Sleepwalking my way through life: July 2005

"Call me Job."

Friday, July 29, 2005
My my, this has been a good fucking day hasn't it?

No only has my mouse crapped out on me again, but my CD player has seemed to join it.
Yeah sure Mr.Mouse, just keep fucking me up my ass, I don't mind! Mr.CD! Nice of you to join us. What? You want to join Mr.Mouse? Well I don't know if I can-
I guess I can! I didn't know you meant sideways!

Yes, that's how much of a bad day I'm having. It's already got me thinking about technology sex.

You know what? Call me Job.

I clean myself off, and the table and the mouse and my keyboard is fine and dandy. Infact, my keyboard is the only thing that's behaving itself.
Lunch came around, and I was having slight problems with my mouse. Not big problems, but they were annoying. No matter, it was lunch time! So I jumped onto the net and ate my food before putting on my cd player. It was playing fine with no trouble at all until I wanted to listen to music on a flash cartoon. So I paused the music and put on the cartoon. After it was finished (And I was quite dissapointed actually) I returned to my cd player to resume my music to find it had turned off.
No problem, it does this every once in a while. I'll just switch it back on.
My cd player suddenly decides that it has no batteries left, even though I charged it fully only.... Wednesday night? That means I didn't use it until Thursday morning, which means I've only been using it for a day and a bloody half!

So it's sitting in the bottom of my bag until it learns its lesson.

I put my cd into the computer and load up RealPlayer, which isn't the best music player, but it'll have to do. I find that I can't select the tracks. It has to do it itself or it takes a hissie fit and locks up!
Fucking... fuckers.
Fine, I'm ok with that. Look, lunch has ended, must get back to work.
Oh look! My mouse is bugging out on me!

And what else is in store? Well I can't have the map program up and the internet explorer up at the same time. I mean, it's not liek I could do that before... Wait a sec, it is!

Fucking pc...
And to top it all off, I have a headache and my stomach keeps giving me painful jabs of pain every now and then.

And I'm going to the Key tonight. With any luck my train will be late and I'll have to go to the Key in my work clothes (Which aren't that bad to be honest).
Maybe I should draw or write to take away my anger.

Wow. I wonder what this is if it isn't fucking writing?
Quiet you.
Is that what you told the mouse?
I'll strangle you with this fucking mouse if you don't shut up.
Ooh, you're into bondage? Kinky.
I hate me.

Apologies for this post. My mind has gotten lost somewhere and I need to find it. If I find it I'll let you know.

"Hey, watch me not give a shit! Whooo! There I go!"

So I am sitting here at my desk, wet, sticky, and in a not too pleasant mood.

There is a reason for this.

It officially started last week, but I shall fast forward it to last night for your convenience.
I was lying on the couch watching tv, as I usually do, when my trousers start to vibrate in a peculiar manner so I sit up and pull my mobile out from my pocket. I expected it to be LauraMcG or Jeff asking if I was going to the Key the next night but, to my surprise, it was Jen. I opened the message expecting a long rant of insults and shouting at me for something I could have possibly written on here that would offend her.
Lets say I was only slightly wrong.
She was angry for what I had said about her on Lauras Livejournal. For the past week, me and Laura have been shouting at some anonymous person who commented on her account with abuse. So after a while of reading the insults I came to the conclusion that Jen was the one behind it, and I said so I named her.
apparently it wasn't her and I shouldn't have said anything about her. Oh, and that I was an asshole.

"Hey, watch me not give a shit! Whooo! There I go!"

She replied, requesting that I depart to the underworld after telling her why I thought it was her who was rampaging on Lauras account.

"It looked like your insults." You know, the ones that have been used over and over again. And then I said something that I truly regret. "Apologies for getting it wrong, I shall proceed to shout at Charlotte. Thanks!"
Why did I have to say that? Why did I have to apologise? A moment of weakness is the only reason I can think of.

So I went to bed, I slept, I woke up and got myself ready for my day. It was going to be a good day since it was Friday and all Fridays have to automatically be good days. But I was wrong again.
As I was doing my hair I received a text. I automatically knew it would be from Jen, so I opened the text, expecting more abuse and sarcasm.
Once again, I was wrong.
She merely asked who was the person that was insulting her on my blog comments (They're down there somewhere).

"No clue. It wasn't Koori-"(Laura)"-'cause otherwise she would've signed in."

But I had already said on my blog that I had an inkling of who the person was. So she told me to tell her who it was. She was also wondering why I was up this early, and to guess who she saw on holiday.

And I answered. I answered the text and started the conversation. I had a conversation with Jen. A civil conversation with Jen. We just talked about holidays, work and school and normal stuff like that. It was normal, it was good, it was - dare I say it - fun.

Now I'm really confused.

One of the main reasons that I fell out with them was because they didn't like me, simple as that. I mean, why hang around with people and submit to ridiculing if they don't even like you.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I was walking to work in the thick drizzle, if there is such a thing, deep in thought and my music on quite loud. There are a few busy roads that I need to venture across before I reach the comfort and warmth of my blue swiveling chair, and as I was crossing one of them I walked into someone.
The light wasn't red yet, and cars were still coming at quite a speed while me and this man stood there in the middle of the road, dazed, and clutching our heads as we tried to keep our balance. I quickly mumbled my apology, he mumbled his and we set off quickly to opposite sides of the road.
But it was too late.
I found myself dancing inbetween cars as they sped by us honking their horns in an alarming manner. At one point I found my nose inches away from a passing lorry. But after a minute or two of dancing I saw my chance and dashed to the otherside. I turned around and saw the short man laughing, for he had just escaped the road too. I laughed back, only to get a mouthful of water as a passing truck threw a puddle in my face.
Since I wasn't thirsty at that time, you could see why I my thoughts at this point were not too positive.

I trudged up to the office and sat myself down, losing myself in my thoughts again as I fruitlessly tried to keep my fringe long and straight. I remembered the bottles of IrnBru I had in my bag, and I took one out and began work. I stared at the work that was suddenly mounting on my screen and I twisted the bottle cap. There was a fizzy, bubbling sound and as soon as I came to my senses I twisted the cap shut again.
But I was tooooooooo late.
My arms were covered, my desk was dripping, my clothes were soaked and my keyboard invaded, all by IrnBru. I sprang into action and grabbed the nearest absorbing material. My jacket. I mostly cleared my desk and I salvaged the keyboard, although there are still drops inbetween the keys. Now everything I touch is sticky. The keys are sticky, the mouse is sticky, even if I lie my arm on the table I find that it sticks.

So I sit here at my desk, wet, sticky, and in a not too pleasant mood.

I'm going to leave now, clean myself off, and think about things.

And pray to God that my keyboard doesn't break too.

"Except without my sexy links of sexiness."

Thursday, July 28, 2005
And so I return to the masses.

After searching fruitlessly for the perfect blog skin, I gave up. There were some skins that were really amazing and would've looked great on here. But none of them really suited me. Well, except for the one with Alucard on the front, but that was in Java.
So I surrendered to the fact that I wouldn't find a good enough skin, so I decided to change the one I already had. Maybe change the font or the background picture or something. After I went into the template section my mouse crapped up on me and I clicked my way into the pre-made ones available from Blogger. I decided to take a look at what was there, you know, for funsies.
And I found this one. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty simple Blog and I'm almost certain that about two hundred other people have this too. Except without my sexy links of sexiness.
It's got a dark background, and the text is readable. There are no tag boxes, no attention windows, no Java, and no goddamned Simple Plan ("LiKe OmG tHt SnG wS tTtLy WrTeN 4 Me!!11!1"). It even has a Previous Posts section! Now you can look at all my recent posts without having to scroll down! It's just sexy I tell you.

I'm thinking of changing the title too. I mean, "Sleepwalking my way through life" is pretty good, but I think that it needs a change. I had originally got that name from a Less Than Jake song.

"All my friends always talk about
The stories of moving on and getting out
Then packing up and heading south
Their heads full of hopes and dreams
They're just like me

So they're sleep walking their way through life
Sitting there and getting by
Like all the other friends of mine
Wishing for something more
Wishing for something more"
The Upwards War and the Down Turned Cycle - Less Than Jake

Tis a good song, and when I listened to it I was like "Yeah, that'd be a good header for a post." So I put it as a header. But then I thought it would be great as the title of the Blog, instead of the "Joe's Blog" that I had before. I liked it so much it even became my Gmail address.

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't change it.

I figured out how much I've spent over the past few weeks. £340 give or take. I've earned £420 so I'm still £80 in profit. Which means that out of the £150 I gave myself to spend at the end of summer, I've already spent... £120?
No, that can't be right. I haven't spent that fucking much have I?

Aaaahh shit I think I have.

I have nothing to show for it either. Well, I have my CD player, but everything else was on food and going out and stuff.
I'm going to start leaving my card at home from now on. And I am not going to buy anything at the weekends. Sure, I can go into Glasgow with my train pass, but I won't buy anything while there. No more fucking drinks or snacks at lunch. I'm not going to go to the cinema or anything like that.

Fuck, Halo is this weekend.

Ok, that'll be the last thing I go to. It's Chris' last tournament (I believe) and he's giving away almost two thousand quids worth of stuff as prizes.
A Compaq 900Mhz laptop for £200. Not bad to say the least. I might phone him up about it and ask what the specifications are. He might have maxed it out with all the memRAM and RAm that he likes to stick into things.
For example, in the livingroom of his flat there are five computer towers with three screens. The hard drives put together have almost half a terabyte worth of memory, and the RAM is probably around three hundred gigahertz.
For all you non-computer people, that means it's a really good set.
And since he's a great with machines (like how he can chip an X-box in under three minutes) he might have put extra RAM and memory into the laptopdon't I don'y know. It's at least a year and a half old, so I don't know what condition it'll be in.

I'll ask him.

I also need to ask Feeney if he wants to go to it too. I haven't seen him all summer and it should be good to get him out of the house. I mean, he's probably given up golf and pool to play World of Warcraft fulltime. With any luck he'll be level sixty.
And I DVD's my DVDs back goddamit.
I let him borrow all three of my Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. And he hasn't given them back. And that was in MAY.

