Sleepwalking my way through life: Still I'm awfully glad I came

Still I'm awfully glad I came

Current Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Midnight

Like the new background? Took me about ten minutes to do, but three days to put it up right. You see, Photobucket has this annoying tendancy to resize all pictures that are above 250KB. So not only had I to make a picture that was less than 250KB, I had to make it fit too. Which took me quite a while. But it was worth it, as you can see. Although, I think a little bit of a "t" is being cut off.
No matter.
The quote is from a Fall Out Boy song. I can't rememebr exactly which one it is, but it's from one. It kinda suited this some how. I dunno. It just seemed right.

Well peopel, I seem to be on a roll this evening, as I have just written a whole paragraph in under ten minutes. So lets keep this going before I lose it, ok?

So, stories to tell.
Well, to begin with, you can ignore that god awful post I made on Friday night. I was knackered beyond belief and I had no idea what I was writing. So you can just ignore it completely if you want. If you could just imagine an big blank space right there I would be very happy. Or if you prefer you could imagine a space where I had a fantastic evening where I won the lottery. It won't make it true, but it would be nice.
Ok then. I might just end up asking you to ignore this post aswell.

Don't ask me about what happened on Thursday. I reallly can't remember it. At all. Well, I remember that there was this weird video in Geography about people in Iron Lungs and TB and Small Pox and stuff. That was quite freaky. Or was that on Friday?
But other than that, my mind has drawn a complete blank.

Friday was a good day I guess. To tell the truth I don't remember what happened there either. Well, I remember that I finally finished the drawing sheet in Graphics, which I'm proud of, but they looked kinda wonky and they didn't look too right. I asked for some Int2 stuff to practice on, and the teacher said that he would sort it out for me next class. I also remember that I didn't bother to go to RE. I wasn't in the mood to be one of the only people to show up only to find that MsGlen would give us a lecture on something. So i just stayed down the centre with friendlies. After lunch I had double Geography where the odd disease video may or may not have been watched.
The Key was fun too. Well as fun as the Key can be really. We met Adam on the way up, and we had a nice chat about Computing and stuff. TWas good. When we got up to the Dolan we sat about for an hour tlaking and taking random pictures. Some actually turned out good, but Maddy still needs to send me them. When it was seven we decided to go into the Key, but when i was walking to the door I accidently whacked my knee off of a coffee table. It hurt like fuck and I had to hop to the Key. Twas sore, but it kinda wore off by the time we got into the Key.
When we got in I sat and talked with Laura for a few minutes before MAddy dragged me into the computer room to watch Rejected (Click "Rejected.wmv" the link may or may not work). Rejected is this hilariously random cartoon that I love. It's just great.
So we were on the computers for a while and then I saw some guy that I recognised from Halo. So I said Hi and stuff, then he shouted "Happy Birthday!"
I forgot that this was the guy that wished me happy birthday every time he saw me. Apparently it brings me luck, but I think he just likes to see me try and explain my way out of it.
As soon as he said it the supervisor lady person wished me one too. So i tried to explain my way out of it. After about five minutes of convincing everyone in the room that it wasn't my birthday she said, "So it's not your birthday?"
"Oh. Ok then, off the pc, someone elses turn."
So I skidaddled out of the pc room and talked some more with people. Then we went outside and talked to Kenny and Ross as they abuse Devlin. It was funny, but everyone sson got cold and went back inside. Then i started talking to Laura and Nadia again and I didn't notice when Maddy and Alan left. I just turned around and they were gone. Twas odd. But they reappeared again. With ice cream. They went for ice cream without me! Twas annoying.
After that we talked some more about random crap.
I think Fubu is gay. I'm not sure,but some of the things he did were... Well, lets say a staright guy wouldn't do that to another guy. Plus, it would make snese. Kinda.
After that I got home, wrote that weird post, drew the background and went to sleep.

Saturday I didn't do much. I went to the cinema at around seven though. We went to see "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". I thought it was quite good. It's full of guns, explosions and some good one-liners. Though, it was pretty odd at times.

On Sunday I spent most of the day out in the garden cutting the hedge. At first i thought it was going to be long and hard work, but it turned out to be fun. And I think I did pretty well in it too. It looks neat and stuff, and I got away from it with only three or four scratches on my arm, compared to last years twenty or so. After that i did nothing for the rest of the day except lie about the house and watch tv. I know I should've done my english homework and all, but it was easy and boring so I didn't bother with it.

Today I got up early 'casue I didn't want to be too late for school, except I got up too early and I was watching tv to pass the time. Early time tv really does suck. About ten minutes before I was goign to leave I got a call from Maddy. She asked if I was walking to school and told me when we were meeting. Then she reminded me about the Millencolin gig.
"Are you allowed to go?"
"Yeah, I guess. I haven't asked but I'm pretty sure I can."
"Ok, do you want to come into Glasgow today and get the tickets?"
"Ah crap. I don't have enough money to get into Glasgow, not to mention the tickets."
"Well, I haven't told Kenny that we're getting them today, and Laura doesn't have enough money either. So you can get it with them sometime later."
"Oh that's good. I'm going to ask for an advance on my allowance then. Ok then."
"Good. Ok, I'll see you laster then."
"See ya."
And I went to school, suffered an hour of English (Where I just made up the homework on the spot) and walked home. Then i watched the three episodes of Scrubs that were on, and now I'm here and writing this.

And that's you all filled in.
Now I need to decide what to do after this is done. I can either draw or write some more of a story. I want to draw more, but I've got nothing to draw. I want to write, and I have stuff to write, but I don't want to do that as much.
I dunno.

Eeny meeney miney mo...
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