Sleepwalking my way through life: I am always looking, for a place called home

I am always looking, for a place called home

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It's bloody 23.25 and I make a blog now!
I have been on the pc since for and I make a blog NOW! Jeez!
It's this tablet I tells ya. Whenever I used to be bored on the pc, I would open up a blog and type. But now every time I'm bored I open up photoshop and draw.

Anyway, onto other news.


Is there any other news?
I went to the orthodontist today. I was a little late, but ti didn't matter. When I got there it was packed and I had to squeeze my way through to the reception. So I registered in and quickly grabbed a seat when some one got up.
So I was just sitting there, just looking about the room and playing about with my appointment card. But something caught my eye. There was this girl staring at me. She wasn't just looking in my direction, she was staring at me.
I even tried to look her in the eye once or twice, but everytime I did she looked away quickly. It was really freaking me out! But I didn't have to stay long, thank God.
So I went in and sat down, and the guy checked out my teeth. And basically said I didn't have to go back!


Arg. I'm being chucked off now.
See ya
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