Sleepwalking my way through life: Carve your heart out yourself

Carve your heart out yourself

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Yeah, sorry about yesterdays post. I was trying out a new style and it kinda sucked.
But how do you like the new layout? Nice huh?
I was browsing about the net when I saw a really kickass blog, and I thought that this place was due for a change. So I changed it! I'm not sure if all the words are readable or not, so I'm going to try and find a better background. Or not. I love this one so much...
Screw you! The background stays!

*Hugs the backgroud*

So in other news, it was my second day of school today. I actually had more than one period to go to, so it sucked. Well, it wasn't too bad. I had double English first, and that was basically a chat with Fitzpatrick. Well, I also have to read about half a dozen books over the summer so i have a good selection for my dissertation.
Break was uneventful really.
Geography was really easy. All we had to do was copy down notes. I'm sitting in front of Chaz and Heather, so it's going to be fun in that class.
Lunch was pretty ok. Nearer to the end of it Chaz started reading out Alice Sebolds' "Lucky" which Jen bought this morning. It was all about this girl getting raped and stuff. It was pretty sick. Well, at least that's one book off my dissertation list.
Double graphics was next. Since I'm crashing it this year I don't know anything about technical drawings. Neither did Laura or James. The teacher gave us a quick lesson on two-point perspective or something but as soon as we went back to our seats we were asking each other "How does that go again?" We were quite bad at it. Which is expected, but I'm going to really try at it, 'cause this perspective stuff is exactly what I need to practice for my drawings.
Then school ended and now I'm home.

Exciting huh?

I'm going to leave again. I still haven't had my fill of dead Nazis...
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At 12:18 am, Blogger You know, that Laura person. said...

Jooooee... nuuu... it's hard to read... background is baaad :P

Yes, it's a very awesome picture... but no :P It's too hard to read!

- Laura

At 2:29 am, Blogger Jeanie said...

I agree... i think my eyes even started watering... BUT its your blog! I doubt your voice is annoying!


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