Sleepwalking my way through life: June 2005


Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Long time, no see.

That's what I said to my hairdresser this moring.
That's right people, for the first time in eight months, I got my hair cut.

I had to get a really early train to get it aswell, and I was dead by the time I sat in my seat. But I still managed to pull off a child ticket and get in really cheap.
I walked in kind of late, but the place was empty apart from a girl sipping coffee while her hair was in tinfoil (Don't ask me why though...). But I rang the bell and someone popped out from behind the counter and I gave my name and details. When Alison came up I told her what I wanted done with it, and then she set to work.
The funny thing is that through the whole time that she spent cutting my hair, there were two girls behind her, like on her beckon call. It was really funny. All she said was "Towel" and one disapeared for a second before returning with a towel for her.
I thought it was amusing.
And she cut my hair!
It isn't short by the way, just incase some of you think it's really short now. It's just shorter.
Image hosted by
That's me here. If you know me, then you'll know the difference. Hopefully.

Saturday was fun. We went into Glasgow and just messed about. Most of the time was spent sitting on one of the grass bits in George Square and listening to Jazz music from the festival. It was dead relaxing and stuff. We even bought a ball and started playing some games with it. I think we annoyed a few people while doing that though...
I had to leave by the time Benn and the Helensborough crew arrived, but I was glad to leave. I always feel uncomfortable around them. Well, Benn and Pope are alright, it's Olly really. Ah well.

Sunday was a day of rest. So I didn't do much.

Monday I was made to do work. It wasn't all bad. I did my ironing while watching Dogma. I love that film so much. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
But I had a whole lot of ironing to do, so it was annoying.
In the evening I was going to go out with Jason, LauraMcG and Rebecca. I was really late 'cause of my dinner and I had to run to meet them. But halfway there I got this awful cramp in my stomach and I was in pain all the way until I met them. And then for the rest of the night I was worried incase I was going to be sick.
I felt really uneasy and every time we walked somewhere I thought I was going to upchuck...

And that leads us to tonight.
It's Tuesday, so mum's in Manchester for the night. Which means Chris has friends round. Which means they've stolen all the bloody good food in the house. THEY STOLE MY CHOCOLATE TRIFLE PUDDING THING!
I was saving that all day and THEY eat it.
It sucks muchly.
But he's given me a packet of Maltesers to make up for it, so it isn't all too bad I guess.

I'd better come off now. This room is tiny and the computer is heating it up to sauna temperature, even with the window open.
Have a good one.

I wonder how long I can stay up for tonight...

"He ran. He RAN."

Friday, June 24, 2005
Yeah, I'm just gonna resume my story from yesterday. 'cause it was a fun day on thursday.

We had fantastic weather. It was really great. There was sun and warmth and everything.
We met at the wall at St.Kenny's in the morning and walked up to school to sign in. When we did that we just walked back to Maddy's house and sat around there for ten or so minutes, then we went to the park down the street and met up with Allan. We played about in the park with a scooter we found for ages. After a while we got bored so I volunteered to carry Maddy about on my shoulders for fun. It was really funny. We were really tall and she kept scremaing when we went fast, but after a while I had to put her down 'cause my back hurt. Then Allan lifted Laura then JenMc on his shoulders, and when I was talking to Maddy, he randomly stuck his head between my legs and lifted me up.
Now, I'm a tall guy, and so is Allan, so I was pretty high up off the ground. And I was screaming for my life. He ran. He RAN. I was terrified incase I fell off, and I was shouting my lungs out.
After that we walked up to the park in to woods behind St.Kenny's and sat about on the swings and talked. Then we ewent up to JenMc's house andstarted talking about sex. Somehow all our conversations eventually leaded to talking about sex. Damn teenagers, is that all they think about?
But Maddy had to go catch her train to meet Benn, so we ran down to the station to catch it. We ran after it too, seeing if we could outrun the train before it went away from the platform. I lost, but Allan kicked its ass. The conductor shouted at us as the train drove off, but I just gave him the finger and watched him shout some more as the train pulled out of sight. Classic.
The rest of us went up to the Co-Op and bought some food before heading back to the park in the woods. It was such a nice day that we sat about on the climbing frame and slide for hours in the sun. It was just so nice and peaceful. And fun too.
Eventually we all had to go home, so we did.
When I got home I got a callback from Hudson.
In forgot to mention that on Thursday I called up Hudson to get a job, and yesterday I got a callback. I had to show up for an appointment Friday moning at ten in the morning.
So that was pretty cool.

