Sleepwalking my way through life: I need no help

I need no help

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This hasn't been the greatest day to be honest.

Well, it started out good. I had a nice lie in because I didn't have to be in for the first two periods. But that extra hour of blissful sleep made me kinda late for school. We have to sign in before eleven every day before we go to class so that the school knows if we're going to be in or absent. And I almost didn't make it. I got in at just about five past eleven, dripping with sweat since it was so warm outside, and headed up to the office to see if I still had a chance of signing in.
When I got there there was about twenty other people from sixth year cueing up. Apparently they were slightly late too and some one from the office was about to come back with the sheet so we could all sign in. When she came we all piled into the office and tried to sign our names. I think I got a squiggly "JT" in before I lost sight of my arm.
English wasn't bad. We just sat there and discussed possible books to do. MsHart (We get her every day apart from Tuesday) is going to ask around the teachers to see if there were any good books that went with "Dune" by Frank Herbert 'cause I was thinking that it would be a great book to do for my dissertation. She'll probably forget though.
And here begins my three hour lunch, filled with walking, eating, hand slapping and just general self-dislike.
I went down to the village with Maddy, Laura and Rooney for about half an hour before going back up to the library to go on the pc. Since the pcs were all taken I found myself sitting at an old Windows95 machine playing a simple maths game. Whoopee.
The bell rang and I saw Jen, Chaz, Heather and Dan walking by the window on the way back from history, so I joined them and headed down to lunch. I got the daily shit:
"When are you going to cut your hair?"
"Why do you have your hands in your pockets? You look like a perv?"
"When the fuck are you going to get a haircut?"
"Where'd you get THOSE trousers from?"
"GET A HAIRCUT! Boys aren't supposed to have long hair!"
Problem solved.
They even started doing these gay tests on me that they had heard off of Big Brother. First off it was how you supposedly looked at your fingernails to see if they were dirty. I was holding my bag strap at the time, so I did the one that was easiest for me, palm down, fingernails up.
Yeah, sure. 'cause THAT'S a realistic test. So they tried this one on me.
"Ok, so if you were lying in a bed or something and Daniel here jumped in with you. What would you do?"
"Easy. Jump out of bed."
"You sure? You wouldn't just lie there and enjoy it?"
"Are you serious? Hell no."
"What. The. Fuck."
"Daniel! He denied it too much. He's gay!"
"What? Cos I didn't want to sleep with a gay guy means I AM gay?"
"It's cos you aren't comfortable with your sexuality. It means you're gay!"
"Yeah, sure. I mean, I would be gay you know, if it wasn't for the fact that I LIKE GIRLS?!"
The rest of lunch wasn't too bad though. But it was after it that was murder.
Jen, Heather and Dan walked off to their RE classes while me and Chaz stuck around the lunch hall. We sat there, with Rebecca, doing those *Insert Name Here* LOVES *Insert Name Here* and seeing what their percentage is. That was ok for a bit, but we ran out of names pretty quickly and it got really boring again. Then Jen, Dan and Heather came back since they couldn't find the teacher and they sat down with us. Now we had about eight or so people at the table: Jen, Chaz, Heather, Dan, Emma, Marian, Rebecca and Me. So it's NOW that they start making fun of me the most. You see, I don't mind being made fun of usually. I just tune out and I don't give a shit about what they're saying. But when there's otehr people about, it really pisses me off. So they go on and on and fucking on about all this crap. And then they fucking do it some fucking more. Ex-girlfriends, the time I fucking scratched my arm, how I'm supposedly gay, all these fucking things keep flowing from their god awful mouths and reaching the ears of other people, who are most likely to fucking spread it.
"Joe, wanna play a game of slapsies?"
Thank god. Alec, Mark, Rooney, Laura and Jason were on the other side of the room. So I got up and decided to join them. I swear as I got up I heard "Oh look at me, I'm so cool!" from Jen.
So I got up and played a few rounds of slapsies with them. Well, not with Jason. He kept making excuses not to play, and he eventually ended up at the table I started at. Anyway, we played a few rounds, and I lost most of them and the back of my hand was bright red by the end of it. When I got up Jason came over and said, "I've to tell you not to get your haircut. Oh, and they were drawing a picture of that Brittney chick too."
There was only ten minutes left by this time, so I headed back to the table, thinking it was all over. Still they went on again. But I just sat there and tuned out. The other people had probably heard these things already, so there was no point in me denying it.
Finally the bell rang and beleive me, I could not have been happier. I followed Chaz and Heather to geography but hung at the door for a few seconds. I was wondering whether to dog it or not. I really wasn't in the mood for sitting in a boring class copying up boring notes. But MrNelson saw me so I had to go in.
At first I wasn't going to talk to Heather and Chaz, but I soon got really bored and decided to turn around to see them.
"Hey Joe, do you think that Jen went a little bit too far today?"
"A little bit?"
Then the lesson began. A mind numbing hour filled with population changes.
At the end of class we walked out talking about what Heather wanted for her birthday, but I was only half listening. I was really tired by now. When we got to the canopy I just walked on since Jen was meeting her mum and dad at the centre and there was no point in me walking with her. But she spotted me and called me back. So I had to walk down the street with all my friends, not saying a word. I would've much prefered it if I was by myself, cos then I would've been able to blast my music.
So we got to the bottom of the hioll and they went to the centre and I went home.

And here I be.
Jeez. It's taken me five hours to write this blog. Damn. Looks like I've got no time to change the background. I've already changed it to something pretty cool that you can (mostly) read the text through but I was going to make up a really good one in Photoshop after I finished this post. But since I have to come off the pc in... Oh lets say forty seconds, I don't think I can do it.
Ah well.

Until next time true beleivers!
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At 10:30 pm, Blogger You know, that Laura person. said...

Pfft, you're not gay :P


Your friends sound a bit mean... especially the Jen one.

Is she the one that keeps yelling at me when your friends go on your msn?

- Laura

At 12:21 pm, Anonymous ? said...

Fuck you! I was never the worst and Koori u dont know shit!


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