Sleepwalking my way through life: "And now I like her"

"And now I like her"

One muchly apologises about yesterday.

I was just so excited to have most of my songs backthat I couldn't conatin mysef.
Twas very good.
I spent most of the night blasting them through my earphones. I love them so much.

And I've decided what to do with my money. I'm going to wait until the summer ends (So I have as much money as possible) and I'm going to buy a laptop. I'll keep it in my room and I'll use it for drawing and writing and music and stuffs. And if I can sneak the modem out of the computer room sometimes then I'll use it for the internet too.
But there will be no downloads, no illegal sites, no nothing that will damage my little baby. By the way, I'm obsessed with laptops. They're just so small and compact and portable and they're just as powerful as regular pcs!
The one that I want has a DVD re-writer so I can transfer all my Fullmetal Alchemist episodes on to it and stop clogging up my computers memory. And I can write all the songs I have on to CD so I don't have to waste my money on an MP3 player, which gives me more money for the laptop!
But I did want to get myself a Nintendo DS, but that can wait until I get myself a steady job, not just one over the summer. I'm also waiting until I get a steady job so I can have a girlfriend. Not that I'll be able to get one.

OH! I almost forgot to mention this!
I met Heather!
No, not my that Heather, I met a different one.
A few months ago (I think it was around Christmas) she messaged me through Faceparty with a very random comment so I thought I'd add her on MSN, cos she seemed better than most of the otehr girls who were messaging me at that time. So she lives near me, and she's just left school this year, and we usually talk about random crap and stuff. Twas good fun just talking for a couple of months, and then last week when I was at the centre with Jeff, Laura and Jason someone went "Hi Joe."
So I automatically said "Hi" back and then I turned to see who it was. I looked at her for a second then said "Oh my God hi!"
And there she was, and I was thinking "Wow". We just talked about how she was going to T in the park, and how I'd give her a suitcase taht I could fit in. Twas funny. But then Jason was getting annoyed cos it was so hot and I had to go. Twas good though.
And now I like her.
I realised it when I was talking to her on MSN the following night, and I was thing how nice she was and stuff. One poblem though. She's like in love with another guy. Like totally crazy about him. Like head-over-heals insane about him. But they're too good friends to waste their relationship by going out, but she likes him anyway.
Which sucks, but I can deal with it.

My hair is really getting long now. It can touch the cheek below my eye, without me pulling it down to do so. But I love it. Sure, it can be a real bitch in the mornign to get it look right, and sometimes I do use a little bit too much wax, but I still love it. I now have the hair I've always wanted.
Well, almost. I want it to grow a lot longer. Like really long. Not shoulder length long, but longer than it is now.
The only reason i would want to keep it this length is to dye it (I was reminded of that today). I asked my friends on monday if I should dye it white, like Anthony Keidis had it back in the year two thousand, but they shouted at me. I was gonna dye it dark blue, but after seeing that colour on someone else I decided that it wouldn't be very good. My second choice was dyeing it red, but now I can't do that either, cos someone else I know has done that and I don't want it to look like I've copied them (You know who you are). So my final, and first choice originally, was to dye it jet black, but it kinda looks black already.
Arg, I might just continue to grow it.
I love the fringe so much....

Before I forget, here's my latest story.
It's really short, but I still like it enough to post it. I'm getting back into writing now, and there's going to be a large increase in stories and stuff like that. Don't expect any of them to be any good, but you should expect them.

Maybe I should dye my hair a dark shad of green...
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At 9:54 am, Blogger Joe said...

Wow guys, that was so mature.
I mean, it's gonna be there forever now, it's not liek I can delete it...
Oh wait, I can! Look! There it goes!



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