Sleepwalking my way through life: May 2005

I'm only a liar, but I'm the best

Saturday, May 28, 2005
Current Mood: Tired-ish
Curretn Music: Snow Patrol - Whatever's Left

I love my tablet. I really really do.
I have finished a fantastic drawing that I couldn't be happier with. Well, I could be happier with it, but that's not the point. Check it out.
I really love it. Note, the background and grass is not my doing. That is part of photoshop.
But I LOVE it.

In other news...
Is there other news?

I went out today. I know I should've been studying for my exams on monday and tuesday, but I needed a break. Really I did.
Anyway, Me, Jen and Chaz went to see "Monster in law". It wasn't bad to be honest. I was expecting it to be crappy, cos of J Lo and all, but it was quite funny at some points.
Ah well.

And now I have to go.
It took me three hours to write that much. Three frickin hours!
Ah well, I won't be on till next tue, cos of my exams.
See ya.

The living are the damned

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Current Mood: Exhausted
Current Music: Linkin Park - Pista Audio 04

This is the longest day ever.

Ok, think of the longest day you've ever had ever. Mine has been and still is longer than that.
I keep looking at the clock, expecting it to be five or six in the afternoon. But it isn't. It's three. THREE. IT'S BEEN THREE FOR FUCKING HOURS!

There is a reason it's been a long day. And it starts with yesterday.

I had my physics exam. It was pretty good. I'm confident about it. Well, not amazingly confident, but confident enough. I know I've passed it. I knew enough of the theory, and I knew tons of the multiple choice questions, and I knew some of the equations. Ah well, I'm pretty sure I've passed.
I'll probably end up failing now.

So, after the exam I go to Global Video and rent Team America and the Toolbox Murders for when my friends would come round later.
I forgot to mention that didn't I? Well, since their exams are over and stuff I thought that it would be good if they all came round mine to stay over for a night. And they all did, except Heatherbelle.

Anyway, I bought food and drink and stuff and one by one they arrived. At first it wasn't too great, cos Chris had Emma round and they were hogging the entire downstairs while watching the dvds I rented. So we were stuck upstairs and me and Jen had a fight and crap liek that. IN the end we all sorted it out. Though it took me quite a few hours to realise she had changed my MSN name to "I'm coming out.. That's right people. I'm gay".

Arg. I've spent most of the day rectifying that error.
Anyway, we watched the films, watched some films they had brought, and stayed up all night. Each of us had about ten minutes sleep between us.
So that has kinda weirded out my day.
It feels like yeasterday. It's like sleep is a time when one day can change into another without anyone noticing, and since I didn't sleep last night it feels as though the day is being stretched out and stuff until it has time to change.

God, I'm tired.

So they left and I cleaned up downstairs. Even the shit that Chris left behind. He even sat down and spilled some cranberyy juice over the carpet and he just sat there watching me while I cleaned it all up, beacause only I know how to clean the fucking carpet.

So I went up to my room to have a quick sleep and refresh myself. So jumped into bed and fell asleep for what felt like hours. Fifteen minutes later I walk out, still as tired as ever.

And since then I've been on the pc editing this drawing on photoshop. I am so proud of it, but it isn't right yet.

Arg, i'd better go. Mum's coming home soon.

See ya.

Break something

Sunday, May 22, 2005
Current Mood: Gooooood
Current Music: Yellowcard - Get off the couch

I have a tablet!


I have a TABLET!



And I am having so much fun. I can write stuff, ON THE PC!.
And I've already changed one of my old drawings so it looks so much better.
I can't wait till I learn to use it properly.

I went to Halo earlier today. Well, around five-ish. It was fun. Except I had to pay a tenner for TWO AND A HALF HOURS of nothing!
I only played ONE game. I didn't even get to play the tournament I payed to get in for! Arg.
Ah well. I talked with Jenky a lot. And Fletch. And some otehr guy who was pretty cool. But Fubu was getting on my nerves. Don't get me wrong, he's a great guy, but every conversation we have he some how directs it back to him and his girlfriend. It's like:
"So what bus do you get?" I ask Fubu.
"The sixty-six. It's crap though." He replies.
"Hey, at least your bus comes. Mine is barely working and it only comes every fifteen minutes!"
"Where abouts do you live?"
"That's where Roma lives..."
So I take out a gun and shoot him repeatedly in the head.

