Sleepwalking my way through life: Break something

Break something

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I have a tablet!


I have a TABLET!



And I am having so much fun. I can write stuff, ON THE PC!.
And I've already changed one of my old drawings so it looks so much better.
I can't wait till I learn to use it properly.

I went to Halo earlier today. Well, around five-ish. It was fun. Except I had to pay a tenner for TWO AND A HALF HOURS of nothing!
I only played ONE game. I didn't even get to play the tournament I payed to get in for! Arg.
Ah well. I talked with Jenky a lot. And Fletch. And some otehr guy who was pretty cool. But Fubu was getting on my nerves. Don't get me wrong, he's a great guy, but every conversation we have he some how directs it back to him and his girlfriend. It's like:
"So what bus do you get?" I ask Fubu.
"The sixty-six. It's crap though." He replies.
"Hey, at least your bus comes. Mine is barely working and it only comes every fifteen minutes!"
"Where abouts do you live?"
"That's where Roma lives..."
So I take out a gun and shoot him repeatedly in the head.

Well, that wasn't EXACTLY what happened.
And they wouldn't let me leave! I said that I was going, and Fubu tackled me! So I got up and dragged myslef halfway to the door, then I saw Fletch and called for help. He said sure, and after tripping over his controller wire he came to my rescue.
Or so I thought.
So, HE tackled me too. So I had two guys dragging me back while I forced my way to the door. I reached the door, and Frost was standing there counting cards or something. So I dragged my way passed him and said, "I'm off now."
And he replied with "All right, see ya around man." with out looking up. The guy beside him started laughing his head off.
So I FINALLY reach the exit tbit with Fletch and Fubu still pulling me back, and I see Jenky. So I call out to him for help. He comes over, looks at me, looks at Fletch and Fubu, then a big grin spreads accross his face as he sticks his foot behind mine and sweeps my feet from under me.
We all tumble back into the reception bit in a big heap and Frost, still without looking up says "Welcome back man."
The guy beside him was wetting himself.

And that's my day. I'd better come off now, sonce it's pretty late.
Ah well.

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