down there somewhere).

"No clue. It wasn't Koori-"(Laura)"-'cause otherwise she would've signed in."

But I had already said on my blog that I had an inkling of who the person was. So she told me to tell her who it was. She was also wondering why I was up this early, and to guess who she saw on holiday.

And I answered. I answered the text and started the conversation. I had a conversation with Jen. A civil conversation with Jen. We just talked about holidays, work and school and normal stuff like that. It was normal, it was good, it was - dare I say it - fun.

Now I'm really confused.

One of the main reasons that I fell out with them was because they didn't like me, simple as that. I mean, why hang around with people and submit to ridiculing if they don't even like you.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I was walking to work in the thick drizzle, if there is such a thing, deep in thought and my music on quite loud. There are a few busy roads that I need to venture across before I reach the comfort and warmth of my blue swiveling chair, and as I was crossing one of them I walked into someone.
The light wasn't red yet, and cars were still coming at quite a speed while me and this man stood there in the middle of the road, dazed, and clutching our heads as we tried to keep our balance. I quickly mumbled my apology, he mumbled his and we set off quickly to opposite sides of the road.
But it was too late.
I found myself dancing inbetween cars as they sped by us honking their horns in an alarming manner. At one point I found my nose inches away from a passing lorry. But after a minute or two of dancing I saw my chance and dashed to the otherside. I turned around and saw the short man laughing, for he had just escaped the road too. I laughed back, only to get a mouthful of water as a passing truck threw a puddle in my face.
Since I wasn't thirsty at that time, you could see why I my thoughts at this point were not too positive.

I trudged up to the office and sat myself down, losing myself in my thoughts again as I fruitlessly tried to keep my fringe long and straight. I remembered the bottles of IrnBru I had in my bag, and I took one out and began work. I stared at the work that was suddenly mounting on my screen and I twisted the bottle cap. There was a fizzy, bubbling sound and as soon as I came to my senses I twisted the cap shut again.
But I was tooooooooo late.
My arms were covered, my desk was dripping, my clothes were soaked and my keyboard invaded, all by IrnBru. I sprang into action and grabbed the nearest absorbing material. My jacket. I mostly cleared my desk and I salvaged the keyboard, although there are still drops inbetween the keys. Now everything I touch is sticky. The keys are sticky, the mouse is sticky, even if I lie my arm on the table I find that it sticks.

So I sit here at my desk, wet, sticky, and in a not too pleasant mood.

I'm going to leave now, clean myself off, and think about things.

And pray to God that my keyboard doesn't break too.
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