Sleepwalking my way through life: The living are the damned

The living are the damned

Current Mood: Exhausted
Current Music: Linkin Park - Pista Audio 04

This is the longest day ever.

Ok, think of the longest day you've ever had ever. Mine has been and still is longer than that.
I keep looking at the clock, expecting it to be five or six in the afternoon. But it isn't. It's three. THREE. IT'S BEEN THREE FOR FUCKING HOURS!

There is a reason it's been a long day. And it starts with yesterday.

I had my physics exam. It was pretty good. I'm confident about it. Well, not amazingly confident, but confident enough. I know I've passed it. I knew enough of the theory, and I knew tons of the multiple choice questions, and I knew some of the equations. Ah well, I'm pretty sure I've passed.
I'll probably end up failing now.

So, after the exam I go to Global Video and rent Team America and the Toolbox Murders for when my friends would come round later.
I forgot to mention that didn't I? Well, since their exams are over and stuff I thought that it would be good if they all came round mine to stay over for a night. And they all did, except Heatherbelle.

Anyway, I bought food and drink and stuff and one by one they arrived. At first it wasn't too great, cos Chris had Emma round and they were hogging the entire downstairs while watching the dvds I rented. So we were stuck upstairs and me and Jen had a fight and crap liek that. IN the end we all sorted it out. Though it took me quite a few hours to realise she had changed my MSN name to "I'm coming out.. That's right people. I'm gay".

Arg. I've spent most of the day rectifying that error.
Anyway, we watched the films, watched some films they had brought, and stayed up all night. Each of us had about ten minutes sleep between us.
So that has kinda weirded out my day.
It feels like yeasterday. It's like sleep is a time when one day can change into another without anyone noticing, and since I didn't sleep last night it feels as though the day is being stretched out and stuff until it has time to change.

God, I'm tired.

So they left and I cleaned up downstairs. Even the shit that Chris left behind. He even sat down and spilled some cranberyy juice over the carpet and he just sat there watching me while I cleaned it all up, beacause only I know how to clean the fucking carpet.

So I went up to my room to have a quick sleep and refresh myself. So jumped into bed and fell asleep for what felt like hours. Fifteen minutes later I walk out, still as tired as ever.

And since then I've been on the pc editing this drawing on photoshop. I am so proud of it, but it isn't right yet.

Arg, i'd better go. Mum's coming home soon.

See ya.
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