Sleepwalking my way through life: "He ran. He RAN."

"He ran. He RAN."

Yeah, I'm just gonna resume my story from yesterday. 'cause it was a fun day on thursday.

We had fantastic weather. It was really great. There was sun and warmth and everything.
We met at the wall at St.Kenny's in the morning and walked up to school to sign in. When we did that we just walked back to Maddy's house and sat around there for ten or so minutes, then we went to the park down the street and met up with Allan. We played about in the park with a scooter we found for ages. After a while we got bored so I volunteered to carry Maddy about on my shoulders for fun. It was really funny. We were really tall and she kept scremaing when we went fast, but after a while I had to put her down 'cause my back hurt. Then Allan lifted Laura then JenMc on his shoulders, and when I was talking to Maddy, he randomly stuck his head between my legs and lifted me up.
Now, I'm a tall guy, and so is Allan, so I was pretty high up off the ground. And I was screaming for my life. He ran. He RAN. I was terrified incase I fell off, and I was shouting my lungs out.
After that we walked up to the park in to woods behind St.Kenny's and sat about on the swings and talked. Then we ewent up to JenMc's house andstarted talking about sex. Somehow all our conversations eventually leaded to talking about sex. Damn teenagers, is that all they think about?
But Maddy had to go catch her train to meet Benn, so we ran down to the station to catch it. We ran after it too, seeing if we could outrun the train before it went away from the platform. I lost, but Allan kicked its ass. The conductor shouted at us as the train drove off, but I just gave him the finger and watched him shout some more as the train pulled out of sight. Classic.
The rest of us went up to the Co-Op and bought some food before heading back to the park in the woods. It was such a nice day that we sat about on the climbing frame and slide for hours in the sun. It was just so nice and peaceful. And fun too.
Eventually we all had to go home, so we did.
When I got home I got a callback from Hudson.
In forgot to mention that on Thursday I called up Hudson to get a job, and yesterday I got a callback. I had to show up for an appointment Friday moning at ten in the morning.
So that was pretty cool.

So this morning I got up really early and went into Hudson. They gave me a tonne of forms to fill out, most of which I didn't know how to do. I asked the lady at reception to help me with a few areas of it though.
After a while Karen Tracey came down and gave me an interview, telling me what would happen and stuff. It all went well, so she took me upstairs to the compouters and set up a typing test for me. I did it, and it turns out I'm a above average typist with minimal errors. That's what I get for spending my life infront of this thing isn't it?
Then I had a chat with Trisha and Donny (Two people I met while I was on work experience), and I was off.
Since I was in such a good mood from the interview and stuff, I decided to buy myself some manga. But I bought the wrong one. I meant to buy one called "Trigun" 'cause I had heard god stuff about it, but I bought "Trigun: Maximum" which is like a sequel, so I'm all confused when I read it.
It's annoying, 'cause with English I was getting used to reading left to right again, and now I need to re-learn the right to left reading. Tis annoying.
I got on the train and met Maddy and all that at the train station. We went up to the Co-Op and bought some whipped cream.
Let the fighting begin.
We had an amazing whipped cream fight. It was just kickass.
By the end of it, we were all covered in cream and reeking to high heavens. So we decided to head over to Maddy's house and hose ourselves down to wash off. Now, it wasn't too warm at the time, but we decided to do it anyway. And the water was fucking freezing. We were soon soaked, me and Allan realising that we had no change of clothes. Ah well.
The soaking didn't actually rinse out most of the cream. It took a thirty minute shower to scrub all of that stuff out.

And now I'm here, doing nothing it seems.
And I guess that's me. I can't be bothered writing much else. I might write it later, but I might not.

Have a good one.
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