So this morning I got up really early and went into Hudson. They gave me a tonne of forms to fill out, most of which I didn't know how to do. I asked the lady at reception to help me with a few areas of it though.
After a while Karen Tracey came down and gave me an interview, telling me what would happen and stuff. It all went well, so she took me upstairs to the compouters and set up a typing test for me. I did it, and it turns out I'm a above average typist with minimal errors. That's what I get for spending my life infront of this thing isn't it?
Then I had a chat with Trisha and Donny (Two people I met while I was on work experience), and I was off.
Since I was in such a good mood from the interview and stuff, I decided to buy myself some manga. But I bought the wrong one. I meant to buy one called "Trigun" 'cause I had heard god stuff about it, but I bought "Trigun: Maximum" which is like a sequel, so I'm all confused when I read it.
It's annoying, 'cause with English I was getting used to reading left to right again, and now I need to re-learn the right to left reading. Tis annoying.
I got on the train and met Maddy and all that at the train station. We went up to the Co-Op and bought some whipped cream.
Let the fighting begin.
We had an amazing whipped cream fight. It was just kickass.
By the end of it, we were all covered in cream and reeking to high heavens. So we decided to head over to Maddy's house and hose ourselves down to wash off. Now, it wasn't too warm at the time, but we decided to do it anyway. And the water was fucking freezing. We were soon soaked, me and Allan realising that we had no change of clothes. Ah well.
The soaking didn't actually rinse out most of the cream. It took a thirty minute shower to scrub all of that stuff out.

And now I'm here, doing nothing it seems.
And I guess that's me. I can't be bothered writing much else. I might write it later, but I might not.

Have a good one.

"No and no"

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
I really wish that that goddamn phone would stop ringing.

Jen and Chaz keep calling, asking if I'm going to Pizza Hut this friday, asking if I'm going to Heathers party next week.
No and no.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. This story starts on sunday, and taht's where I'll begin.

Sunday night I'm on the computer, minding my own business when Jen comes on. As I predicted she started demanding what LauraMcG and Emma had been saying about her. I said "Nothing" and we exploded into an insult exchange. Well, it was more her insulting me and me insulting her insults.
After a while she went offline, but soon after Chaz came on. She started talking to me, saying that she'd fallen out with Jen for being a bitch, saying that Jen had said stuff about Heather. But something was odd. She started asking what Emma and LauraMcG said about Jen, I said that I wouldn't tell her, so I asked what Jen had said about Heather. Chaz told me that she would tell me if I told her. That's when I knew something was up, so I made up this crappy thing on the spot. I asked what Jen had said, and Chaz replied with "Nothing." Followed by her telling me that Jen is now off to slit her wrists in a bathtub for that comment. I knew that something was up. Jeez, come on guys, give me more credit than that. Mother fucking bitches.
So at that point in time we weren't friends anymore. And we still aren't as far as I'm concerned.

I spent the weekend doing nothing but relaxing. It was good.

Monday all I had was English, and MsHarte told us not to come in for it, so I got LauraMcG to sign in for me and I stayed off. Twas good, but it threw off my time perception, so I kept thinking it was sunday.

Tuesday was ok. English was as boring as hell. We had to do a textual analysis dealy. I didn't do much of it 'cause I was tlaking to MsHarte and MrsMcLaughlin about the U2 concert that was on that night. Geography was a nightmare. The guy beside me decides to piss off and sit with someone else and I'm stuck answering cruddy questions as my earphones decide to suddenly not work. I spent most of the period staring out of the window. Half way through the period Chaz came in. She had been caught dogging it by McGinlay and had been forced to class. She went over to sit beside Pinger. That's worse than being on your own in my opinion.
I went to lunch with Maddy and all that, and got myself a fantastic Meatball Sub at subway for two squid. It was so nice, but really messy. Crap, now I'm really hungry...
We came back up for double Graphics, but we were stuck in the careers room drawing random objects that came out of our pockets. My phone did turn out pretty good, but that's not the point.
That was followed by an average walk home.

Today was really fun though. Like really fun. Like the best fun I've had in ages.

But I'll tell you about that later. I've been chuicked off now.
Have a good one.

"in a word, 'DIFFERENT'."

Sunday, June 19, 2005
"Joe is an ambitious, witty carefree guy; funny and loayal, he is never one to let you down. He sticks to his friends and loves going out with them, reading, writing, music, arts (Japanese in particular) and drawing, playing his Gamecube, watching TV and drama... to be honest he's pretty damn normal but he is by no means boring or shallow. His comical presence and independant way of life is admirable.
Joe is a.k.a Mojo-JoJoe, John, Jobey-wan-kenobi, Joevaries, Goon, Joeby, Fro-Joe and Afro Joe.
Joe is intellectual, but refuses to show it. He hides behind a curtain of carelessness and pure enjoyment of life, in a word "DIFFERENT". He is really something else indeed.
Joe wants to become a writer, an actor, someone who really matters, but after breezing through his standard grades with little work and still going down the same road, (at the moment anyway), with his Highers.
Joe is most likely to become a WALL (Private joke). I will miss his great and unique personal and his philisophical answer to, and view on, absolutely everything."

