Sleepwalking my way through life: "...doing a merry jig over their writhing bodies."

"...doing a merry jig over their writhing bodies."

Time for a real update.

It be monday right now, and quite a bit has happened between friday evening and now. Lets take a journey shall we?

About ten minutes before I left work, LauraMcG phoned me up asking when i was getting the train home. They were in Pollockshaws West and the wanted to jump onto my train so they could sit with me. To do this I needed to miss the express train (Which usually passed that stop) and wait another five minutes for the other train. I was fine with all that though, 'cause it gave me time to wander up to Forbidden Planet and read some Full Metal Alchemist (It's so different from the anime!).
When it was time I jumped on the train and phoned them up to say I was on my way. But they were lost and they told me to get off the train at Pollockshaws West, but I couldn't because I needed to meet my dad for dinner (De ja vu...), so i had to leave without them.
Then Heather called and asked if I was on the train. I said I was, so she told me to come up to the first carriage to meet her and Jason. So I picked up my bag and went through three or four carriages before I reached the top, and they weren't there. So I called her up, and she said "Are you sure you're in the first carriage?"
"Pretty sure."
"Well then... Oh. Are you on the express train? The one at quater past?"
"No, I'm on the train after that."
"Oh. Hahahaaa. See ya then."
That was... fun I guess. I got out my note pad and drew a quick sketch of ShakKen. It's not bad I guess, but it needs a lot of work. Some guy gave me a funny look when I drew a gun in his hand (He's obsessed with guns). Twas funny.
So I got into the station and phoned Chris about when dad was coming round. He said that he was there right now, so I broke into a run and tried to get home as quickly as possible. It took me four minutes and eight seconds to run from St. Kennys to the bottom of my street. I say that's pretty fast really.
So I run up to my house, gasping for breath and dump my stuff before I get into dads rented car, sweat and all. We headed over to Pizza Hut and had a nice meal while dad oggled the waitress and talked about stuff. Twas good. We finished about ten to eight, so we decided to catch a film before heading home, and since War of the Worlds was the only thinkg worth seeing, we went to that. Twas gutting because Sin City and Kung Fu Hustle weren't up anymore.
The film was alright a second time round, except that this time I noticed a lot more plot holes and whatnot. Ah well, it was still pretty decent.
After that I headed home to the pc while Chris and Dad went out for drinks.

Next morning Chris shouted at me because I wasn't excited about the new Harry Potter book and that I wasn't going to buy it for a while. I just explained to him that I don't really like the series anymore. It's getting a lot more realistic (As evidence of Harrys adolescent mood swings in the previous book) but I don't like where it's going. It's like Rowling has Hero Syndrome, where a small minute character can get out of absurd situations that would be impossible to get out of. Like an old lady getting mugged, for example. The old lady would be frail and scared of the muggers, she wouldn't run by them, breaking their legs with her stick before doing a merry jig over their writhing bodies.
All in all, I think it's getting a bit too farfetched. I do realise that you don't find wizards and witches on every street corner, but even for a magical world it's getting a bit too far out.
Anyway, back to my story. Dad came around at about ten-ish and we headed to B&Q so he could pick up stuff. Then we drove into Glasgow for the day, and walked around there for a few hours. Chris bought himself San Andreas for the X-Box while I contemplated buying Trigun. I decided not to, seeing as I needed money for lunch at work.
At about seven-ish we went to the Crooked Lum where Chris payed for dinner. I had myself a nice steak and ribs with jaffa cake cheesecake for desert. It was so nice it was unbelievable.
After that I headed home in a taxi while Chris and Dad drank.

Sunday morning we went to Argos to buy a Webcam (Ours has still gone missing) and then we headed down to PC World to look at laptops and stuff. Dad said he would give me money for my laptop, which would be pretty neat. After that we went to the town centre and had lunch in Muffin Break before we went back home. Dad gave me and Chris a thoudand pounds each form Granddad (Into the bank it goes) and then he had to leave. So we said our goodbyes and he was off. Next time I'll see him will be at Christmas. Or on the internet.
So I told mum about what we did and stuff, and she said that SHE would put money towards my laptop too. Which is pretty sweet. So i don't have to put as much money as I was going to towards it and I can spend money on other stuff, like goi out and driving lessons!
Tis good.
I then wne tout to the train station and emptied sixty quid out of my pocket to pay for my month long train ticket. Ouch.
But when I got back home, something horrible happened.
The computer broke!
I was turning it on, ready to install the new webcam, and it didn't load up. It freezes at the HP screen. There should be a beep that comes from the hard drive if evrything's ok, but it doesn't beep!
I tried restarting it abour twenty times, but it still didn't work. I think we have a virus in the bootstrap loader. Which sucks.
Now I am computerless unless I can fix it tonight. But if it's completely buggered then I'll try and transfer some of my files from the computer to the laptop, 'casue there are some files that i do not want ot lose. But I don't even know if I can hook them up. I really wanted to transfer my FMA series on to disk so I could wathc them at any time. Arg.

My pc sucks.

And that's really what I've been doing up till now. I'd best be off now, but I'll most likely update again after lunch. I have too much free time on my hands...
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