I best be off now, with work and all.

I really need to think of a good closing statement for these things. I mean, loads of people have a good way of finishing off a post or a rant by saying something really conclusive. Whether it be their name or some well wishing statement.

Stay safe folks.


Nah, that's crap.

"And I dislike it."

Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Cold coke is quite nice. Room temperature coke isn't bad. Warm coke is a crime against nature.

I sit here again with nothing to do but bore you guys by writing another seemingly pointless post about the nothingness of my life. From time to time I may pause writing to check a websites for the billionth time today to see if they've updated at least a tiny bit. I would put on some tunes and entertain myself with music, but no. When it says "twelve hour battery life" in the store, it really means "three hour battery life with hardly effective anti-jog on". I need to reserve my source of entertainment for the dreary ride home where I'm surrounded by big sweaty people who have no idea how to open a damn window.

If you can't tell by now, I'm in a less than perfect mood.

I tried drawing today at lunch. It took me ten minutes to churn out a sketch that was the opposite of my style yet still as crappy. It's another picture of me, leaning against the post inside the train. My head is tilted, I'm looking off screen and I have a content smile on my mouth and eyes. My hair is falling over my left eye, as it is in real life, and my earphones are tighter than they really are as my hair has to be tucked under them. My long sleeved shirt is open revealing a plain shirt underneath and a clear view of my small yet ever present necklace.

And I dislike it.

It's not a bad picture in itself, but it is nothing like I was going for. I look static and 2D. And it looks nothing like the previous pictures of me. It could be that this one is just a closer view, or it could be that I haven't drawn for a while and need more practice.
I had it all figured out. I had a really cool sketch book, I had professional pencils and that's all I needed. I never realised that you actually needed the ability to draw. I have all these images in my head. Hundreds of them piled up one after another. I want to draw them all, and I can even draw them out in my head with shading and effects, but I can't actually draw them. And it really sucks ass.

I haven't even looked at my story yet. I'm afraid that if I look at it then I'll see that it's total crap and bin it. Then there's another story down the drain and I'm back where I was last week. It's annoying.

I'm back into the "world sucks" mood again. I don't like this mood 'cause I'm always a jackass when I'm in it.
Before you ask, no, I'm not always in this mood.

I need to check out my bank account before I get on the train this afternoon. I'm not entirely sure if I've been paid last week. But I don't really want to look because then I'll see how much I've over spent. And I really don't want to see how much I've over spent.

The further through summer I get, the less likely it seems that my plan will work out. I'm still not even sure how much Dad'll put towards the laptop. And he puts forward a whole lot less than I expected then that would mean the same for Mum, and then my plans for driving lessons would be down the drain until I can get myself a steady job during school. I might even do what Heather is doing.

She's been working through the summer like I have (Except she started two weeks before), but after her summer job ends she'll continue working with Direct Line for two evenings and a Saturday. That doesn't seem too bad to me, depending on when my periods are in St Andrews, so I might phone up Hudson and ask them to do something like that for me.
I wouldn't even mind coming back to work here. The place is growing on me and I spend most of my time on the internet anyway, which is like my second home.
"We shall see." Said the blind man.

I'm still looking for a good skin for this thing.
I found a pretty decent one with Yoh Asakura in the background, but the blog part was a way over in the corner. And I'm pretty sure it was Java.
There are some really amazing anime ones though. But almost all of them are of girls and stuff. Ah well. I shall search around for the best.

I might actually start learning html. My brother started learnign it in 2000 and now he's a really good at it. People actually search him out on the internet for him to build their sites. I've only seen one or two of them, but they're still amazing.

I'd best be off now. It's close to quitting time and I don't want to miss it to update this blog...


"So no Java for me."

Isn't it scary when you find out that people are watching you?

It was really really odd yesterday.
I got out of work and I headed my usual way to the train station when I realised that I needed to buy new pencils to draw with, so I turned a corner and headed up to the publishers store that I got my sketch book from. On the way up the hill some guy was standing at the corner and he blew smoke from his cigrette in my face. I coughed and gave him a look before I walked on.
Halfway up the street I decided to cross the road since the traffic had stopped. So I sidled my way through the cars with a quick glance back to make sure I was clear. I saw the guy and some other girl goin inbetween the cars too. No big deal, I thought. They were only crossing the road.
So I got to the top of the street and went into the shop where I found a set of six sketching pencils of different quality (Like B, 2B, 3B and so on). I bought them and walked out, glancing round the crowded street as I did. The man was standing next to the post by the shop door with the girl. I pretended not to see them and walked back down to the train station. Halfway down the street I turned quickly into an alley way and stood on the edge, waiting to see if he would follow. He stepped into view and looked as though he was about to turn into the alley, but then he glanced at me and did a jerky turn and continued walked down the street. I didn't know where the girl was and I didn't see him again.

Twas creepy, but that's no the end.

I jumped onto the train after buying myself a bottle of coke and searched for a seat. Luckily I had gotten there earlier than the other day, so there were quite a few empty seats scattered around. I sat at a table seat across from a girl and her mum and then some one else sat down beside me.
I decided to take out my writing pad and finish off the story I was working on that morning. So I took it out, had a swig of coke and started to write. The girls across from me (No older than nine or ten) leaned over to her mother and said something. I had my earphones in so I couldn't hear it, but I knew she was asking what I was writing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the mother shrug her shoulders and the girl sat back in her seat. And throught the rest of the train ride (Until Clarkston, where they got off) she watched me. And it was kinda creeping me out. She kept watching me through the reflection in the window and stuff.
I eventually ignored her so I could work on the story. And I finished it. Well, there are still loads of corrections and edits to make, but I've finished the main idea of it.
I dunno if I'll post it on DA. I might do if I make it better.

I also have another idea for a story in my head. I haven't had this many ideas in a few years to be honest.

And my fingers are twitching to draw something. I have my sketch pad and pencils with me today, and I'm waiting until lunch comes around so I can let loose with them. I have a few good ideas in my head for drawings too. I know they're not going to come out the way they are in my head, but it's still fun to try.
One of them is from Harry Potter though...
It's from one of my favourite bits in the book, and I know the perfect way to draw it, but I'll probably mess it up some how.

Ah well. I might as well try.

Hurry up and be lunch goddamn ye!

Anyway, my mum was in Manchester last night so me and Chris had the house to ourselves. I mainly watched tv and played San Andreas while Chris read Harry Potter. We pigged out on Penguins too and we had to bin our dinner since it was so disgusting. It actually tasted like it had been sprayed with anti-septic. I keep telling mum not to buy it since it was so disgusting but she always forgets.
So we chucked it and Chris got himself a pizza from the freezer and I didn't have anything since I wasn't hungry. We watched Silent Witness then Big Brother before I headed to bed. I didn't get to sleep until sometime past eleven which is why I was so knackered this morning.

I got tonnes of sleep on the train though. We were delayed at Giffnock for some reason and we were there for a while (I can't really remember seeing as I was asleep) so I got lots of extra nap time.
When I arrived at central I was almost certain that I saw Daniel McKinlay. Well, I saw the back of his head and he was too far ahead for me to catch up and say hi. He was goign in the opposite direction from me anyway and since I was already late for work I decided to leave it. But I did have enough time to grab some cash out of my account for my lunch money for the rest of the week.
I'm spending too much already.

I should have around a hundred and fifty pounds left from my earnings by the end of the summer, and I've already taken a hundred out of my account. I don't want to spend my money yet. I've only got just over three weeks before I can get my laptop.

And I'm going to treat that laptop nice and proper. No downloads, no viruses, no nasty sites, no nothing. It's gonna be my little baby...
Yeah, I'm kinda creeping myself out here.

I'm thinking of getting myself a new layout for my blog. Don't get me wrong, I really love this one, but I still feel it's not exactly me. For one thing it doesn't have a "Recent Post" section with pisses me off slightly.
I'll be damned if I get a Java site though. I have sites like that where when you click anywhere on it a window comes up with the lyrics to Simple Plan's "Welcome to my life".
And even on the off chance there's a decent picture behind it, you can't bloody right click! You try and a window comes up saying "What are you doing? Are you trying to steal my poems?"
No, I do not want to steal your fucking angsty poems I want the kickass picture of the demon in the background!
So no Java for me.
I need a simple one, but one that's instantly customisable. And no tag boards either. I don't want some reject abusing me on one of those too.


I'm off to look for a good one.

"Damn you Rowling you unsmiling demon."

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
I am knackered.

That's what I get for having that piece of cake before bed, staying up to watch Big Brother and for writing on the train this morning when I should have been sleeping. Not to mention I didn't get my usual morning can of coke so I'm lackin a boost in caffiene.
I'm doing my best not to drop off at my desk.

After work yesterday I decided to wander around Glasgow until my train arrived and I came across Bargain World, so I decided to take a gander and see if they had any writing pads or sketch pads. The sketch pads I saws were a fiver each and only had fifty pages of A4, so I went into the back and bought myself a ruled book of two hundred pages with colour coded edge for every fifty pages.
I then headed out, now adamant on getting a sketch pad. I headed down the street and found a realy small publishing shop on the corner of the street. I ducked in and passed through the crowd looking at books to reach the art stuff at the back. And I got myself eighty sheets of A4 sketch paper in a binder for only three quid. I thought it was a good deal. Well, it was better than the one in Bargain World, and this one even had a binder.
I ran back down to the station to catch my train and when I jumped on it was packed. There were hardly any seats left and if there were seats then they were being taken up by ignorant bastards who sit on the outside or put their bag on the seat. I actually went up to one and said "Could you move over so I could sit down?"
"Why not?"
"The seat is for my bags."
Damn bastard. There were tonnes of people standing and this smug git took up two bloody seats.
So I was forced to stand in the cycling hold, leaning against the door looking out into the seated area while a couple behind me ate each others face. I mean, I could hear the smacking of the lips. And the girl wasn't even good looking!
I'm probably just annoyed for my lack of girlfriend at the moment. Well, not at the moment, more like for the last nine months. Jeez, that's a long time... I need a girlfriend.
Anyway, back to my story.
So while I was standing there I thought of a really good picture I could draw, and a really good story I could write. So I was working on that for most of the journey home. I've also grown to like a few of the Brand New songs along the way. There are just some lines in them that are really powerful and stuff.
So I arrived home safe and sound, played San Andreas, watched tv, had cake, went to bed.