I'm so jaded

Well, I've been pressured into writing this tonight, even though it's doomed to jibberish. You see, it's 00:34 (Or 12.34am) and every time I write a post this late I usually don't have the mental capacity to form words, and so this blog suffers.
But lets try and prove me wrong on this one shall we?

Ok then. Friday wasn't a good day for me at all. Even the night started getting really bad.
The day was filled with the usual. My friends ripping it out of me and whatnot. But this time they were making fun of me infront of somebody else which, as you might remember, I hate. So I just got up and walked away from the table. By then it was the end of lunch and I had to go to class, which I spent ignoring Chaz.
I wish that they'd get the fucking clue that I don't actually like being humiliated. Christ. Take a look at your own fucking life before you piss all over mine.
I've had a few conversations about them to other people. Like I was talking to Emma last week, and she said a few interesting things. And last night I was talking to LauraMcG and she said practically the same thing. It was creepy.
I'm not writing what they said here though. I'd be fucking gutted alive if they found out. They're gonna read this anyway, and then they're probably gonna drill me for information. And I don't give a damn.

Well, that's that part of my rant done.
So, into the night we go.

I only jumped on the pc after my brother had gone to a party, 'cause he wanted on before he went. I wasn't going to the Key because it was shut and I wasn't going out because everyone was going to see Batman Begins, and I had no money. Besides, I'm not much of a fan of Batman. As far as I see it, he's a guy with a bat-fetish who likes to dress up in leather.
Very good superhero material then.
So anyway, I was having a few good conversations with people, and having good fun. I even checked out ingame videos of the new Zelda from E3. And now I'm willing to sell my soul for it. It looks that good.
So after a while James (My friend from graphics) comes on. At first I didn't think it was him, 'cause he was shouting more and his grammer wasn't all too good. I know that's not something you can judge someone by, but James usually uses good grammar on MSN, and this time he wasn't. So I was a little bit suspicious. But then he started going on and on. Even LauraMcG thought he was being a bit odd. I eventually blocked him, 'cause he was really pissing me off. I might unblock him tomorrow. Depends.
Meanwhile, I had a really great conversation with Laura. Like, I dunno. It was just really fun. And I thought it deserved a mention, 'cause it cheered me up big time.
Then I went to bed.

I did nothing all of today. Well, I watched Sparticus in the afternoon, which wasn't too bad. Except for Kirk Douglas' dimple on his chin. It bugged me throughout the film. It looked as though someone had fired a nail-gun at his face and it had hit his chin.
So anyway, Chris went to work and mum went out, so I was in the house by myself for a good five hours with a chinese meal for two to eat. Twas nice. I've been on the computer since then. And since the time is coming to 01:25, I've been on the pc for about six and a half hours.
Jeez, I really need to get a life.

And I really have to go now. I'm being told to go to bed. Ah well..
Have a good one

Too far gone

Friday, June 17, 2005
It's been a mixed day today.

I got up all fine and dandy. I listened to a hilarious Radio1 and I got out the house only a little bit late.

You know what? Screw it. I can't be arsed writing a big assed blog tonight.
Lets just say my day was pretty crap.

But the night is turning out pretty well. Like really well.
I like it when it's night.

Yeah, i'll type everythign up later. Really can't be arsed the now.

Pour my life into a paper cup

Thursday, June 16, 2005
Only a short post tonight. Well I think so, it may turn out longer.
Lets wait and see shall we?

I had such a good day today.
It started off with a semi lie in this morning, since I didn't have classes first period. So when i got up I was really relxed and stuff. I decided to go up to school early so i could hang about and draw and stuff. So i walked up in the pouring rain. But on the way up something terrible happened.
I stepped in dog shit.
Not like a small amount, but like a big mound of the stuff. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and... ugh. I eventually got it all off though, but some old granny laughed at me when i was digging it out with a stone.
So I got up to school and got out my folder and started drawing. I had a really amazing idea for the first picture I was drawing, but it didn't come out all to well on paper, so I might just try and do it on the pc later. So I abandoned that one and just drew a random line on a new sheet of paper. Then I drew a few more random lines, then it kinda looked like hair, and I eventually built up a profile of a girl. I think it's a girl at least. It's quite good and I might upload it onto Deviantart later. Then again I might not.
So the first class I was in was Graphics. There were only about ten or fifteen people in the class, so the teacher made us pile into a smaller class and he told us to make an A3 sheet with a border on AutoCAD. Since I hadn't used AutoCAD before he kept expecting me to need help, but I finished the work in two minutes and I sat around bored for the next half hour.
I had a free period next, so I just hung out in the library with Laura, Maddy and Allan. It was fun I guess. We just went on random sites and stuff.
After that ended me and Laura headed down to English, but we were the only ones there apart from Ms Hart. After about ten minutes Ms Hart just told us to go 'cause there was no point in her teaching if no one was in the class. She also told us that she wouldn't be in on Monday, so we've got to tell people who are in the class not to go into English on Monday. Which means that I've got the whole of Monday off.
All of it!
So me and Laura walked about the school before we sat at the benches and she looked through my drawing folder. She did the whole "Oh, that's amazing!" thing. I hate most of my drawings, especially the old ones. They just suck. I gave her the addresses to both of my Deviantart acocunts and she's gonna check them out. Which would be cool.
After that we had lunch and I sat with Maddy, John, Laura, Mulrain and Allan. Jen, Chaz and Heather were on a trip so they weren't in school.
After that they headed to fifth period while I headed home. I couldn't be arsed with satying for geography where I would be by myself, so i just left.

