Sleepwalking my way through life: "Call me Job."

"Call me Job."

My my, this has been a good fucking day hasn't it?

No only has my mouse crapped out on me again, but my CD player has seemed to join it.
Yeah sure Mr.Mouse, just keep fucking me up my ass, I don't mind! Mr.CD! Nice of you to join us. What? You want to join Mr.Mouse? Well I don't know if I can-
I guess I can! I didn't know you meant sideways!

Yes, that's how much of a bad day I'm having. It's already got me thinking about technology sex.

You know what? Call me Job.

I clean myself off, and the table and the mouse and my keyboard is fine and dandy. Infact, my keyboard is the only thing that's behaving itself.
Lunch came around, and I was having slight problems with my mouse. Not big problems, but they were annoying. No matter, it was lunch time! So I jumped onto the net and ate my food before putting on my cd player. It was playing fine with no trouble at all until I wanted to listen to music on a flash cartoon. So I paused the music and put on the cartoon. After it was finished (And I was quite dissapointed actually) I returned to my cd player to resume my music to find it had turned off.
No problem, it does this every once in a while. I'll just switch it back on.
My cd player suddenly decides that it has no batteries left, even though I charged it fully only.... Wednesday night? That means I didn't use it until Thursday morning, which means I've only been using it for a day and a bloody half!

So it's sitting in the bottom of my bag until it learns its lesson.

I put my cd into the computer and load up RealPlayer, which isn't the best music player, but it'll have to do. I find that I can't select the tracks. It has to do it itself or it takes a hissie fit and locks up!
Fucking... fuckers.
Fine, I'm ok with that. Look, lunch has ended, must get back to work.
Oh look! My mouse is bugging out on me!

And what else is in store? Well I can't have the map program up and the internet explorer up at the same time. I mean, it's not liek I could do that before... Wait a sec, it is!

Fucking pc...
And to top it all off, I have a headache and my stomach keeps giving me painful jabs of pain every now and then.

And I'm going to the Key tonight. With any luck my train will be late and I'll have to go to the Key in my work clothes (Which aren't that bad to be honest).
Maybe I should draw or write to take away my anger.

Wow. I wonder what this is if it isn't fucking writing?
Quiet you.
Is that what you told the mouse?
I'll strangle you with this fucking mouse if you don't shut up.
Ooh, you're into bondage? Kinky.
I hate me.

Apologies for this post. My mind has gotten lost somewhere and I need to find it. If I find it I'll let you know.
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