I got up kinda late this morning and I was rushing about to get myself ready for work. I rushed about so much that I forgot to pack my lunch and the various snacks that i usually take to work. So I am now foodless for today unless I venture down into the cafe to see what they've got. I'll probably come back with a two Mars Bars and a can of coke.
Who needs real food when you've got junk?
I started the story this morning too. I was goign to draw, but I didn't have a pencil and a rocky train isn't really thre greatest place to draw. The story isn't too bad though. It's about a boy and a girl and they're on a train. It's kinda all icky love stuff though. It's because of Harry Potter, since that book had a lot to do with relationships it has kinda left me in that kind of mood.

Damn you Rowling you unsmiling demon.

The Warriors Realm art event thingy was yesterday. I've got a few drawings of ShakKen laid out on ruled paper, but I can't upload them until i get some sort of computer to upload it onto. His task was to draw a picture of me, and it's hilarious.
Clicky clicky!
I'm the guy wearing the earphones and ShakKen is the guy behind me preparing to stomp. He hates all things Emo and he had a previous picture of him stepping on an Emo, so this is him stepping on me.
It is currently my background for this computer.

I'm annoyed that I can't give him his. But it cannot be helped.

And I have Lauras present!
Well, most of it. I had sent it to LauraMcG a while back to see what she thought of it, and she liked it. I sent her the version before I had shaded it, and there's still no background, but at least I have something to build on if the old one does go to the big computer in the sky.

My mum's away in Manchester tonight and in London tomorrow night. So if it were a normal summer holiday where I had no job then I could have invited my friends round for a bit or maybe even to stay over. But since I have this job it's a no-can-do.
However, my mum is going to India for a week while she opens up a call centre branch there. And during that week I'll be at school (Which is easily doggable) and she might be away on a friday night when I can have friendlies over.
And depending on the month (It could be august or September) then Chris might not be there. That's if he gets into Dundee that is.
I hope he does, 'cause then I'd be by myself in the house a lot more. Which is fun and usually involves loud music.

I'll leave it there sonce I've ran out of things to say and I don't want to ramble on with crap anymore than I already have done.

"Good hunting." - O

"Ass all the way."

Monday, July 25, 2005
I have been without work for the past forty five minutes. I've been sitting here writing emails, reading webcomics, listening to music and reading about peoples lives.

God I love this job.

Time to tell the tale of my weekend. Gather round good readers, and hear a tale that will bore your very soul.


Ah fuck I jynxed it. Now I've got work to do.

Done. Now, my weekend....

On Friday I escaped form the office at my usual time, but I was lightly annoyed because my supervisor wasn't in that day and I needed a form signed to make sure I would get paid for my weeks work. Luckily I didn't have to fax it in until Monday, so I wasn't too bothered.
My train left at quarter past five, so I only had forty five minutes to get my cd and get back to the train station to get home. I also needed some new earphones to listen with seeing as my old ones are now broken.
So I walked at a fast pace, my feet burning within my shoes, and reached the shop that I was going to buy my cd from. I went up and used the money I got out at lunch to buy it (Brand New - Deja Entendu) but I didn't have enough for earphones. So I took a tenner out of my account accompanied by a receipt. I always rip up my receipt after I get it so no one else knows what's in my account. So I pulled the slip of paper form my pocket, ripped it up and threw it in the bin before heading up to HMV to get some earphones. I found a good pair with a band that goes round the back of your neck and I proceeded to the counter to buy them. I handed them over to the guy and he said "Five ninety-nine" or something, so I handed him the ten pound note in my pocket. He stared at it for a moment and said "What's this?"
I looked over and saw my bank receipt in his hand.
I frantically searched my pockets and my wallet before letting out an extremely audible "Fuck" which got me a dirty look from an old lady. I had binned the tenner. I had ripped up and binned the fucking tenner. I spotted a bank across the street and asked the guy to wait for a minute. I went across, took out another tenner, bought my earphones and walked extremely fast back down to the train station, wincing with each step.
I jumped onto the train and got home fine and dandy, except I had to sit with my feet in a bucket of cold water for five minutes or so. By the end of it the water was red with blood.
So I changed, had a really quick shower, and then shot out to meet everyone to go to the Key. I was late, so I had to run but luckily I had my cd player and my new cd to keep me company. So I ran down my usual way, but tehre was a large group of NEDs at the bottom of the path, so I decided to take a different route to avoid trouble. The route I had taken was a gentle slope downhill before flat ground all the way to my destination. Perfect for running.
So I raced along, and I saw someone cross at the traffic lights some distance ahead, it looked familiar, especially with the red bag. So I increased my speed to catch up with her. By now my cd was jumping and skipping to such an extent that no music was being played at all, but I didn't care. I was too busy trying to catch up with the girl.
I stopped breathless some way behind her and shouted "LAURA!". She didn't hear me. So I jogged a short distance before shouting again, then "LAURA TURN ROUND YOU STUPID WOMAN!" upon which she turned round with her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face.
Ah well, at least she stopped.
So we talked while walking slowly up to StKennys. My feet were killing me at that point, and my cd player had gone to hell, as it was refusing to play my cd at all. It wouldn't even turn.
Bad things have happened since we last spoke, and I'm not going to put them on here. But lets just say it was bad.
So we met up with Maddy, Jason, and Jeff before heading up to the Key. I haven't seen Maddy in a good few weeks or so, and we talked a lot and did the whole "And how've you been?" thing. It was fun.
We didn't go into the Key right away, we just sat about infront of the Dolan talking about random stuff. We had a good laugh, tellig each other jokes and stuff.
We evntually headed into the Key where I was bored out of my mind. We just walked about and they talked about boys and stuff. We eventually headed to the tunnels where we met up with Fubu, Fro and Rebecca. And it was really freaky, because Fro didn't actually have an afro anymore! He's put his hair into corn rows and dreadlocks at the back. Tis pretty nifty. But I'm still gonna call him Fro. Just because.
Rebecca saw that I was insanely bored just standing there talking, so me and her went for a walk through the centre. And she would not stop talking about her boyfriend. Seriously, no matter how much I tried to steer the conversation my way she dragged it back to how her boyfriend "got up and left her without saying goodbye".
Twas annoying.
I was kinda pissed off at Jason. I know that he was hyper and he didn't really mean it, but he was really getting on my nerves when he wouldn't shut up about me being Emo. Even when I told him I had stopped being one he still continued. So I resolved by calling him a "fucking metal head" everytime he called me Emo. But by the end of the night, for some reason, he started calling me Elmo. And now that's what he calls me everytime I see him.
So i went home in a slightly deflated mood, watched Big brother and went to bed quite early o read Harry Potter until two in the morning.

Dear God that was long. And it was only half a day too.

I had to get up kinda early on Saturday so I could meet everyone to get a train into Glasgow for the day. But when I got up I was so absorbed in San Andreas that I didn't notice the time. Before I knew it I had only half an hour to get ready and I rushed out the house in order to get there on time.
Of course I didn't get there on time and I had to run up to the train station and jump on the train. I sat down with Maddy in a four seater while Jason, Laura and Jeff sat down at the four seater behind me. At the next stop Daniel McKinlay came on and sat beside me, and while him and Maddy talked I listened to Paper House by Foolproof. It is one of my favourite songs ever. I really mean it for this one. I just love it so much, and it's so sad too.

"Please don't go I'm barely breathing
Please don't take one step away
Don't let go (now don't let go)
They're tearing down your paper house again
So please don't go away"
Paper House - Foolproof

Anyway, he left at Pollockshaws West and we went to Central.
We wlaked around for ages and eventually found ourselves in Osiris waiting for Ollie and his friends. We met them, and Ollie left pretty quickly, which is good seeing as I don't like him very much. But two guys called Mick and Nick stayed about for a while, and they were pretty fun to talk to.
But they eventually left and we walked up to Flipp so Jeff could get a new bar for her eye piercing. I saw some guy getting an angel tattoo on his arm, he was a big guy and his face was set hard despite the obvious pain he was in.
I'm still not sure whether to get a tattoo or not... I need to build up my muscles.
So Jeff got her bar while I considered getting myself a scrotum piercing. It's only eight quid when you get any other genital piercing with it. Sounds like a bargain to me...
So we walked about some more, followed a guy and girl who looked exactly like Stewart and Michelle form the last Big Brother. It wasn't them, but we followed them anyway.
After that we went back up to central and met Liam and Fro, talked to them for a bit, talked to Ollie for a bit (Grrr), and talked to Nick for a bit. We were standing there talking to Nick and I heard a voice behind me.
"Yeah?" I said as I turned around to see them. I was facing this absolutley stunning girl about my height with dark hair and glasses with the most fantastic eyes ever. I squinted a bit at her and said, "Kari?"
"Wow!" And we hugged. "Long time no... talk to."
"Yeah I know. My computer's broken down at the moment so I can't use MSN."
"Yeah me too. It really sucks."
"So how've you been?"
"Not bad I guess. Working is a bitch. What about you?"
"Lazing about on holiday and stuff. I've got to go now, but it was nice seeing you."
"Yeah, same here. See ya."
Jeez. She was indeed very nice looking. The pictures on her website do not do her justice.
Anyway, where was I?
So after she went off with her friends I forced everyone to go to Dixons so I could by myself a cd player. After Firday I figured that it was broken beyond repair, so I needed a new one. I had taken out sixty quid at the beginning of the day and I was willing to spend fifty on the cd player. I got myself a sexy slim silver thing that's got rechargable batteries and an in-line controller. Sure, it jumps like hell when walking down the street, but I just flip it into jog mode and it works perfectly.
And it's so LOUD.
After I spent forty five punds on it (Thirty five for the cd player, ten for the three year garuntee) me and Jeff headed up to WHSmith to get a drink while the rest went Micky D's to talk to Fro and Liam again.
Me and Jeff didn't really talk about much. She was going on about how she wanted a boyfriend and stuff, then she asked me who I liked. I'd be damned if I'd told her, so I gave her some hazy details and stuff and left it at that. I've learned my lesson this time round.
But she eventually asked this random question.
"Joe, are you an ass man or a boob man?"
"Ass all the way."
"Then why do you keep staring at my chest?"
"I... It's... An ass man isn't bound to just looking at asses, and besides you've got tonnes of cleavage showing. A guy back there almost broke his neck."
She laughed.
"Also," I continued, "it's harder to see a womans ass seeing as you need to look down further, your breasts are only a few inches south of eye level so it's much easier to see."
"I still don't see why your looking."
"They're just there! Don't get me wrong, I'm not perving on you or anything, it's just that... they're boobs! And they're right there!"
She laughed again and we moved onto something else. Twas a funny conversation.
By the time we met up with the rest of them I had to go home, so we walked all the way back up to the train station, I said my goodbyes and off I went.
When i got home I set up my cd player to charge and then watched Troy with mum. It isn't too bad the second time round to be honest.
But by the end of the night I was feeling kinda down. I dunno, I just felt kinda sad.

