Sleepwalking my way through life: Pour my life into a paper cup

Pour my life into a paper cup

Only a short post tonight. Well I think so, it may turn out longer.
Lets wait and see shall we?

I had such a good day today.
It started off with a semi lie in this morning, since I didn't have classes first period. So when i got up I was really relxed and stuff. I decided to go up to school early so i could hang about and draw and stuff. So i walked up in the pouring rain. But on the way up something terrible happened.
I stepped in dog shit.
Not like a small amount, but like a big mound of the stuff. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and... ugh. I eventually got it all off though, but some old granny laughed at me when i was digging it out with a stone.
So I got up to school and got out my folder and started drawing. I had a really amazing idea for the first picture I was drawing, but it didn't come out all to well on paper, so I might just try and do it on the pc later. So I abandoned that one and just drew a random line on a new sheet of paper. Then I drew a few more random lines, then it kinda looked like hair, and I eventually built up a profile of a girl. I think it's a girl at least. It's quite good and I might upload it onto Deviantart later. Then again I might not.
So the first class I was in was Graphics. There were only about ten or fifteen people in the class, so the teacher made us pile into a smaller class and he told us to make an A3 sheet with a border on AutoCAD. Since I hadn't used AutoCAD before he kept expecting me to need help, but I finished the work in two minutes and I sat around bored for the next half hour.
I had a free period next, so I just hung out in the library with Laura, Maddy and Allan. It was fun I guess. We just went on random sites and stuff.
After that ended me and Laura headed down to English, but we were the only ones there apart from Ms Hart. After about ten minutes Ms Hart just told us to go 'cause there was no point in her teaching if no one was in the class. She also told us that she wouldn't be in on Monday, so we've got to tell people who are in the class not to go into English on Monday. Which means that I've got the whole of Monday off.
All of it!
So me and Laura walked about the school before we sat at the benches and she looked through my drawing folder. She did the whole "Oh, that's amazing!" thing. I hate most of my drawings, especially the old ones. They just suck. I gave her the addresses to both of my Deviantart acocunts and she's gonna check them out. Which would be cool.
After that we had lunch and I sat with Maddy, John, Laura, Mulrain and Allan. Jen, Chaz and Heather were on a trip so they weren't in school.
After that they headed to fifth period while I headed home. I couldn't be arsed with satying for geography where I would be by myself, so i just left.

And here I am.

Notice the new background? I'm keeping it with this one for a good while. I think it looks pretty good and I'm sick of changing every time I get bored of the old background. Notice how I've gotten rid of the "Current Mood:" and "Current Music:" things. Well, I realised that my moods are always "Good" or "Tired", and no one really gives a crap about what I'm listening to. So this is all for the better.

Not much to comment on here. Well...

The year books came out yesterday. My picture isn't bad, except I have curly hair. But my profile is massive and stuff. Feeney wrote it, and it's really nice. The profile I wrote of him pales in comparison. ANyway, everybody ahd their yearbooks out for other people to sign aswell. Louie's was the first one I signed. And all I wrote was "Louise is the 'best'". Damn. I now have a milliuon better things to write. But it's too late now I guess. I'm gonna miss talking to her in Physics, she was a good friend.
I also felt a bit left out.
Everyone had a yearbook apart from me. Chris, my brother, was getting one this year, so I saw no reason to waste money and buy one for myself. And anyway, I'd be getting one next year for St.Andrews. Or so I thought.
My mum looked through the yearbook and said, "Wow, it's good quality isn't it?"
And Chris said, "Yeah, since this was going to be the last one they wanted to make it special."
"Aren't they doing one next year?"
"No, St.Andrews don't do one."

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