Sleepwalking my way through life: "Damn you Rowling you unsmiling demon."

"Damn you Rowling you unsmiling demon."

I am knackered.

That's what I get for having that piece of cake before bed, staying up to watch Big Brother and for writing on the train this morning when I should have been sleeping. Not to mention I didn't get my usual morning can of coke so I'm lackin a boost in caffiene.
I'm doing my best not to drop off at my desk.

After work yesterday I decided to wander around Glasgow until my train arrived and I came across Bargain World, so I decided to take a gander and see if they had any writing pads or sketch pads. The sketch pads I saws were a fiver each and only had fifty pages of A4, so I went into the back and bought myself a ruled book of two hundred pages with colour coded edge for every fifty pages.
I then headed out, now adamant on getting a sketch pad. I headed down the street and found a realy small publishing shop on the corner of the street. I ducked in and passed through the crowd looking at books to reach the art stuff at the back. And I got myself eighty sheets of A4 sketch paper in a binder for only three quid. I thought it was a good deal. Well, it was better than the one in Bargain World, and this one even had a binder.
I ran back down to the station to catch my train and when I jumped on it was packed. There were hardly any seats left and if there were seats then they were being taken up by ignorant bastards who sit on the outside or put their bag on the seat. I actually went up to one and said "Could you move over so I could sit down?"
"Why not?"
"The seat is for my bags."
Damn bastard. There were tonnes of people standing and this smug git took up two bloody seats.
So I was forced to stand in the cycling hold, leaning against the door looking out into the seated area while a couple behind me ate each others face. I mean, I could hear the smacking of the lips. And the girl wasn't even good looking!
I'm probably just annoyed for my lack of girlfriend at the moment. Well, not at the moment, more like for the last nine months. Jeez, that's a long time... I need a girlfriend.
Anyway, back to my story.
So while I was standing there I thought of a really good picture I could draw, and a really good story I could write. So I was working on that for most of the journey home. I've also grown to like a few of the Brand New songs along the way. There are just some lines in them that are really powerful and stuff.
So I arrived home safe and sound, played San Andreas, watched tv, had cake, went to bed.

I got up kinda late this morning and I was rushing about to get myself ready for work. I rushed about so much that I forgot to pack my lunch and the various snacks that i usually take to work. So I am now foodless for today unless I venture down into the cafe to see what they've got. I'll probably come back with a two Mars Bars and a can of coke.
Who needs real food when you've got junk?
I started the story this morning too. I was goign to draw, but I didn't have a pencil and a rocky train isn't really thre greatest place to draw. The story isn't too bad though. It's about a boy and a girl and they're on a train. It's kinda all icky love stuff though. It's because of Harry Potter, since that book had a lot to do with relationships it has kinda left me in that kind of mood.

Damn you Rowling you unsmiling demon.

The Warriors Realm art event thingy was yesterday. I've got a few drawings of ShakKen laid out on ruled paper, but I can't upload them until i get some sort of computer to upload it onto. His task was to draw a picture of me, and it's hilarious.
Clicky clicky!
I'm the guy wearing the earphones and ShakKen is the guy behind me preparing to stomp. He hates all things Emo and he had a previous picture of him stepping on an Emo, so this is him stepping on me.
It is currently my background for this computer.

I'm annoyed that I can't give him his. But it cannot be helped.

And I have Lauras present!
Well, most of it. I had sent it to LauraMcG a while back to see what she thought of it, and she liked it. I sent her the version before I had shaded it, and there's still no background, but at least I have something to build on if the old one does go to the big computer in the sky.

My mum's away in Manchester tonight and in London tomorrow night. So if it were a normal summer holiday where I had no job then I could have invited my friends round for a bit or maybe even to stay over. But since I have this job it's a no-can-do.
However, my mum is going to India for a week while she opens up a call centre branch there. And during that week I'll be at school (Which is easily doggable) and she might be away on a friday night when I can have friendlies over.
And depending on the month (It could be august or September) then Chris might not be there. That's if he gets into Dundee that is.
I hope he does, 'cause then I'd be by myself in the house a lot more. Which is fun and usually involves loud music.

I'll leave it there sonce I've ran out of things to say and I don't want to ramble on with crap anymore than I already have done.

"Good hunting." - O
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At 4:26 pm, Blogger katehopeeden said...

What an asshole (guy on train). I had that happen on a bus once. I had to put my daughter on my lap because some fucking prick decided that he needed two seats.
Good luck on the GF. I am in a dry spell myself. :)

At 6:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

come on joe i mean wot does it matter if the girl was good looking cos come on ur track record reads like the whose who of human crap!!

At 10:39 am, Blogger Joe said...

Thanks Kate. And yeah, the bastards really piss me off too.
It's not as if their bags need rest or anything...


At 12:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the previous anonymous comment.

We all know what you and your little friend look like dear, and trust me, you should NOT be throwing stones.

At 12:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and another thing. For the love of God don't use friends quotes as insults. It's sad, pathetic, and unoriginal. Quite fitting actually.

At 12:52 pm, Blogger Joe said...

Thank you anonymous stranger, who probably isn't so anonymous now that I think about it...
Ah well, thanks anyway!


At 9:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are going to threaten someone you should at least have the guts to leave your fucking name! PUSSY!!

At 7:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweetheart think about this, did you leave your name when you commented? No, I think not. Toodles.


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