Funny isn't it. I'm depressed for the two days after I say that I've stopped being an Emo.

Sunday was a lazy day. I spent a chunk of it doing my ironing, then another chunk playing San Andreas, a tiny chunk on reading, and the rest on watching tv and being bored.
I finished Harry Potter on sunday too. But I was really pissed off at my brother. I was sitting there reading when he said;
"How far are you into it?"
"Near the end."
"Oh, have you gotten to the bit where [Insert plot climax here] yet?"
"No... WHAT?!?!"
It was so annoying. But the ending was good, and it was kinda sad. Ah well.

Today I got up on time, had my breakfast and got ready and out the door all in time. I was in a fantastic mood seeing as my cd was blasting in my ears and my hair was being extremely well behaved. It still is for that matter.
So I got some sleep on the train into work and I bought my usual can on the way up to the office. I usually force myself to wait until nine to drink it so it tastes better. But today i didn't drink it. It just sat there until I decided to have it at lunch.
Lunch came and I didn't drink it. I was shocked. I ahd never done that before. Pass up coke when it was freely offered? I was insane!So I decided to leave it until after work. But I just opened it and started drinking.
Ah well, I had a good run.
But I won't have any after work. Well maybe. My brother might have already claimed the bottle for himself. Which isn't bad since I've hijacked the packet of penguins...
I'm evil.

So that was my weekend up to this point, give or take a few deatils.
Jesus. You guys do realise that this has taken me four hours to write? I started this at half ten and now it's half two.

And with that I bare you farewell. I'd better post this already. By the time you finish it I'll have written the post for tomorrow too.
Have a good one.

Eeeew. The coke is warm...

"I would like to interject that I am a corporate whore!"

Friday, July 22, 2005
Oh crap.

I broke the mouse. I broke the goddamn mouse!
Well, not broken it actually. More like disabled it. It is now the most frustrating piece of equipment I've used. And that's saying a lot seeing as I used to own a Mac.
It wouldn't move properly!
Sometimes when I moved it up and down slowly it wouldn't move, but now I'm lucky if I can move it up and down at all. I took out the ball and moved one of the grips over to wards the middle so it could get the ball easier. In the process I accidentally took some of the grip off of the wheel. But there was still a tonne left so I thought nothing of it. Now sometimes it doesn't even move.
Even when I do it fast, it still stays in the same position.
And it's really ticking me off.
I'm goin to leave it over the weekend and report it on monday, saying it must ahve happened when I wasn't here.
"I swear Hazel, it was perfectly fine on friday. A little slow at times, but not like this."
Yeah, that works...

This is why people use motion sensors now. Balls? No, balls are the thing of the past. MOTION SENSORS. That's the key to a successful business and, ultimately, to a successful life. Sure it costs a tad more than a ball mouse, but it's well worth it if you considor the amount of money you have to spend on repairs and replacements.

During this break I would like to interject that I am a corporate whore!

It kinda reminds me of my old Windows 3.5 Laptop. Ah the good times... Anyway, for a mouse it had a ball that stuck out of the keyboard. Now, for years this ball was fine in fufilling its duty of moving the pointer around the screen, but suddnly on a cold and stormy night... It STOPPED!
I eventually figured out that the grips under the keyboard had worn through, leaving the ball only to function irratically at the best of times. This was a blow to me seeing as I used that old laptop for all my writing and my frequent games of solitare and minesweeper. But I eventually learned how to use the computer with nothing more than the keyboard. Sure, a beginners game of Minesweeper took a lot longer than usual, but I was fine with the compromise, and me and my laptop continued our faithful relationship.
That is, until I broke its power lead.

But I can't learn to use this whole system by keyboard. I've tried it a few times, and there are so many bloody outboud links that it takes an age to get through one page. Not to mention I need to open Outlook to send information to other people.
So in other words I am completely buggered until monday.

In other news...
Damn, what other news is there?
I got paid today! Yes, I am one step closer to a new computer!
No, that sucks.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that my mum was at a drive-by down in Manchester.
She was in the building when there were shots outside, and when she and many others went down to see what was wrong there were policemen everywhere and a dead body on the pavement. They weren't allowed to walk out the front door after that and everyone had to leave by the back exit at the end of the day.
The world's mad I tell you.

Gosh darn time. Speed up!

Oh great, they decide to give me a tonne of work AFTER I break the goddamn mouse.

"I can't see anymore."

I'm hungry again.

It's only twenty past eleven, and I'm starving. Damn me and my fast metabolism. Or something to that effect.
I could have sworn that I smelled some delicious fried rice this morning, but about five minutes after it turned into cat food. I mean, who brings cat food into an office?

And yes, I am really tired too.

I didn't get much sleep on the train this morning 'cause of that damn Potter book. It's alright I guess. But every time I need to stop reading it to go to bed or something I always leave it at a good bit. And then when I get back to reading it on the train in the morning then I just go on and on until I reach Central Station. I've been losing precious sleep because of this book.

And I forgot my lunch this morning. I felt the weight in my bag and figured that it was in there, because it was slightly heavier than usual. But then when I got on the train I realised it was the book that had the weight, and my sandwiches were still in the fridge at home along with my apple and a Geobar.
No problem, I thought seeing as I still had a decent amount of money left to buy food. I looked in my wallet and counted up eighty pence, about enough for two chocolate bars.
It's not all bad though. I still have my bank card, so I'll just take out money from there. However, the minimum is ten pounds and I only need a pound or so for my food. I don't really trust myself with that money to be honest. I'm afraid that I might go into Forbidden Planet or Borders and get myself a book or some manga. I could even walk up to "Music Now" and see if I can get a decent CD for six pounds or something.

Now that I've said it out loud (Or more accurately, wrote it down) I think I will head up to the music shop. If I can get that Brand New cd or a Dashboard Confessional cd for a cheap price then I'll probably get it. Well, maybe not Dashboard Confessional. I could just copy the albums I have onto cd when I get my new laptop.
So yeah, only if Brand New is cheap. 'Cause I love their songs on one of their albums.

I can't see anymore.
I put my book away on the train just as we were pulling into Central Station and looked out the window. I looked down at the ground and saw a beer can, but it was all blurry and I couldn't see the words.
And when I got into the office this morning I couldn't actually read anything on the screen because it was so messed up. So I put on my glasses and it got better. Well, it got good enough to read. After a while they became clearer and clearer and now I can see the words perfectly with my glasses on. But still not so good with them off. Tis odd.

Today seems to become a lazy day. I've had hardly any work to do, and when some is given to me, the gaps in between doing work is huge. Like I do two or three allocations and then sit around for twenty minutes surfing the net. I've done loads of things over the past few days. I've read tonnes of blogs, I've discovered a new webcomic in the making, I've become infinitely more active in all my forums, I've written to fan letters to the guy who made VGCats, to Penny Arcade and today I'm going to write one to O from Commissioned.
I'm thinking of joining their forums too, but I don't know yet. Oh, and I've also written a feedback email to a guy who runs a joke blog, Node Corrode. It has some of the funniest jokes I've read in ages.
Go now!

Turn on the air conditoner already!
I feel as though I'm goig to drop off at any moment. I'll probably take a ten minute nap at lunch. Or maybe have a nice sleep on the way home.
But I need to hurry home really quickly to get changed and ready. I'm going to the key tonightand one must be ready for half past six. And my train usually reaches the station at six. Oh dear.
I'll make it some how, even if I'm all sweaty in my work clothes.
On second thoughts I might just hurry home quickly to have a shower...

Wow. Only forty five minutes until lunch? The time has flewn by to be honest. I wouldn't be surprised if it was time to go in an hour or so.
Heheheee. This is directly related to my ramble about time travel and stuff. But I won't bore you with any of that. Again.

I keep thinking I only have two weeks of work left when I actually have three. It's 'cause I'm ignoring my first paycheck seeing as how I've already spent it in expenses, so I'm only thinking that I'm getting five weeks pay for five weeks worth. And since I've done three weeks of my job already then I only have two left.
Stupid brain always making me confused and whatnot...

Best be back to work. Some one has just allocated me some stuff and I'm going to make it stretch out until after lunch.

Until we meet again.

"That just ruffles my feathers it does."

Thursday, July 21, 2005
Only fifteen minutes to go.

I really need to find more websites to occupy myself with. No one updates nearly enough as they should! They should update every twenty minutes so I can have something good to read!
I've been checking my mail every ten seconds, and looking through random blogs. Twas not bad 'cause I found a few good ones to read. But there was one alwful one that really pissed me off. It was in Spanish so I couldn't really understand it but the title was "Harry Potter", so i looked down the recent posts column and recognised some of the titles. This girl was writing out the Harry potter book in spanish so people didn't have to buy it!
It really pissed me off it did.
I mean it was bound to happen, but what pissed me off is that I found it. And I can't do anythi about it. Blogger has no section dealing with copyright infringement or anything like that.

That just ruffles my feathers it does.