Well, that wasn't EXACTLY what happened.
And they wouldn't let me leave! I said that I was going, and Fubu tackled me! So I got up and dragged myslef halfway to the door, then I saw Fletch and called for help. He said sure, and after tripping over his controller wire he came to my rescue.
Or so I thought.
So, HE tackled me too. So I had two guys dragging me back while I forced my way to the door. I reached the door, and Frost was standing there counting cards or something. So I dragged my way passed him and said, "I'm off now."
And he replied with "All right, see ya around man." with out looking up. The guy beside him started laughing his head off.
So I FINALLY reach the exit tbit with Fletch and Fubu still pulling me back, and I see Jenky. So I call out to him for help. He comes over, looks at me, looks at Fletch and Fubu, then a big grin spreads accross his face as he sticks his foot behind mine and sweeps my feet from under me.
We all tumble back into the reception bit in a big heap and Frost, still without looking up says "Welcome back man."
The guy beside him was wetting himself.

And that's my day. I'd better come off now, sonce it's pretty late.
Ah well.


Broken, beat and down

Friday, May 20, 2005
Current Mood: WOW
Current Music: The Imposibles - The Good Life (Weezer Tribute)

I just got back from seeing Star Wars.


Like seriously, it is just amazing. A little forced dialouge at the beginning, but it was just wow.
Watch it. It tells the story so well, and it's just... Wow.
I really can't stop saying that word.

Yeah, only ten more minutes till my blogs birthday is over. Ah well. We had fun.
I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm quite tried at the moment.
So long.

Dun dun dun dun da dun, dun da dunn

You've got your gun to my head

Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: Fall Out Boy - Sugar, we're going down

"We're going down, down in an earlier round,
And Sugar we're going down swinging,
I'm your number one with a bullet,
A loaded God complex, cock it and pull it"
Fall out Boy - Sugar, we're going down

Yeah, I've got that song stuck in my head right now.

I have a few things to announce, so bear with me.

First off, today was my Maths exam.
It wasn't all too bad. But it wasn't all too good either. The non-calculator was a lot harder than the other one.
Arg. I told my mum that I did pretty good on it though. If I tell her that I think I didn't do too well then she'll be all disappointed and say "Well you should have studied more blah blah."
And now I have a headache cos of it.
AND before it, I went up to Haggerty to ask for a calculator, cos mine ran out of batteries.
"Sir, can I borrow a calculator? My other one is-"
"Joe! How can you come to a maths exam and not have a calculator?"
"Well, you see, it's just that-"
"I mean I'd expect you to have more sense than that!"
"It ran out of batteries last night. Sir."
"Oh. Well you get them down there. Do you have your books?"
So I hand him over my Maths book.
"This looks a bit tattered. You could have taken care of it better for next years students."
"It was mostlty like that when I got it."
Then John-Paul hands his battered and ripped maths book.
"Thanks John-Paul."
"Are you not gonna get at him for his book?"
"Joe, you'd better get down to the hall. The exam is about to start. Good luck."
"Go to hell sir."
Thank God I don't have to be taught by him again. Even if I fail maths this year, I am NOT taking it next year.

Secondly, I'm going to see Star Wars tonight!
It looks so amazing! And mum said she would come home earlier so we could go out for dinner before hand. We're gonna get CHINESE!
*Loves the chinese food*
Yeah, so I'm gonna have fun.
We were talking about it after school today, and we spent a long amount of time explaining to Heatherbelle the timeline and characters and stuff. Since she hasn't seen episode IV, V, and VI.
Yeah. That's mostly it.

Thirdly, I'm going to Halo tomorrow!
I haven't been in ages. So I will be able to see everyone again. And TALK. Cos since I'm not paying I can't play any of the games.
So I'm gonna take my physics books along and study while I'm there. I know I'm sad, but I do need to study for this. I've forgotten everything to do with the first unit. AND I didn't understand the third one to begin with. Ah well. I have quite a few days to study. So I should be fine.