And here I am.

Notice the new background? I'm keeping it with this one for a good while. I think it looks pretty good and I'm sick of changing every time I get bored of the old background. Notice how I've gotten rid of the "Current Mood:" and "Current Music:" things. Well, I realised that my moods are always "Good" or "Tired", and no one really gives a crap about what I'm listening to. So this is all for the better.

Not much to comment on here. Well...

The year books came out yesterday. My picture isn't bad, except I have curly hair. But my profile is massive and stuff. Feeney wrote it, and it's really nice. The profile I wrote of him pales in comparison. ANyway, everybody ahd their yearbooks out for other people to sign aswell. Louie's was the first one I signed. And all I wrote was "Louise is the 'best'". Damn. I now have a milliuon better things to write. But it's too late now I guess. I'm gonna miss talking to her in Physics, she was a good friend.
I also felt a bit left out.
Everyone had a yearbook apart from me. Chris, my brother, was getting one this year, so I saw no reason to waste money and buy one for myself. And anyway, I'd be getting one next year for St.Andrews. Or so I thought.
My mum looked through the yearbook and said, "Wow, it's good quality isn't it?"
And Chris said, "Yeah, since this was going to be the last one they wanted to make it special."
"Aren't they doing one next year?"
"No, St.Andrews don't do one."


Time never stands still

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Current Music: All American Rejects - Your Star

Well I'm home now. Now being almost 11.40.
Yeah, I've been doing a lot of things since I got home and since I began this entry. Most of which include nothing.

I'm not in bed 'cause I'm kinda hopped up on Coke and I can't get to sleep. I really need to kick this habit... Damn Coke addiction.
See how I made that sound bad?
I've been drinking Cola non-stop lately, and I can't get to sleep 'cause of it, so I'm staying on here until it wears off. I've got the first two classes off tomorrow, so I don't have to get up too early.

Mum is in Manchester, Chris is at work. I'm home alone and loving it. I love it when there's no one else in the house. It's always better.
it also means I can blast my music. Seriously, you haven't heard Reqium for a Dream until you've heard it blasting out of the speakers.

Speaking of seriousness... MY DRAWING IS almost FINISHED!
It looks really kickass at the moment, but I need to change a few things to make it better. But it's so amazing!

There's an anime convention in Glasgow.
An ANIME convention in GLASGOW!
This is a surpirse to me. They're pretty serious too. They've done one or two of them already, and it looks like they're doing one next Easter too. I am so there! but the main decision is whether to Cosplay or not... Ah well, I have ten months to figure that out.
Hmm, if my friends found out about this I wouldn't hear the end of it.
Best not to tell them.
Unless they read this, then I'm screwed.

Ah well.

Do I belong here?

Current Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tear

I'm in school right now.
Everyone else has a free period so I'm stuck here in the library beside some guy who keeps reading what's on my screen.
Yes guy beside me. I am talking about you.

I really want to get back home. Not because I've had a bad day, far from it, but it's because I have this amazing picture on the pc at home and I just want to get back to it. It started out as a remake of one of my old drawings, but then I tripled the size of it and made it all serious. Now I've cut off the bottom bit and made the skin all grey and stuff, with a really colourful background so it stands out. I've also done more that two shades, I've done FOUR! And I LOVE the blur tool on Photoshop. The picture looks so... Wow.
I might use it as an ID on my new DevinatArt account. I should really stop making IDs. I've got more than enough as it is.

So right now I'm sitting here, typing this, emailing Laura, dreaming of lunch, and wishing that I was home DRAWING!

Arg. I'd better go now. I have someone to talk to now.

Still I'm awfully glad I came

Monday, June 13, 2005
Current Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Midnight

Like the new background? Took me about ten minutes to do, but three days to put it up right. You see, Photobucket has this annoying tendancy to resize all pictures that are above 250KB. So not only had I to make a picture that was less than 250KB, I had to make it fit too. Which took me quite a while. But it was worth it, as you can see. Although, I think a little bit of a "t" is being cut off.
No matter.
The quote is from a Fall Out Boy song. I can't rememebr exactly which one it is, but it's from one. It kinda suited this some how. I dunno. It just seemed right.

Well peopel, I seem to be on a roll this evening, as I have just written a whole paragraph in under ten minutes. So lets keep this going before I lose it, ok?