In other news, I am dying by the lack of air conditioning in this office. Sure, it has frozen my ass off for the past three days, but it would be more than welcome when, you know, it's warm outside?!
Tis boiling in here. I'm almost asleep as I type this.

Oh! It's time to gooooooo!
I'll write some more stuff tomorrow.


"I am no longer Emo."

I finally cracked.

Yesterday, after work, I was walking through Glasgow, happily chewing on the remains of my celebratoy Mars Bar when I walked into someone. I was actually looking at an old man play a guitar and I just walked into this man, who was probably looking at the man too, 'cause he didn't see me coming and he whacked his head off of my chin. I mumbled my sorry before swallowing the rest of my Mars Bar (Which I almost choked on, I might add) and quickly setting off in another direction to avoid further embarrasment. That's when I almost walked into a window. Thankfully I stopped a few inches from the pane so I didn't hit it, but I looked inside and saw the new Harry Potter book for sale.
And yes. I bought it.

I couldn't help myself! It was just sitting there at a cheap price, so I got some money out of my account and bought it. I was going to get it eventually, I just wanted the hype to die down a bit so I wouldn't look like a teenage fan-boy. And since the fourth book came out to yesterday afternoon I didn't really like Harry Potter anymore.
I mean, it was a decent book and all, but it seems a bit too farfetched. I've just realised that I've already written all this down, so I'll shut up now.

So anyway, I started reading the book last night. I wanted to read it on the train, but Jason was there and I didn't want to be rude. And he was judging me when I brought it out.
I had it in a Borders bag and he asked, "What did you buy?"
"You don't want to know" I replied.
"You didn't did you?"
"Yeah I did," I said as I brought it out, "I snapped."
"Well everyone was talking about it, and they were wanting to tell me things, so I've saved them the trouble by reading it."
"What people?"
"People on MSN, and people at work."
"How old are they?"
"Early twenties and stuff. But that's not the point."
And he laughed. I couldn't read it until I got home that night, and by the time I went to sleep I had already gone through over a sixth of the book. It's funny though, it takes me only a few hours to get through over one hundred pages of a Harry Potter book, but it's taken me seven months to get through four hundred or so pages of Anothiny Keidis' Scar Tissue.
I still have tonnes of books to read after those two. I have Insomnia by Stephen King, The Silmarilion by Tolkien and The long walk to freedom by Nelson Mandella.
Not to mention the things I need to read for English...

Well, I don't think I'll be taking English next year. I don't think I'll be up for the work load. I'm going to take Drama, Geography and Graphics all at Higher. That should keep me entertained for the year.
I go back to school in just over three weeks. This holiday has gone quickly. Like really quickly. I suppose that's 'cause I'm doing something like work instead of lazing about the house.
To be honest it doesn't feel like I'm going into sixth year. I mean, I know this year is going to have some big changes and all that, but I still feel the same as I do last year except this time I have free periods to look forward to. Lots of time to hang about with friends and stuff.

I haven't seem my friends in ages come ot think of it. Last time I saw them was two weeks ago on sunday I think. I'm going to force them to come to the Key so I can have a decent conversation with them. I haven't seen Maddy in three weeks come to think of it, same with Dan and Heather.
I need to go out this weekend and talk to people. This office is driving me crazy.

And my shirt is smelling odd. It is the same shirt that was in my bag when we all had that whipped cream fight, and it kinda smells of whipped cream. I get a little whiff of it every now and again. But my jacket is far worse. It's actually runied now because it smells so much. I can't walk past it in the hallway without breathing in that awful stench.
I suppose I should really throw it out.

Damn. I'm hungry now, and it's only twenty past eleven. This is the last day that I'll be having lunch while working. Tomorow I can get back to eating my lunch and staring aimlessly at DeviantArt for half an hour. Riveting.
Although I suppose it's a hell of a lot better than thinking of intelligent stuff to put on here.

I suppose I've put quite a lot on here today. Or should I say this morning, 'cause I bet I'm going to update again in the afternoon. I love my job. I'm getting paid to update my blog. It's great.

I still have a few more things to ramble on about, so bear with me.

I'd actually prefer writing this up at home if it meant that my computer was working again. I really want to go onto MSN and talk to people, and I really want to finish the drawings that I had on there. And I wouldn't mind watching an episode or two from Fullmetal Alchemist.
I hope it fixes itself. Though I doubt it will.

What I really hope is that I can download everything onto my laptop. Then everything would be great. But if I can't then all I have to do is plug in my brothers iPod and get songs from there before copying them to CD. But he doesn't have Less Than Jake damnit! Ah well. And I suppose I can redownload Fullmetal Alchemist using Azures (No SpyWare) and stuff. But it will take ages.
Tis annoying.

And now, the final thing I have to say for this post. And it's a very important announcment, so listen up.
I am no longer Emo.
I don't want to be one anymore. Well, I want to keep the hair and the music and stuff, but I don't want to be called an Emo. I don't fufill the specifications. For one thing, I'm too damn happy.
So from this moment forward, I shall no longer be part of the Emo crowd, I shall be part of the... Umm...


What the heck am I now then?
I'm not Punk, I'm not Ska, not Grunge, not a Metal Head, and I'll be damned if I'm a Goth.
I guess I'll be Joe.

"Look, I don't know where the damn spaghetti is!"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Only about half an hour to go.

I am still in my nonsense-ical mood at the moment, so bear with me.

I didn't have a Mars Bar. Infact, I didn't leave my seat once during lunch. I was too busy working and reading a few of my old posts back in the day. Anyway, I'm going to pop into superdrug at the train station and buy my celebratory Mars Bar.
Then I shall proceed to party on down.

I actually have a story to tell this time. I was on the train this morning, trying to get some sleep on my folded up jacket when I was awakened by a girl, about my age, sitting down beside me. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep, but I woke again with a start when she suddenly said "The spaghetti isn't there any more!"
I looked at her and saw that she was asleep and her lips were puckered as if she was kissing someone. Then she said "See, it's not there, I can't suck it up."
I cursed myself for picking a window seat and trapping myself with someone who talks in their sleep. But thankfully she calmed down and I got myself some decent shut eye. Well, until she woke me again.
She had grabbed my shoulder and was shaking me, and I said, half asleep of course, "Look I don't know where the damn spaghetti is!"
She gave me a funny look and said "We're at central station, you need to get off now."


So anyway, I was reading some of my old blogs, and they seem so different from what they are right now. I only read back to Christmas Eve and my hundredth post. I dare not look back any further for reminder of what a twat I was back in those days.
I'm not sure what style I prefer though. The old one or the current one. To be honest, I can't find much of a difference except that they feel different.
Maybe it's just my maturity (HA!) showing through.

A sure lot has changed since my first post. I think I'll do an update on me and my life and stuff. Like what my first post was about. Who I am, who my friends are and that sort of stuff.

Twill be fun I guess.


I dislike staring at the computer screen for long periods of time.

I'm been browsing DeviantArt, looking at some really kickass pictures, and when I pulled back to look at my watch it felt like it was night so I looked out the window and saw all the sunlight and was like "Huh?"
You can start ignoring me now. I feel that this will turn into nonsense soon.

Ha! What do I mean "soon"?

I've been looking around for any laptops that I could get with my money at the end of the summer. And I think I've found a real gem in there. Here, I compared it to some other eight hundred pound laptops, and this one came out top in almost every field. And it looks pretty sweet too.
But I can only get it if me mum and dad give me at least two hundred each. Three hundred each would be much better, but four hundred each would pay for the entire thing. Which would be pretty amazing.
I'm also going to get myself driving lesons with my money. In fact, I'll write my plan down...
£1050 - Money I'll have at the end of summer
+£600 - Money from parents (Hopefully)
-£800 - Laptop
-£250 - Driving Lessons
-£200 - Singapore Money
-£100 - Clothes
-£150 - For my personal spending
=£150 - For going out/Phone/Expenses

I got it all planned out.

Oh shit, thiis is my two hundredth post.
And it's only been a month or two since my hundredth post. Ok, maybe seven, but Jesus I've been busy.
I suppose I should celebrate or something.
I'll get myself a Mars Bar at lunch. How's that? Man, I'm such a party animal.
I guess that two hundred posts is a testament to how much life I have. Or perhaps how much of a life I DON'T have.

Aaaaaaand I'll stop boring you now to so I can get back to work and think of something better to say.

"[Insert more ranting and rambling]"

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Ok. NOW I'm in a bad mood.

I just spent the last ten minutes writing up a blog about my day and what happened yesterday, all so that Promap can have an error and delete all my open windows.

Lets start again shall we?

I WAS in a semi-good mood and a semi-bad mood. I'm not anymore, but I was when I first wrote it.
You see, yesterday at around three when I was sitting at my desk with nothing to do but write up a blog entry, everyone in the office suddenly got up and left. I was confused so I asked one of the stragglers what was happening. She said that there was no more work to do for the day and that everyone was going home. Fantastic, I thought as I gathered my belongings and headed for the train station. I jumped on, went home, pigged out, played games, and watched tv.
But I'm straying from the point of the story.
So this morning I emailed Hazel - my supervisor - and asked if I needed to make up the hours that I missed yesterday when I went out. And I did. So now I have three options. Either have half hour lunches and leave at five for three days, have no lunch and leave at half four for three days, or have no lunch and leave at five for one day and have no lunch and leave at half four for another.

Tis a tough decision.

I've already had no lunch today, eating my sandwhiches while doing work, but I'm not sure on what option to take. I don't really want to stay here for an extra half hour to do work, but I don't have anything to do at home unless Chris is out. If he's a twork then I can shoot up some gangsters in San Andreas for a while. But he's probably not going to be out.

AND I'm pissed off at the post office. I sent a package to someone almost two weeks ago and it still ahsn't arrived. It wasn't a very big package, but it was sorta heavy for its size. But that doesn't gove them the right to bloody well lose it. I'm not too upset though, 'cause I can easily send another one but I needs some cash before I can do it.
And this time Postman Pat better get his ass in gear.