Fourthly, I've been downloading music again!
TorrentSpy is finally working again, and I've been downloading like mad. I got Fall Out Boys, Weezers, System of a Downs, and Slipknots latest albums. Plus some extra stuff on the side. I've got the Full Metal Alchemist OST volume II, and I'm downloading the Scrubs soundtrack. I really want this kick ass song from FMA, but it might not be on the album, since it was from the end of the series. And I want the Scrubs soundtrack cos Scrubs just rules.

Yeah, I've ran out of other stuff to say. So I'll say the BIG news.
Like the really big news.


Like and actual year!
Like 365 days!
Jeez. I never expected it to last this long to be honest. Originally I thought this would be a thing to make the summer go slightly quicker.

Yeah, I'd better go now. I'm going to go and get ready.
Oh! Before I forget.
I'm going to see if I can get myself a tablet this weekend. I'm going to ask mum and see if she lets me (She has the money to pay for it). If she doesn't then I'll say that I won't use it till after my exams. So I'll hopefully get a tablet soon!

Yeah, that's me.
See ya.

Jesus. A whole year.

Let me go

Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: 3 Doors Down - Be Somebody

"I'm trying to be somebody,
I'm not trying to be somebody else,
This life is mine I'm living,
Don't you know me? I won't ever let you down.

What they say, what they know, what they think won't ever bring me down,
This life is mine. And I am my own."
3 Doors Down - Be Somebody

You know, every once in a while, my brother actually has some pretty good music. It may be a rare occurence, but it does happen at times.
LIke 3 Doors Down. I never realised how good they were until I stole Chris' cd. And I still need to listen to his Eighteen Visions cd, and they're supposed to be good too.

Ah well.

The most embarrasing thing happened today.
Well, to begin with, our bathroom is being re-done. So over the past few days we've had people in and out doing the plumbing and plastering and whatnot, and today was the day that the tiles had to go down. And I had forgotten.
So I was in my bed, sleeping, when I heard the doorbell. I thought it was part of my dream so I kept on sleeping. Then it rang again and I woke up a little bit, then a chap came from the front door.
Oh crap.
So I jumped out of bed, flew down the stairs and oppened the door for them.
"Yeah, we're the tilers. Is this the right house?"
"Yeah, sure. Com eon in. It's just upsatirs."
"Thanks. Hey, did you just get out of bed?"
I look down to see that I'm only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of boxers.


I spent most of the rest of the day studying.
Darned maths.

But right now I'm on the interweb, doing my usual interweb duties. My bro is downatirs with his friends. He bought me a pizza for dinner if he didn't tell mum that people were over.
And they're getting drunk.
Which i don't mind. But it's just that James comes upstairs randomly and atlks to me and botehrs me about my MSN contacts and stuff.

You would not beleive how bored I am right now.
I might just come off and watch some anime.


"I'm the Lord and Master,
You are all bastards.
Worship me, or I'll stab your eyes till you bleed.
I'm the Lord and Master!" - Foamy

They gave us two shots to the back of the head

Current Mood: Tired, but not REALLY tired
Current Music: 3 Doors Down - Fathers Son

A quick post, cos I'm gonna go to sleep soon.

Yep, I'm still addicted to the Flash Cartoons. I did a google search and came up with about twenty extra episodes to Neurotically Yours. Which meant that I haven't studied ALL DAY.
I feel bad, cos Maths is coming up soon and I haven't studied at all!
Arg I hate Maths anyway.

On lighter news, I is going to see Star Wars Episode Three on friday!
Sure, I'm going with my mum, but it's better to go with her and get pre-booked tickets AND get in for free than to go with a friend, have to pay for tickets yourself and find that there are only really crappy seats left.

Yeah. I've been on the pc all day, and I only manage to get a blog done at half twelve? Jeez. Well I've been busy. I guess.
I have been contributing to forums and reading comics and looking at random stuff on eBay (There's an amazing necklace I want. It's so cool. I WANT IT!) and watching random episodes of FMA and chatting and stuff.
How much of a geek am I?

Although, there is a weird thing going on. So far, I've recived about ten or so German emails to my Gmail account. It's odd, cos they just randomly appear with links that lead to nowhere.