So, stories to tell.
Well, to begin with, you can ignore that god awful post I made on Friday night. I was knackered beyond belief and I had no idea what I was writing. So you can just ignore it completely if you want. If you could just imagine an big blank space right there I would be very happy. Or if you prefer you could imagine a space where I had a fantastic evening where I won the lottery. It won't make it true, but it would be nice.
Ok then. I might just end up asking you to ignore this post aswell.

Don't ask me about what happened on Thursday. I reallly can't remember it. At all. Well, I remember that there was this weird video in Geography about people in Iron Lungs and TB and Small Pox and stuff. That was quite freaky. Or was that on Friday?
But other than that, my mind has drawn a complete blank.

Friday was a good day I guess. To tell the truth I don't remember what happened there either. Well, I remember that I finally finished the drawing sheet in Graphics, which I'm proud of, but they looked kinda wonky and they didn't look too right. I asked for some Int2 stuff to practice on, and the teacher said that he would sort it out for me next class. I also remember that I didn't bother to go to RE. I wasn't in the mood to be one of the only people to show up only to find that MsGlen would give us a lecture on something. So i just stayed down the centre with friendlies. After lunch I had double Geography where the odd disease video may or may not have been watched.
The Key was fun too. Well as fun as the Key can be really. We met Adam on the way up, and we had a nice chat about Computing and stuff. TWas good. When we got up to the Dolan we sat about for an hour tlaking and taking random pictures. Some actually turned out good, but Maddy still needs to send me them. When it was seven we decided to go into the Key, but when i was walking to the door I accidently whacked my knee off of a coffee table. It hurt like fuck and I had to hop to the Key. Twas sore, but it kinda wore off by the time we got into the Key.
When we got in I sat and talked with Laura for a few minutes before MAddy dragged me into the computer room to watch Rejected (Click "Rejected.wmv" the link may or may not work). Rejected is this hilariously random cartoon that I love. It's just great.
So we were on the computers for a while and then I saw some guy that I recognised from Halo. So I said Hi and stuff, then he shouted "Happy Birthday!"
I forgot that this was the guy that wished me happy birthday every time he saw me. Apparently it brings me luck, but I think he just likes to see me try and explain my way out of it.
As soon as he said it the supervisor lady person wished me one too. So i tried to explain my way out of it. After about five minutes of convincing everyone in the room that it wasn't my birthday she said, "So it's not your birthday?"
"Oh. Ok then, off the pc, someone elses turn."
So I skidaddled out of the pc room and talked some more with people. Then we went outside and talked to Kenny and Ross as they abuse Devlin. It was funny, but everyone sson got cold and went back inside. Then i started talking to Laura and Nadia again and I didn't notice when Maddy and Alan left. I just turned around and they were gone. Twas odd. But they reappeared again. With ice cream. They went for ice cream without me! Twas annoying.
After that we talked some more about random crap.
I think Fubu is gay. I'm not sure,but some of the things he did were... Well, lets say a staright guy wouldn't do that to another guy. Plus, it would make snese. Kinda.
After that I got home, wrote that weird post, drew the background and went to sleep.

Saturday I didn't do much. I went to the cinema at around seven though. We went to see "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". I thought it was quite good. It's full of guns, explosions and some good one-liners. Though, it was pretty odd at times.

On Sunday I spent most of the day out in the garden cutting the hedge. At first i thought it was going to be long and hard work, but it turned out to be fun. And I think I did pretty well in it too. It looks neat and stuff, and I got away from it with only three or four scratches on my arm, compared to last years twenty or so. After that i did nothing for the rest of the day except lie about the house and watch tv. I know I should've done my english homework and all, but it was easy and boring so I didn't bother with it.

Today I got up early 'casue I didn't want to be too late for school, except I got up too early and I was watching tv to pass the time. Early time tv really does suck. About ten minutes before I was goign to leave I got a call from Maddy. She asked if I was walking to school and told me when we were meeting. Then she reminded me about the Millencolin gig.
"Are you allowed to go?"
"Yeah, I guess. I haven't asked but I'm pretty sure I can."
"Ok, do you want to come into Glasgow today and get the tickets?"
"Ah crap. I don't have enough money to get into Glasgow, not to mention the tickets."
"Well, I haven't told Kenny that we're getting them today, and Laura doesn't have enough money either. So you can get it with them sometime later."
"Oh that's good. I'm going to ask for an advance on my allowance then. Ok then."
"Good. Ok, I'll see you laster then."
"See ya."
And I went to school, suffered an hour of English (Where I just made up the homework on the spot) and walked home. Then i watched the three episodes of Scrubs that were on, and now I'm here and writing this.

And that's you all filled in.
Now I need to decide what to do after this is done. I can either draw or write some more of a story. I want to draw more, but I've got nothing to draw. I want to write, and I have stuff to write, but I don't want to do that as much.
I dunno.