[Insert more ranting and rambling]

One really wish my computer was fixed. Tis annoying 'cause I can't talk to any of my friends or anything.
I'm looking at laptops and whatnot at PCWorld to see what kind of stuff I can get for my money. I just hope that the computer is fixed so I can transfer everything over.

Oooh. Pretty laptops....

"...doing a merry jig over their writhing bodies."

Monday, July 18, 2005
Time for a real update.

It be monday right now, and quite a bit has happened between friday evening and now. Lets take a journey shall we?

About ten minutes before I left work, LauraMcG phoned me up asking when i was getting the train home. They were in Pollockshaws West and the wanted to jump onto my train so they could sit with me. To do this I needed to miss the express train (Which usually passed that stop) and wait another five minutes for the other train. I was fine with all that though, 'cause it gave me time to wander up to Forbidden Planet and read some Full Metal Alchemist (It's so different from the anime!).
When it was time I jumped on the train and phoned them up to say I was on my way. But they were lost and they told me to get off the train at Pollockshaws West, but I couldn't because I needed to meet my dad for dinner (De ja vu...), so i had to leave without them.
Then Heather called and asked if I was on the train. I said I was, so she told me to come up to the first carriage to meet her and Jason. So I picked up my bag and went through three or four carriages before I reached the top, and they weren't there. So I called her up, and she said "Are you sure you're in the first carriage?"
"Pretty sure."
"Well then... Oh. Are you on the express train? The one at quater past?"
"No, I'm on the train after that."
"Oh. Hahahaaa. See ya then."
That was... fun I guess. I got out my note pad and drew a quick sketch of ShakKen. It's not bad I guess, but it needs a lot of work. Some guy gave me a funny look when I drew a gun in his hand (He's obsessed with guns). Twas funny.
So I got into the station and phoned Chris about when dad was coming round. He said that he was there right now, so I broke into a run and tried to get home as quickly as possible. It took me four minutes and eight seconds to run from St. Kennys to the bottom of my street. I say that's pretty fast really.
So I run up to my house, gasping for breath and dump my stuff before I get into dads rented car, sweat and all. We headed over to Pizza Hut and had a nice meal while dad oggled the waitress and talked about stuff. Twas good. We finished about ten to eight, so we decided to catch a film before heading home, and since War of the Worlds was the only thinkg worth seeing, we went to that. Twas gutting because Sin City and Kung Fu Hustle weren't up anymore.
The film was alright a second time round, except that this time I noticed a lot more plot holes and whatnot. Ah well, it was still pretty decent.
After that I headed home to the pc while Chris and Dad went out for drinks.

Next morning Chris shouted at me because I wasn't excited about the new Harry Potter book and that I wasn't going to buy it for a while. I just explained to him that I don't really like the series anymore. It's getting a lot more realistic (As evidence of Harrys adolescent mood swings in the previous book) but I don't like where it's going. It's like Rowling has Hero Syndrome, where a small minute character can get out of absurd situations that would be impossible to get out of. Like an old lady getting mugged, for example. The old lady would be frail and scared of the muggers, she wouldn't run by them, breaking their legs with her stick before doing a merry jig over their writhing bodies.
All in all, I think it's getting a bit too farfetched. I do realise that you don't find wizards and witches on every street corner, but even for a magical world it's getting a bit too far out.
Anyway, back to my story. Dad came around at about ten-ish and we headed to B&Q so he could pick up stuff. Then we drove into Glasgow for the day, and walked around there for a few hours. Chris bought himself San Andreas for the X-Box while I contemplated buying Trigun. I decided not to, seeing as I needed money for lunch at work.
At about seven-ish we went to the Crooked Lum where Chris payed for dinner. I had myself a nice steak and ribs with jaffa cake cheesecake for desert. It was so nice it was unbelievable.
After that I headed home in a taxi while Chris and Dad drank.

Sunday morning we went to Argos to buy a Webcam (Ours has still gone missing) and then we headed down to PC World to look at laptops and stuff. Dad said he would give me money for my laptop, which would be pretty neat. After that we went to the town centre and had lunch in Muffin Break before we went back home. Dad gave me and Chris a thoudand pounds each form Granddad (Into the bank it goes) and then he had to leave. So we said our goodbyes and he was off. Next time I'll see him will be at Christmas. Or on the internet.
So I told mum about what we did and stuff, and she said that SHE would put money towards my laptop too. Which is pretty sweet. So i don't have to put as much money as I was going to towards it and I can spend money on other stuff, like goi out and driving lessons!
Tis good.
I then wne tout to the train station and emptied sixty quid out of my pocket to pay for my month long train ticket. Ouch.
But when I got back home, something horrible happened.
The computer broke!
I was turning it on, ready to install the new webcam, and it didn't load up. It freezes at the HP screen. There should be a beep that comes from the hard drive if evrything's ok, but it doesn't beep!
I tried restarting it abour twenty times, but it still didn't work. I think we have a virus in the bootstrap loader. Which sucks.
Now I am computerless unless I can fix it tonight. But if it's completely buggered then I'll try and transfer some of my files from the computer to the laptop, 'casue there are some files that i do not want ot lose. But I don't even know if I can hook them up. I really wanted to transfer my FMA series on to disk so I could wathc them at any time. Arg.

My pc sucks.

And that's really what I've been doing up till now. I'd best be off now, but I'll most likely update again after lunch. I have too much free time on my hands...

"Dude, I want my DVDs back."

I saw this on someone elses blog and I've been using most of the weekend to think up some good answers for it. Two of them might be about one person I think... If you can guess who you are (If you read this that is) mail me and I'll probably set you straight.
Or probably not in some cases.

A real update will follow this one.

TRY THIS: Write 10 statements intended towards 10 different people. Write about something you would never say to his/her face or something that you wished you had said when you got the chance, but didn't.

1. I resent you from when I was a kid. But at the same time I thank you for making me who I am. You've changed a lot over the years, and yet you're still the same. You're gone now, but it was always that way, wasn't it? I'll see you soon.

2. You're a git. You're a selfish, arrogant son-of-a-bitch. But you're fun to be around. I know this is a contradiction, but when you're in the mood you can be really generous and nice. But that's mostly when you're drunk to be honest.

3. We've had all our ups and downs, and you're alright I suppose. But I can never forgive you for what you did. Never.

4. Dude, I want my DVDs back.

5. I thought you liked me, and I thought I liked you. But now I see that you hate me, and I'm not too concerned for your well being anymore. We had a good, yet horrible thing at the same time. But I'll be damned if I don't miss you.

6. Please, stop talking about your friend. Yes, I know you like him. Yes, I know you want to have sex with him. Yes, I do know you like him. Lets talk about something else for a change. Believe me, it'll be more fun.

7. For the love of God, stop pissing about with my friends. If you're angry at me, fine, shout at me. Don't fucking dare drag the people I care about into this. I don't even know what you want to achieve, so just tell me so we can get this goddamn thing over with.

8. You. Are. Insane. And it's what makes you great to be around. You push me to do things that I would have never thought of doing before, and it's been so much fun. You've opened up a new world to me. Thanks.

9. You're just like me, except different. You have big ideas for the future, and while not all of them go together you're still determined to go through with them. Even through great adversery you still hold strong to your beliefs. In a way, I admire you, but there's no way in Hell I'll tell you that.

10. Last, but by no means least. You are the greatest friend I have ever had. I'd never thought it was possible, due to the circumstances, for that to be so, but it is. I know that you don't feel the same way about me, but I don't care... I could write pages and pages about you, but that wouldn't do justice, so here's a summary. You made me believe in something that I thought was dead long ago. You made me believe. And while that is an amazing thing in itself, it is also quite terrible. I'm sorry.

And here endeth the lesson.

"Unless of course, God lives outside of time. Which he probably does."

Friday, July 15, 2005
Time is odd.

You never have enough of it. It's always going by too quickly. But then at the same time it goes immensly slowly, which is really weird when you think about it.

They say a watched pot never boils. Which means that if you notice that time is moving then it slows down considerably, but if you choose to ignore time and go about your business then it speeds up.
It's like when I look at the closk to see how long I've got left before I can go home, time moves slowly. I'd check it every ten minutes or so, or what seemed like ten minutes, to discover that only a minute had past. But if I ignore it and go on with my work then before I realise it, it's time to go.

In Catch-22 there was a man called Dunbar who believed that if you were bored for your entire life, then you could live for thousands of years. Which is actually true. If he was bored or frustrated and kept noticing time around him, then he could live for an eternity in his lifetime. Of course, he didn't actually live for thousands of years, but from his point of view, he had.

It makes you think.

Me and John came up with a theory in maths that time flowed differently in different areas. For example, our maths class used to have to move to a different class every day, and in each class our perception of time was different.
Mondays we were in a history class, that went moderately fast.
Tuesdays was in a maths class, that went unbearably slow (Granted, it was a double period, but it was slow to begin with).
Wednesdays we were in spanish, and we had barely sat down before we had to leave again.
Thursdays we were in a different maths classroom, and that went quite quickly too.
Fridays we were in a modern studies class and it went really slow.
The point is, when we were in different rooms on differnt days, time moved differently. It was the same boring subject with the same people, yet time moved differntly in each class.

I think that was that was the same day that we proved that God didn't exist.
Man, we were busy that day. No wonder I was crap at maths.

So there we go. I don't really see the point of writing that all out to be honest, but I was thinking about it this morning while doing work.
I kept remembering the times me, John and Chris Gayne sat in a circle at the back of physics in fourth year and how we used to discuss theories and stuff. We talked about parrallel universes, the size of the universe, and we did a whole lot of talking about time and time travel.

As far as I can tell, there are two types of time-travel. And I'm going to explain them with references to help people understand them.
First off is the Back to the Future style. Where if you go back in time, you see yourself do the things you did during that time. Like an out of body experience.
The second one is the Majoras Mask style. Where if you go back in time to a ceratin day or date then you inhabit the body of yourself, getting the chance to do things differently.

But the latter style would be impossible if all time was predecided.