Ah well. I'd best be off now. I want to go to bed and draw for a bit.

"Don't make me pull the plug on you!" - Foamy
"What plug?" - Germaine
"This one!" - Foamy
"That's the plug to the toaster." - Germaine
"Aw man.. I was making toast! It's all ruined!" - Foamy

People forget you eventually. That is the way of things

Saturday, May 14, 2005
Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: None (Watching Flash Cartoons)


I've become addicted to Flash cartoons.
Like, it's a serious problem.

I started watching Cycons work on ProjectDCK, then I started watching all of Legendary Frog's stuff, and now I'm going through all of Neurotically Yours.
And if I run out of that, then who knows where I'll end up...

I need help.

The reason for these sudden increase in flash toons, is that I have finished Fullmetal Alchemist.Yes. All fifty one episodes have been fully viewed.
And oh my God it was really amazing.
It was totally different from what I thought it was too. IN the first ten or fifteen episodes, it seemed kind of younger teenish. Like from thirteen year olds to fifteen and stuff. But in the later episodes, with the amount of swearing and blood, it was definately getting to a more mature status.
God, I am such a geek.
More to the point, it was an excellent anime, and I look forward to when i can aford to buy the boxset in English. Then I won't have to stare at the damn subtitles for the entire episodes.
I also watched a few episodes of Shaman King today. It was quite good, but the quality was crap so I deleted it all. All thriteen gigabytes of it...
I can't wait until I get a job. Then I can buy tons of things that i want...

Anyway, school. English, my first exam, was on friday. It wasn't too bad. The close reading was ok. I think I did pretty well in that. But the critical essay questions...
The one essay that i was completely sure of, that I was certain that i would get a great mark, didn't come up. None of the poetry questions fitted the one I had chosen. So I ended up seriously bending a question to make it remotely fit. The second essay wasn't bad. But I was so disapointed about the first one.

Maths is my next exam, which isn't until next friday. So mum gave me the day off from studying today since it's so far off. Which was pretty good. Cos I've ran out of cds to listen to while studying and I don't want to hear the same thing over and over again.
Although, my bro still has one or two good cds I can steal...

I'd better go now. I'm getting pretty tired. AND I've ran out of cartoons.

I might suffer from withdrawl symptoms soon...

Going down in flames

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: 3 Doors Down - Here Without You

A quick post for now.

Mum is away in Manchester tonight, so I used the power cable for the laptop to turn on the pc.
And here I am!

Not much to say to be perfectly honest. Exams are in... THREE DAYS. I expect a heart attack to occur any time soon now.
Well, I'm not THAT worried about them. If I do all my studying on the days leading up then I should be fine. I hope I'll be fine.
We did a timed essay in English the other day. And I actually finished the essay. Albeit it took me an hour and I had a really rushed ending, but I still finished it. And I think I did pretty well too. We get them back tomorrow, so I'll find out then.
But I'm not so happy about maths. We had an extension test (A really hard test) on monday, which I forgot about. So I thought I did pretty crap on monday, and my thoughts were confirmed today when he handed out the marks. I had gotten a pitiful thirteen out of fourty-two.
I wasn't that upset about it, cos I wasn't prepared and I messed it up. But Feeney told me something later at lunch. He doesn't take maths or english anymore, so he spends those periods in the computing rooms on the pc.
This is what happened at lunch:

"Joe, did you get thirteen on your maths test today?"
"Yeah, how did you know?"
"I was in computing when they put the results into the database."
"Yeah. They kept going '***, Mark. Thirty-nine!' and stuff."
"Then I heard '[LAST NAME], Joseph. Thirteen!'. Then Callaghan said, 'That's a bit low isn't it?' And Haggarty replied with, 'There's no hope for him.'"
"You're joking right?"
"Nope, heard it all myself."
"What a fucking bastard!"

I know that Feeney could be lying, but he's a pretty reliable source. But that is crap! Yeah, so i do bad in all the tests that you give me, that doesn't mean I'm hopeless!
I'm going to get an A for maths. Just to piss that midgit off.
It'd be great if I got an A though.

Anything else happen?