Eeny meeney miney mo...

Don't tell me that it's over

Friday, June 10, 2005
Current Music: Foo Fighters - Best of You

I'm not gonna spend as much time on this post as last. For one thing I really want that background done as soon as possible, and the other thing is that I'm knackered and I really doubt I have the attention span to keep this up for long.

Anyway, the past two days have been a bit odd. It's like they haven't happened, but I know they have. I feel really odd about them. I dunno, maybe it's 'cause I'm really tired the now and nothing's making sense.
So I'm going to skip all the bothersome details and fill them out next time I'm on the pc. Though I must say I really need to remind myself of something. Bear with me please...
Yeah, that's it. Some messed up stuff is going on, and I really need to write it down.
When I'm more concious that is.
And when I can confidently spell concious...

So yeah, that's basically all there is to this post. Nothing but crap.
I'm gonna go make a background to this now. It might be up by the time you read this, it might not. I'm not sure anymore.

I should really get some sleep...

I need no help

Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Current Music: Colin Hay - Overkill

This hasn't been the greatest day to be honest.

Well, it started out good. I had a nice lie in because I didn't have to be in for the first two periods. But that extra hour of blissful sleep made me kinda late for school. We have to sign in before eleven every day before we go to class so that the school knows if we're going to be in or absent. And I almost didn't make it. I got in at just about five past eleven, dripping with sweat since it was so warm outside, and headed up to the office to see if I still had a chance of signing in.
When I got there there was about twenty other people from sixth year cueing up. Apparently they were slightly late too and some one from the office was about to come back with the sheet so we could all sign in. When she came we all piled into the office and tried to sign our names. I think I got a squiggly "JT" in before I lost sight of my arm.
English wasn't bad. We just sat there and discussed possible books to do. MsHart (We get her every day apart from Tuesday) is going to ask around the teachers to see if there were any good books that went with "Dune" by Frank Herbert 'cause I was thinking that it would be a great book to do for my dissertation. She'll probably forget though.
And here begins my three hour lunch, filled with walking, eating, hand slapping and just general self-dislike.
I went down to the village with Maddy, Laura and Rooney for about half an hour before going back up to the library to go on the pc. Since the pcs were all taken I found myself sitting at an old Windows95 machine playing a simple maths game. Whoopee.
The bell rang and I saw Jen, Chaz, Heather and Dan walking by the window on the way back from history, so I joined them and headed down to lunch. I got the daily shit:
"When are you going to cut your hair?"
"Why do you have your hands in your pockets? You look like a perv?"
"When the fuck are you going to get a haircut?"
"Where'd you get THOSE trousers from?"
"GET A HAIRCUT! Boys aren't supposed to have long hair!"
Problem solved.
They even started doing these gay tests on me that they had heard off of Big Brother. First off it was how you supposedly looked at your fingernails to see if they were dirty. I was holding my bag strap at the time, so I did the one that was easiest for me, palm down, fingernails up.
Yeah, sure. 'cause THAT'S a realistic test. So they tried this one on me.
"Ok, so if you were lying in a bed or something and Daniel here jumped in with you. What would you do?"
"Easy. Jump out of bed."
"You sure? You wouldn't just lie there and enjoy it?"
"Are you serious? Hell no."
"What. The. Fuck."
"Daniel! He denied it too much. He's gay!"
"What? Cos I didn't want to sleep with a gay guy means I AM gay?"
"It's cos you aren't comfortable with your sexuality. It means you're gay!"
"Yeah, sure. I mean, I would be gay you know, if it wasn't for the fact that I LIKE GIRLS?!"
The rest of lunch wasn't too bad though. But it was after it that was murder.
Jen, Heather and Dan walked off to their RE classes while me and Chaz stuck around the lunch hall. We sat there, with Rebecca, doing those *Insert Name Here* LOVES *Insert Name Here* and seeing what their percentage is. That was ok for a bit, but we ran out of names pretty quickly and it got really boring again. Then Jen, Dan and Heather came back since they couldn't find the teacher and they sat down with us. Now we had about eight or so people at the table: Jen, Chaz, Heather, Dan, Emma, Marian, Rebecca and Me. So it's NOW that they start making fun of me the most. You see, I don't mind being made fun of usually. I just tune out and I don't give a shit about what they're saying. But when there's otehr people about, it really pisses me off. So they go on and on and fucking on about all this crap. And then they fucking do it some fucking more. Ex-girlfriends, the time I fucking scratched my arm, how I'm supposedly gay, all these fucking things keep flowing from their god awful mouths and reaching the ears of other people, who are most likely to fucking spread it.
"Joe, wanna play a game of slapsies?"
Thank god. Alec, Mark, Rooney, Laura and Jason were on the other side of the room. So I got up and decided to join them. I swear as I got up I heard "Oh look at me, I'm so cool!" from Jen.
So I got up and played a few rounds of slapsies with them. Well, not with Jason. He kept making excuses not to play, and he eventually ended up at the table I started at. Anyway, we played a few rounds, and I lost most of them and the back of my hand was bright red by the end of it. When I got up Jason came over and said, "I've to tell you not to get your haircut. Oh, and they were drawing a picture of that Brittney chick too."
There was only ten minutes left by this time, so I headed back to the table, thinking it was all over. Still they went on again. But I just sat there and tuned out. The other people had probably heard these things already, so there was no point in me denying it.
Finally the bell rang and beleive me, I could not have been happier. I followed Chaz and Heather to geography but hung at the door for a few seconds. I was wondering whether to dog it or not. I really wasn't in the mood for sitting in a boring class copying up boring notes. But MrNelson saw me so I had to go in.
At first I wasn't going to talk to Heather and Chaz, but I soon got really bored and decided to turn around to see them.
"Hey Joe, do you think that Jen went a little bit too far today?"
"A little bit?"
Then the lesson began. A mind numbing hour filled with population changes.
At the end of class we walked out talking about what Heather wanted for her birthday, but I was only half listening. I was really tired by now. When we got to the canopy I just walked on since Jen was meeting her mum and dad at the centre and there was no point in me walking with her. But she spotted me and called me back. So I had to walk down the street with all my friends, not saying a word. I would've much prefered it if I was by myself, cos then I would've been able to blast my music.
So we got to the bottom of the hioll and they went to the centre and I went home.