Also, if time was predecided, then there would be no point to time travel. It would be possible to travel back and forward in time, but there would be no gain in it.
For example, if you traveled back in time to warn people about Kennedy being shot or 9/11 happening, it wouldn't matter because it would happen anyway. Because time had already decided that you would go back in time to warn people, but it wouldn't work.
It's the same with seeing a disaster in the future. There would be no point in time travel.
This theory does not disprove God, but it does take away mans right to free will, so it's not very popular.

The other one coinsides with parrallel universes, that every time you go back in time a new one is made. But in this theory of time there is a chance that there is a possibilty that God decided not to create the universe or even, heaven forbid, that God doesn't exist. And if God doesn't exist in one universe then he doesn't exist. Period.
So that one isn't too popular either.

Unless of course, God lives outside of time. Which he probably does.

And now I bring you the effects of time travel. The Chaos Theory has a lot to do with this too. Chaos Theory is when a butterfly flaps its wings and causes a storm on the otherside of the world. Cause and effect.
By the way people, I figured this out long before the butterfly effect came out, so I didn't base my theories on that.
The further you go back in time, the more dangerous it becomes. Say you go back fifty years and kill someone. When you return, lots of things will have changed, but society will more or less be the same.
But say you go back three hundred years and kill someone. That's a whole family lost and the repurcussions could be quite bad. But still, society would have only changed very slightly even though the people inhabiting it would be differnt.
Say you go back a million years to the time of the dinosaurs and you kill a fly. Any number of things can happen. The world could end, molaria could be cured, babies could be born with three legs. The whole status of life and the planet could radically change.

The moral of the story?
Don't go back in time! If you wanna travel through time then go forward. I garuntee it'd be much nicer and less deadly.

And so ends another long and pointless rant of me.

On a side note, I am no temporal expert. All of this is pure thought process and I do not necesarily know what I'm talking about. And, as always, my views and opinions are open for debate. Just comment or e-mail me or something. But I do not want comments about how idiotic I am. Even though it may be true, I do not wish to hear about it.

And also a correction from last post. I now read three blogs that hold my attention every day. It would be four, but he has yet to update.

And last, but by no means least, I wish Laura a very happy birthday.
Hopefully I'll get your present to you sometime this weekend.

Have a good one folks!

"You're great too"

Thursday, July 14, 2005
I love blogging. I really do.

I've been reading other peoples blogs for a while now, and some of them are filled with stories, others are filled with jokes, there are tonnes of them filled with political opinions, some are mostly picture blogs. There are large ones, small ones, simple, extravagent, colourful, bland.
And then there are ones like mine. Only slightly customised to their style, with posts about their day to day lives and experiences.
Albeit, their blogs are slightly better spelt than mine (I can't help it. My right hand types faster than my left and I type faster than I can think.), but they're just like mine.

I love reading snippets from them. Just one or two posts per blog to get the feel of their style before moving on to another. Ocansionally I find one that I read for a few days before eventually losing interest. I believe that there are only two blogs that reguarly hold my attention and that I visit everyday. One happens to be the rant that appears under the daily Commissioned comic, and the other happens to be a one by a good friend of mine. I am also beginning to read a third one, but he doesn't update often enough for me to get into it.

My wish is that someone would read mine. I don't care if I get any comments, I don't care if anyone replies to comments I leave on other blogs, I just want them to read mine.
Maybe then I'll have a reader who isn't someone I know personally.

No offence to all you other readers out there. You're great too.

You know what? I have no idea what I'm on about.
I'm feeling tired and deep, so I thought I'd write some of the thoughts I had about other peoples blogs. And I've finished.

I'd best be off again. I have a deadline on this story and I have a lot more stuff to finish off.

Four posts in one day? Last time I did that was almost a year ago.

Good hunting.

"Nanananana nananana na!"

Ah crappit.

I'm on my second can of coke today, and if I had any more money with me I'd have a bottle on the way home. Here's me thinking I had broken my addiction and it just pops back.
Yesterday I didn't have any coke during lunch and I had a really shitty afternoon because of it.

Ah well.

I made my first phone call earlier today. A lady mailed me asking something about a plan on a map, and I had to call her back "urgently" and tell her about it. I was sitting there wondering if I should ask for help on what to do, or if I should ask Hazel (My supervisor person thingy) to do it for me. But no. I picked up that phone, I dialed that number and I told that lady where the building was! I told her ass off I did!

Who da man, who you can count on to make a phone call?
Awwww yeah. Who's da cat that won't cop out, when there's phone calls all about?
Damn straight.

*Nanananana nananana na! Nanananana nananana na!*

I should fight crime really.

I might hopefully be getting onto the computer tonight. If Chris decides to go out with his friends then it's all fine and dandy and I get on by default, but if he isn't going out with his friends I have to ask him. And there's a big possibility he'll say no...
But I need on dammit!

And I need new webcomics to read.
I've ran out of Penny-Arcade, VGCats, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Less Than Kate, Young Alien Types, Commissioned, Counter Culture, Games Don't Kill People....
Jesus I read a lot.
Most of them haven't finished, I've just read up to the point they're at now. Less Than Kate has ended (Nuuuu) and Games Don't Kill People is on hiaus for the summer. Commissioned is amazing seeing as it updates every day. And I'm losing my faith in Penny-Arcade. It's not as funny as it used to be...

Arg. Work is upon me. Thank God I've only got two and a half hours left of this.

Dear God that's a hell of a lot of links.
Think of the bandwidth! THE BANDWIDTH!

"And now I can't stop!"

Oh God I can't stop laughing.

I'm sitting here, nothing to do for the past hour and a half, laughing my head off at a girl who has the hiccups.
I was just browsing some blogs, looking for something interesting to read, and she just started hiccuping. And she didn't stop. At first it wasn't funny, but she really couldn't stop. And it started on just a giggle on my part, but then she did it while talking to someone else and I just laughed.
And now I can't stop!
My eyes are actually watering now. It's just so funny!

I wish they'd give me some work to do to take my mind off it...


"Dude, this post sucks"

I cannot wait until the end of the summer.

I'm getting paid tomorrow, and I'm going to see how much money I am actually being paid (I don't know exactly how much due to tax). Then I can figure out how much money I have by the end of the summer, and how much money I can spend on my laptop.
I was thinking that I'd get just over eight hundred pounds, maybe nine hundred if I'm lucky. Then about five or six hundred would go to a laptop, a hundred or so would go to clothes, fifty or so towards books and mangas, and the rest for games and going out.

But before all that happens I've still got another month in here. It isn't bad mind you, it's just long and boring.

Right now I'm working on another story that I thought up a few days back, and tomorrow I'm going to be working on a story I thought up this morning. I'm churning them out like a machine at the moment. I dunno if they'll be any good, but we'll see when I've written them.

And my picture is almost done!
Lauras birthday is on friday, and I've been drawing a picture for her. And it's almost finished too. I'm not going to post it on DeviantArt though. I'm gonna show it to Laura, and then maybe two other people and that's it (The other two 'cause they especially requested to se it). I really like it now that it's all coming together.
But I still need to draw the picture for Warriors Realm. And it's due in ten or so days. And I don't think I can do it in time. But I'll try, although it won't do justice to the person at all.
Ah well.

I've been practicing drawing hands too. Yesterday on the train I was practicing fists, palms, pointing and stuff. It wasn't too bad. Except the fingers look like sausages.
Hopefully I'll get better.
I also thought up another good picture with me in it... But I won't have time to draw it for ages.

To be honest I've ran out of things to say and I'm just filling this blog with random thoughts to fill the space.
Yeah, it's crap.

I've also bene thinking more about the graphic novel I was doing with John and the comic I was doing with Maddy. They've both been abandonned obviously, but I just couldn't help thinking about it. I thought of tonnes of other stuff for the graphic novel, like plot twists and the like. And I even thought of how to tell the story of Damien growing up and stuff. And the big bad. I thought a lot about that too.
I also thought up some good jokes for the comic too. And I redesigned some of the characters. All in my head of course. I have no time to write all this stuff down.


Dude, this post sucks.

"And now I like her"

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
One muchly apologises about yesterday.

I was just so excited to have most of my songs backthat I couldn't conatin mysef.
Twas very good.
I spent most of the night blasting them through my earphones. I love them so much.

And I've decided what to do with my money. I'm going to wait until the summer ends (So I have as much money as possible) and I'm going to buy a laptop. I'll keep it in my room and I'll use it for drawing and writing and music and stuffs. And if I can sneak the modem out of the computer room sometimes then I'll use it for the internet too.
But there will be no downloads, no illegal sites, no nothing that will damage my little baby. By the way, I'm obsessed with laptops. They're just so small and compact and portable and they're just as powerful as regular pcs!
The one that I want has a DVD re-writer so I can transfer all my Fullmetal Alchemist episodes on to it and stop clogging up my computers memory. And I can write all the songs I have on to CD so I don't have to waste my money on an MP3 player, which gives me more money for the laptop!
But I did want to get myself a Nintendo DS, but that can wait until I get myself a steady job, not just one over the summer. I'm also waiting until I get a steady job so I can have a girlfriend. Not that I'll be able to get one.

OH! I almost forgot to mention this!
I met Heather!
No, not my that Heather, I met a different one.
A few months ago (I think it was around Christmas) she messaged me through Faceparty with a very random comment so I thought I'd add her on MSN, cos she seemed better than most of the otehr girls who were messaging me at that time. So she lives near me, and she's just left school this year, and we usually talk about random crap and stuff. Twas good fun just talking for a couple of months, and then last week when I was at the centre with Jeff, Laura and Jason someone went "Hi Joe."
So I automatically said "Hi" back and then I turned to see who it was. I looked at her for a second then said "Oh my God hi!"
And there she was, and I was thinking "Wow". We just talked about how she was going to T in the park, and how I'd give her a suitcase taht I could fit in. Twas funny. But then Jason was getting annoyed cos it was so hot and I had to go. Twas good though.
And now I like her.
I realised it when I was talking to her on MSN the following night, and I was thing how nice she was and stuff. One poblem though. She's like in love with another guy. Like totally crazy about him. Like head-over-heals insane about him. But they're too good friends to waste their relationship by going out, but she likes him anyway.
Which sucks, but I can deal with it.