Well, tomorrow is the last day of school before study leave. And I'm not sure who's going in or not. Which means I don't know who I'm walking to school with, or if it's with anyone at all.
I'm not sure if I'm going to wear uniform.
I need to go in though. I need to pick up an essay, and maybe do a test for physics. I might not go in until break to avoid that. I dunno.

The funniest thing happened this morning.

I was walking to school, as usual, and I passed a group of guys that are in my year. I used to be really good friends with these guys, but we drifted apart a few years back. But anyway, that was there last day of school ever cos they weren't coming back after the exams, and they wanted pictures to remember the day. So these pictures were their "Last trip to school" pictures, I think.
Anyway, I tried to walk past them, but they stopped me and explained the situation and saying how I should be part of this since they see me everyday on the way to school. So they took this weird picture of me walking behind them, waving at the camera, while they're pointing back at me smiling. Twas really weird.
Then I had to take a picture of them holding a guy upside down with his head in a stump of a tree. It was really funny.

So yeah. I just thought I would mention it.

I'd better go now. Scrubs is going to start soon and I don't want to miss it.
Oh! And check out my MySpace. The link is at the side there, but here it is too.

See ya around.

The journey is more important than the end

Sunday, May 08, 2005
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Simple Plan - Welcome to my life

"To be hurt, to be lost, to be left out in the dark,
To be kicked when you're down, to feel like you've been pushed around,
To be on the edge of breaking down, with no one there to save you,
No you don't know what it's like...
Welcome to my life."
Simple Plan - Welcome to my life

I heard that song on Scuzz around twenty minutes ago and found that we had it on our pc. So I've been listening to Simple Plan for the last ten minutes. They're quite good actually.

I've had a weekend I tells ya.

I went to the Key for the first time in months on friday. It was actually quite fun. There was hardly anyone there and I just got really hyper. Like REALLY hyper.
It was really fun though.
I looked quite good too, if I don't say so myself. I was wearing a shirt for the first time in ages too, and I had my hair all done up properly. I've even got good pictures of me.

What? I'm just saying is all...

Anyway, I've been studying all saturday and sunday. I'm actually quite proud of myself. I've actually studied. I haven't looked at my notes once and listened to music or draw for the rest of the day.
I've actually studied!
I even have questions for the teacher!

*Is proud*

Oh dear God.
Only five days until my first exam. And I am not prepared.
It's english first. I am really not prepared for that. I'm going to talk to Fitzpatrick tomorrow at lunch to talk about my time managment skills. As in the lack of my time managment skills. Every timed essay I've done with him I haven't finished. I get past the first paragraph and I run out of time. So all this week I'm going to concentrate on my essays all this week. Which means I won't be on the interweb a lot.
Which sucks.
But it has to be done. If I study now then I'll get good marks and have a piss easy sixth year.

Arg, I better go.
See ya.

"If there is a God, and if I ever meet him, I'm just going kick him in the balls over and over" - Tycho

And all the while we continue to scream

Monday, May 02, 2005
Current Mood: Gooooood
Current Music: Linkin Park - Pista Audio 05

Ok, a quick blog before I'm chucked off again.

Since the dreaded exams are drawing closer every day, the female parental unit has decided to make me study alllllll the time. Which means that there's a good chance that I won't be on the computer for a while.
Which is extremely annoying, since most of my LIFE is on the computer. I know it sounds sad, but it really is true! I only get to talk to most of my friends on MSN, I have a lot of forums that I'm quite dedicated to and I've just finished downloading the entire Full Metal Alchemist series.

It took me over four weeks to download all 51 episodes, but I've got them. And now I won't be seeing them for a while. I'm on around episode 20 at the moment. Which is at such an amazing bit! BUt still, I need to study.

I stared at a maths past paper today because I knew nothing in it. I was trying to guess how to prove a line with this equation was a tangent to a circle with that equation. It just confused me.

AND I need to replace Jens necklace too. We were walking home and I accidenlty broke it (Don't ask me how. It's a long story) so she took my favourite necklace as collateral. Now I need to fork out eight pounds or so to buy her a new one and get mine back.
And I'm already flat broke.

I'm going to skidaddle now and go watch tv.

So long.