Sleepwalking my way through life: "Dude, this post sucks"

"Dude, this post sucks"

I cannot wait until the end of the summer.

I'm getting paid tomorrow, and I'm going to see how much money I am actually being paid (I don't know exactly how much due to tax). Then I can figure out how much money I have by the end of the summer, and how much money I can spend on my laptop.
I was thinking that I'd get just over eight hundred pounds, maybe nine hundred if I'm lucky. Then about five or six hundred would go to a laptop, a hundred or so would go to clothes, fifty or so towards books and mangas, and the rest for games and going out.

But before all that happens I've still got another month in here. It isn't bad mind you, it's just long and boring.

Right now I'm working on another story that I thought up a few days back, and tomorrow I'm going to be working on a story I thought up this morning. I'm churning them out like a machine at the moment. I dunno if they'll be any good, but we'll see when I've written them.

And my picture is almost done!
Lauras birthday is on friday, and I've been drawing a picture for her. And it's almost finished too. I'm not going to post it on DeviantArt though. I'm gonna show it to Laura, and then maybe two other people and that's it (The other two 'cause they especially requested to se it). I really like it now that it's all coming together.
But I still need to draw the picture for Warriors Realm. And it's due in ten or so days. And I don't think I can do it in time. But I'll try, although it won't do justice to the person at all.
Ah well.

I've been practicing drawing hands too. Yesterday on the train I was practicing fists, palms, pointing and stuff. It wasn't too bad. Except the fingers look like sausages.
Hopefully I'll get better.
I also thought up another good picture with me in it... But I won't have time to draw it for ages.

To be honest I've ran out of things to say and I'm just filling this blog with random thoughts to fill the space.
Yeah, it's crap.

I've also bene thinking more about the graphic novel I was doing with John and the comic I was doing with Maddy. They've both been abandonned obviously, but I just couldn't help thinking about it. I thought of tonnes of other stuff for the graphic novel, like plot twists and the like. And I even thought of how to tell the story of Damien growing up and stuff. And the big bad. I thought a lot about that too.
I also thought up some good jokes for the comic too. And I redesigned some of the characters. All in my head of course. I have no time to write all this stuff down.


Dude, this post sucks.
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