Sleepwalking my way through life: Bad Religion

Bad Religion

Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: Foamy - Fat-Kins Diet

My last day.
I have to go back to school tomorrow!

Otherwise, nothing much is happening.

Well, I was going to go out to Pizza Hut with friendlies on friday. But I didn't.
I got all ready, and I was out the house for half five and walked all the way up to the Retail Park where Pizza Hut was. I even ran so I would make it on time.
So I got up there at six on the dot and I sat on a wall outside of it and waited.
And waited.
Aaaaaand waited.
After twenty minutes I decided to walk home and phone Jen. Turns out we were meeting at seven.
I decided not to go, because I was hot, sweaty, and in a baaad mood.
But afterwards I felt bad about not going, cos I really did want to see my friends before school starts again.
Arg. I'm such a stubborn git.

Ah well. I'd best be off...
Check out my picture that I did of Istra (I LOVES IT SOOOO MUCH!)
Click Meeeeeee!

See ya.
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At 10:38 pm, Blogger Jeanie said...

"Git"... if only i could hear you talk... it would make my day... us americans...we are easily entertained!


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