Sleepwalking my way through life: Your biggest mistake

Your biggest mistake

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I have been on the computer for twelve hours straight and NOW is the time I decide to do a flipping bblog?
Jeez I have something wrong with me...

Seriously. I spend twelve hours on this, eleven of which I'm bored out of my skull and I blog now?
Why am I such an idiot?

Speaking of me being an idiot, chemistry exam was today.
That was good how I linked it wasn't it?
Anyway, I bombed it. Like totally crapped out. As in I looked at all the questions and was like "What the fuck". There is a slim chance, if any, that i passed it. I even wrote an apology to the maker becasue I didn't study properly. I eman how can you study complete gibberish? How the hell do you do Ionisation reactions? WHAT THE HELL ARE IONISATION REACTIONS?
I don't care anymore. I am never taking chemistry again.

Computing was on monday, and I have only one word to describe how I did.
I kicked its ass. It was so easy. Saying that I'm probably going to fail, but it still was easy.

And now I don't have any exams, which is so amazing I can't believe it. I am FREE.
I'm even going out tomorrow. I'm gonna go into Helensborough with Maddy and all that and meet up with Benn and all that (And hopefully some one else will be there too). But first I need to nick some money off my bro...


I'm going to stop now, since I have nothing much else to report, and I want to watch FMA again. I loves it so much...
And I need to sleep...

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