My hair is really getting long now. It can touch the cheek below my eye, without me pulling it down to do so. But I love it. Sure, it can be a real bitch in the mornign to get it look right, and sometimes I do use a little bit too much wax, but I still love it. I now have the hair I've always wanted.
Well, almost. I want it to grow a lot longer. Like really long. Not shoulder length long, but longer than it is now.
The only reason i would want to keep it this length is to dye it (I was reminded of that today). I asked my friends on monday if I should dye it white, like Anthony Keidis had it back in the year two thousand, but they shouted at me. I was gonna dye it dark blue, but after seeing that colour on someone else I decided that it wouldn't be very good. My second choice was dyeing it red, but now I can't do that either, cos someone else I know has done that and I don't want it to look like I've copied them (You know who you are). So my final, and first choice originally, was to dye it jet black, but it kinda looks black already.
Arg, I might just continue to grow it.
I love the fringe so much....

Before I forget, here's my latest story.
It's really short, but I still like it enough to post it. I'm getting back into writing now, and there's going to be a large increase in stories and stuff like that. Don't expect any of them to be any good, but you should expect them.

Maybe I should dye my hair a dark shad of green...


Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Holy shit.

I did it!
I fucking did it!

I downloaded WinMX again!

I can get all my songs back. ALL MY FUCKING SONGS!

Jesus. It felt like I was doing something bad when I was downloading it, 'cause of the SpyWare and all, but the pc is so screwed up any it doesn't matter!




"The world really is a retarded place"

For the love of Christ.

The world really is a retarded place after all isn't it?

Take a gander here.

Proof that people are nothing but morons.

"I shall reveal all in good time."

I'm at work again.

The only opportunity where I have enough time to write an entire post of this is when I'm at work. That says something about how well I do my job.

I went out last night because I couldn't be botehred saying in and doing the stuff I needed to do on the pc. Which I'm really regreting now, 'cause the deadline for my stuff is coming up and I am no where near finished.
I'm gonna get Chris to let me on the pc tonight so i can finish some stuff off.

Don't worry if you feel like you're in the dark here, I shall reveal all in good time. Just not yet.

So me, Laura and Jeff went up to the Key, but it was too hot so we went to the centre, but it was still too hot so we went up to the Key and played some pool. It was quite funny, 'cause I got in three amazingly cool and stylish shots that were total flukes but looked very nice.
Twas kinda annoying though, 'casue all they really talked about were boys and stuff. And while we were playing pool an group of guys came up from football topless and sweaty. Laura dn Jeff were staring at them while I prepared to crack them over the head with the cue to get them to play again.

I was really tired and sweaty when I got back, so I had a shower and went to bed. But it was so hot that I broke out into a sweat when putting my pajammas on. And I couldn't sleep because the tempurature was constantly above twenty five degrees celcius. Even with the windows open.

I tried to mae up for it by getting some sleep on the train this morning, but a big lady sat down beside me who absolutly reaked. Every time I nodded off I go a whiff of the stench and sat to attention again.
So I took out a book and started reading for my dissertation in English. I'm doing two books by Phillip Pullman; "Northern Ligths" and "Ruby in the Smoke". They're both the beginning books in a series so it'll be a good compare and contrast thingy.

On a completely unrelated note, my dad is visiting this weekend. Which is good. We're going out on friday night and all day saturday. I dunno what we're gonna do, but it'll be good seeing him anyway.
But the bad thing about it is that I'm gonna be away on friday night, which is a certain someones birthday. Which is gonna suck, but I'll make it up to her.

Don't worry readers. You'll see soon enough.

You'll see...

"I broke my promise"

Monday, July 11, 2005

It's monday afternoon, I'm at work, and this is the first time I've updated in a while.
I broke my promise.

I need to be quick. I'm only taking half an hour for my lunch today so I can leave at half past four instead of five, and I have ten minutes before I have to get back to work.

Work isn't as good as I first said. I sit here all day and do the same things over and over again. It's really repetitive. But it was alright last week, seeing as when I finished one batch of work I was allowed to piss about on the internet until they gave me more stuff.
I can still do that this week, but all the energy is being drained from me by doing the same work over and over again. And by the time I finish one batch there's another alreayd waiting me. But I can still fit time to read up on emails and forums everyonce in a while, but not this.

What other news is there?

On firday I took a half hour lunch too so I could leave early. The next train wasn't for another half hour so I wlaked around Glasgow for a bit to pass the time. I got a call from mum asking if I wanted a lift home, and since it would be quicker I aggreed. She told me to be at her office at a certain time, which was fine 'cause then i could read more Mangas in borders.
So I went to her office and had to wait twenty minutes while she got ready. Then another twenty while a guy we were giving a lift home got ready. And then there were protesters at the bridge about G8 and there was this huge traffic jam goin on for miles. So I hoped out and got the train home.
I sat at a table seat so I could write (I had an amazing hit of inspiration that morning) and this huge family with around seven or so kids sat down beside me and there was a boy jumping about and the adults kept reading what I was writing. I'm gonna post it on DeviantArt later, after I work out the kinks that is.
By the time I arrived at the station it was the time I had to meet up with Laura, Jeff (JenMc) and Jason. We just walked about and went up to the Key.

On Saturday Jason, Jeff, Laura and I went to the centre to hang about. But it was too hot in there so we walked Jason home and went to Lauras house (Since she was
closest). We sat up in her room and read "A guide to sex for smart girls".

Needless to say, I am now traumatised.

At six me and Jeff went home (And saw a squished seagull on the way). And that was my saturday.

Sunday was bad. Mum made us clean the house since Anne couldn't come in on thursday. And in the process I broke a twentyfive quid glass soap holder thing.
So I went out and took out a hundred and sixty pounds to pay mum back for all the stuff she bought me. That's a serious dent in my wallet...

Ack. I need to go now.
You might expect another update tonight to make up for not posting, but that's only if I find other stuff to talk about.

So long.

(WHIT?! 187 posts??? You're kidding right?)

"But it matters to me God dammit."

Thursday, July 07, 2005
I am sorry.

I am extrememly sorry for negleting to update. I've been extremely busy with work starting and the project I've got at home that I have no time to update this reguarly.
I'm actually at work right now doing this.

I will update properly sometime this weekend, I promise. I have quite a lot of stuff to talk about too.
I don't know why I'm making such a big deal out of this. As far as I know, there are only three or so people who read this, so it doesn't matter that much...

But it matters to me God dammit.

So I'll be off now, and I'll see you all at the weekend!



Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Just a really quick post for now. I have something else I need to do and I don't have enough time to do it.

I started work yesterday. It isn't so bad, a bit monotonous. Well, it's actually very monotonous but I don't mind it, 'cause it's fun too.

Ack! No more time dammit!

Have a good one!

"I start getting deep and stuff"

Saturday, July 02, 2005
I am in one shitty mood.

And I have no idea why. The past few days have been fine, more than fine even. But right now I feel like utter crap.
It's probably because I don't have anyone to talk to. Don't get me wrong, there are tonnes of people on MSN I can have a chat with, but I don't really want to talk to anyone. Well, no one that's on MSN at the moment that is.

Maybe it's 'cause I'm tired. It's cming up for midnight, and I did get up pretty early this morning.
I had to get up early because I was expecting a phonecall, and I didn't want to answer it half asleep. I was also up early because next door are getting their driveway done and the workers start early in the morning. It sucks.
The phonecall was about a job that I'm after. Hudson (The place that I got interviewed at) called me up on wednesday and told me that they had gotten me a job at the Three Phone Company where I had to use Exel as data input. But yesterday they told me that it had fallen through, so they were looking for another job for me.
And this morning they found one.
It's at some real-estate place near the SECC. The basic outline of the job was to look at maps and enter details onto a computer. They said it would be a bit repetitive, but when the pay is six quid an hour then I don't care. I figured out that by the end of the summer I would have made over one thousand pounds (Without tax). Which is pretty good if you ask me.
I start on monday, so mum's taking me into Glasgow this weekend to see how far it is to walk and if I can find my way. Which isn't bad.

I finished anotehr drawing tonight too. I think that's why I'm in a crappy mood.
It started out fine and all, I liked the colours and look of it and stuff, but after a while I got really sick of it and I really didn't like it. I just couldn't be bothered to continue colouring it.
Here it is.
The thing is that when I was colouring this I had a lot more important things to do. I still need to draw and colour three more pictures. One of which is due by monday. Well, I don't have to do that one, but I feel obliged to do so.

And none of you guys out there know what I'm on about.

The three drawings that I have to draw are: Darkest Lynk's present, ShakKens picture and a ceratin something else which I'm not alowed to mention.
DL's birthday is on monday, and I'm not sure whether to draw a picture or not, 'cause I don't know him all too well and I wouldn't want to give him a shitty picture with my lack of skill.
ShakKens picture is for a WR activity or competition or whatever you want to call it. And it needs to be done by the twenty-fifth I think. So I've got a bit of time with that.
And the last picture isn't for a while now, but I've really been working on it hard. But it still sucks, and with work coming up and all I don't know if I'll be able to make it better or not.

By the end of this I'm going to be really sick of drawing.

Damn. I might have to drop Advanced English. I'm really swamped as it is, and I haven't even started work yet. So I don't know how I'm going to have to fit reading several books by the end of the summer, not to mention the work load for next year.
I might just drop English and put Drama in its place like I was going to do originally. But I don't want to.
I hate my laziness.

I hate when I'm tired too. I start getting deep and stuff.
Seriously, there are nights when I've spent hours on my windowsil listening to the rain and just thinking about life. And I come up with really great stuff that makes perfect sense and stuff, but I always fall asleep and forget it.
I think I wrote it down once, but I accidentally spilt coke on it the next morning and I couldn't read it.
Perhaps I'm destined not to remember all the things I think at night. Maybe I think up the meaning of life and some big almighty power makes me forget.
Or maybe I think of crap like this and my brain pushes this useless crap out.

I'd better go now.
I'm feeling a lot better now that I've typed stuff up and I've found someone else to talk to...

I'm gonna go rearrange my MSN contacts...