Sleepwalking my way through life: I'm so jaded

I'm so jaded

Well, I've been pressured into writing this tonight, even though it's doomed to jibberish. You see, it's 00:34 (Or 12.34am) and every time I write a post this late I usually don't have the mental capacity to form words, and so this blog suffers.
But lets try and prove me wrong on this one shall we?

Ok then. Friday wasn't a good day for me at all. Even the night started getting really bad.
The day was filled with the usual. My friends ripping it out of me and whatnot. But this time they were making fun of me infront of somebody else which, as you might remember, I hate. So I just got up and walked away from the table. By then it was the end of lunch and I had to go to class, which I spent ignoring Chaz.
I wish that they'd get the fucking clue that I don't actually like being humiliated. Christ. Take a look at your own fucking life before you piss all over mine.
I've had a few conversations about them to other people. Like I was talking to Emma last week, and she said a few interesting things. And last night I was talking to LauraMcG and she said practically the same thing. It was creepy.
I'm not writing what they said here though. I'd be fucking gutted alive if they found out. They're gonna read this anyway, and then they're probably gonna drill me for information. And I don't give a damn.

Well, that's that part of my rant done.
So, into the night we go.

I only jumped on the pc after my brother had gone to a party, 'cause he wanted on before he went. I wasn't going to the Key because it was shut and I wasn't going out because everyone was going to see Batman Begins, and I had no money. Besides, I'm not much of a fan of Batman. As far as I see it, he's a guy with a bat-fetish who likes to dress up in leather.
Very good superhero material then.
So anyway, I was having a few good conversations with people, and having good fun. I even checked out ingame videos of the new Zelda from E3. And now I'm willing to sell my soul for it. It looks that good.
So after a while James (My friend from graphics) comes on. At first I didn't think it was him, 'cause he was shouting more and his grammer wasn't all too good. I know that's not something you can judge someone by, but James usually uses good grammar on MSN, and this time he wasn't. So I was a little bit suspicious. But then he started going on and on. Even LauraMcG thought he was being a bit odd. I eventually blocked him, 'cause he was really pissing me off. I might unblock him tomorrow. Depends.
Meanwhile, I had a really great conversation with Laura. Like, I dunno. It was just really fun. And I thought it deserved a mention, 'cause it cheered me up big time.
Then I went to bed.

I did nothing all of today. Well, I watched Sparticus in the afternoon, which wasn't too bad. Except for Kirk Douglas' dimple on his chin. It bugged me throughout the film. It looked as though someone had fired a nail-gun at his face and it had hit his chin.
So anyway, Chris went to work and mum went out, so I was in the house by myself for a good five hours with a chinese meal for two to eat. Twas nice. I've been on the computer since then. And since the time is coming to 01:25, I've been on the pc for about six and a half hours.
Jeez, I really need to get a life.

And I really have to go now. I'm being told to go to bed. Ah well..
Have a good one
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