And here I be.
Jeez. It's taken me five hours to write this blog. Damn. Looks like I've got no time to change the background. I've already changed it to something pretty cool that you can (mostly) read the text through but I was going to make up a really good one in Photoshop after I finished this post. But since I have to come off the pc in... Oh lets say forty seconds, I don't think I can do it.
Ah well.

Until next time true beleivers!

Carve your heart out yourself

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Dashboard Confessional - Several Ways to Die Trying

Yeah, sorry about yesterdays post. I was trying out a new style and it kinda sucked.
But how do you like the new layout? Nice huh?
I was browsing about the net when I saw a really kickass blog, and I thought that this place was due for a change. So I changed it! I'm not sure if all the words are readable or not, so I'm going to try and find a better background. Or not. I love this one so much...
Screw you! The background stays!

*Hugs the backgroud*

So in other news, it was my second day of school today. I actually had more than one period to go to, so it sucked. Well, it wasn't too bad. I had double English first, and that was basically a chat with Fitzpatrick. Well, I also have to read about half a dozen books over the summer so i have a good selection for my dissertation.
Break was uneventful really.
Geography was really easy. All we had to do was copy down notes. I'm sitting in front of Chaz and Heather, so it's going to be fun in that class.
Lunch was pretty ok. Nearer to the end of it Chaz started reading out Alice Sebolds' "Lucky" which Jen bought this morning. It was all about this girl getting raped and stuff. It was pretty sick. Well, at least that's one book off my dissertation list.
Double graphics was next. Since I'm crashing it this year I don't know anything about technical drawings. Neither did Laura or James. The teacher gave us a quick lesson on two-point perspective or something but as soon as we went back to our seats we were asking each other "How does that go again?" We were quite bad at it. Which is expected, but I'm going to really try at it, 'cause this perspective stuff is exactly what I need to practice for my drawings.
Then school ended and now I'm home.

Exciting huh?

I'm going to leave again. I still haven't had my fill of dead Nazis...

Alone with you

Monday, June 06, 2005
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: All American Rejects - One More Sad Song

Today, despite my previous thoughts, has been a good day.

I woke up at half six, tired as hell. I had a glass of coke before I went to bed the night before so I had a terrible nights sleep. I laid in bed, wondering what my day was going to be like. I kept imagining a timetable full of classes with no free periods at all and being surrounded with people I don't usually talk to normally.
At seven I turned on the radio full blast and listened to the details about LiveEight or something. To get tickets to it you had to text in the answer to a very easy question. Too bad it's in London, otherwise I'd be texting in.
I eventually climbed out of bed and dressed myselves in my school clothes. How I hate them. They're not even in good condition. The trousers are ripped at the pockets and everything. But I pulled them on anyway along with my shirt and headed down stairs. I ate breakfast, made my sandwiches, and proceeded back upstairs to wash up and leave.
I was late again though, and I just caught Maddy and everyone as they were leaving. We swapped stories about what our weekend was like, why I couldn't go out on saturday and stuff, as we walked up to school. Apparently I missed a good day out, which is annoying, because the only reason I didn't go was because I have no money. Hopefully my summer job will provide me with that.
So we arrived at the school and I spotted Heather with Dan and Jen so I decided to go over with them as per usual. I recieved the usual bitching about my hair and complaints on what happened on friday before the bell rang and we headed to class.
Well, we didn't actually head for class. Today was the day that we started our sixth year subjects and we had to recieve our timetables. So we go into McGinlays class, sorted all the subjects out and as all my friends headed to their respective classes, I headed to the town centre, seeing how my first class wasn't for another hour.
I hung about with Maddy, Laura, Mark and James as I was dragged from shop to shop in the process of killing time. I saw a few good shirts that were on sale too. The lack of money is a real bitch.
So after enough time was laid to waste I walked back up to the school to my Advanced English class. Originally I was only going to take Advanced English for the next three weeks because our school doesn't do drama, but after todays class I'm starting to rethink things. Surprisingly, Advanced English sounds like so much fun. It really does. It's full of books to read and things to write. I'm really looking forward to doing it.
But this means I need to drop something else in order to fit drama in. So over the next few weeks I'm going to see if I like geography or graphics better, and the one I like the least is being cut.
After English was over I headed back down to the cnetre with LAura and hung about there for another couple of hours. I was on my feet for most of the time and was exhausted by the end of it. Eventually they had to go back up to school for their other classes, but since I had none left (Yes, I only had one class all day) I walked home.

