Sleepwalking my way through life: People forget you eventually. That is the way of things

People forget you eventually. That is the way of things

Current Mood: Tired
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I've become addicted to Flash cartoons.
Like, it's a serious problem.

I started watching Cycons work on ProjectDCK, then I started watching all of Legendary Frog's stuff, and now I'm going through all of Neurotically Yours.
And if I run out of that, then who knows where I'll end up...

I need help.

The reason for these sudden increase in flash toons, is that I have finished Fullmetal Alchemist.Yes. All fifty one episodes have been fully viewed.
And oh my God it was really amazing.
It was totally different from what I thought it was too. IN the first ten or fifteen episodes, it seemed kind of younger teenish. Like from thirteen year olds to fifteen and stuff. But in the later episodes, with the amount of swearing and blood, it was definately getting to a more mature status.
God, I am such a geek.
More to the point, it was an excellent anime, and I look forward to when i can aford to buy the boxset in English. Then I won't have to stare at the damn subtitles for the entire episodes.
I also watched a few episodes of Shaman King today. It was quite good, but the quality was crap so I deleted it all. All thriteen gigabytes of it...
I can't wait until I get a job. Then I can buy tons of things that i want...

Anyway, school. English, my first exam, was on friday. It wasn't too bad. The close reading was ok. I think I did pretty well in that. But the critical essay questions...
The one essay that i was completely sure of, that I was certain that i would get a great mark, didn't come up. None of the poetry questions fitted the one I had chosen. So I ended up seriously bending a question to make it remotely fit. The second essay wasn't bad. But I was so disapointed about the first one.

Maths is my next exam, which isn't until next friday. So mum gave me the day off from studying today since it's so far off. Which was pretty good. Cos I've ran out of cds to listen to while studying and I don't want to hear the same thing over and over again.
Although, my bro still has one or two good cds I can steal...

I'd better go now. I'm getting pretty tired. AND I've ran out of cartoons.

I might suffer from withdrawl symptoms soon...
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