And here I am. When I got in Chris told me that i should drop what ever's in column E (Graphics for me) so i get the maxmum amount of free periods.
And now he's out with his friends. He doesn't have to go back to school anymore, since he's going to Uni and everything. Lucky git.
And here I am on the pc, typing up this blog before I do anything else because I've been neglecting it recently. I'm itching to play Call of Duty again, but I need to type up everything on here first.

I'm off now. I'm in the mood for killing evil Nazis. And I know just the place to fufil that desire...

Bad Religion

Sunday, June 05, 2005
Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: Foamy - Fat-Kins Diet

My last day.
I have to go back to school tomorrow!

Otherwise, nothing much is happening.

Well, I was going to go out to Pizza Hut with friendlies on friday. But I didn't.
I got all ready, and I was out the house for half five and walked all the way up to the Retail Park where Pizza Hut was. I even ran so I would make it on time.
So I got up there at six on the dot and I sat on a wall outside of it and waited.
And waited.
Aaaaaand waited.
After twenty minutes I decided to walk home and phone Jen. Turns out we were meeting at seven.
I decided not to go, because I was hot, sweaty, and in a baaad mood.
But afterwards I felt bad about not going, cos I really did want to see my friends before school starts again.
Arg. I'm such a stubborn git.

Ah well. I'd best be off...
Check out my picture that I did of Istra (I LOVES IT SOOOO MUCH!)
Click Meeeeeee!

See ya.

I am always looking, for a place called home

Thursday, June 02, 2005
Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: Various Artists - The Birth of Angelus


It's bloody 23.25 and I make a blog now!
I have been on the pc since for and I make a blog NOW! Jeez!
It's this tablet I tells ya. Whenever I used to be bored on the pc, I would open up a blog and type. But now every time I'm bored I open up photoshop and draw.

Anyway, onto other news.


Is there any other news?
I went to the orthodontist today. I was a little late, but ti didn't matter. When I got there it was packed and I had to squeeze my way through to the reception. So I registered in and quickly grabbed a seat when some one got up.
So I was just sitting there, just looking about the room and playing about with my appointment card. But something caught my eye. There was this girl staring at me. She wasn't just looking in my direction, she was staring at me.
I even tried to look her in the eye once or twice, but everytime I did she looked away quickly. It was really freaking me out! But I didn't have to stay long, thank God.
So I went in and sat down, and the guy checked out my teeth. And basically said I didn't have to go back!


Arg. I'm being chucked off now.
See ya

Your biggest mistake

Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: Train - Ordinary

I have been on the computer for twelve hours straight and NOW is the time I decide to do a flipping bblog?
Jeez I have something wrong with me...

Seriously. I spend twelve hours on this, eleven of which I'm bored out of my skull and I blog now?
Why am I such an idiot?

Speaking of me being an idiot, chemistry exam was today.
That was good how I linked it wasn't it?
Anyway, I bombed it. Like totally crapped out. As in I looked at all the questions and was like "What the fuck". There is a slim chance, if any, that i passed it. I even wrote an apology to the maker becasue I didn't study properly. I eman how can you study complete gibberish? How the hell do you do Ionisation reactions? WHAT THE HELL ARE IONISATION REACTIONS?
I don't care anymore. I am never taking chemistry again.

Computing was on monday, and I have only one word to describe how I did.
I kicked its ass. It was so easy. Saying that I'm probably going to fail, but it still was easy.

And now I don't have any exams, which is so amazing I can't believe it. I am FREE.
I'm even going out tomorrow. I'm gonna go into Helensborough with Maddy and all that and meet up with Benn and all that (And hopefully some one else will be there too). But first I need to nick some money off my bro...


I'm going to stop now, since I have nothing much else to report, and I want to watch FMA again. I loves it so much...
And I need to sleep...