Sleepwalking my way through life: Wishing I wasn't here

Wishing I wasn't here

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I'm in computing again. I need to memorise a bloddy Expert System essay for a test this period...
Bah humbug.

I apoligise for last post. I was really really REALLY pissed off at the kids on MSN. Arg! They annoy me so.

I might be having friendlies over tonight. I dunno though. I got this really bad cold and I can't really be arsed with it. Who knows. They might come round they might not.

As you can see I've finally gotten Zim off of the background of this. There were MANY complaints on how people couldn't read it. And by many I mean one.
Look, when you've got three to four people reading this thing, one happens to count for a lot. It's about twentyfive per cent really...

AND I managed tp fix my downloads. Lucky gits. If it was messed up for good I would personally hunt each and every one of them down and fill their asses with thre gigabytes of my foot.

So yeah. If no one comes round then I'll probably spend most of the night fiddling with this thing and trying to get it to look better. My link thingies are working. See?
I changed "Recent posts" to "The old ones" or something to that effect. AND I added my faceparty account and my Deviantart account.

So yeah. My teacher is giving me evil eyes now, so I'd better do some work.

Here's a classic quote from Penny-Arcade. Why? Cos the old ones kick arse...

"'Ok, ok. Don't tell them you hate Kingdom Hearts' - Gabes head
'I HATE Kingdom Hearts!' - Gabe
'Crap! Crap! Do something!' - Gabes Head
'I LOVE Kingdom Hearts!' - Gabe
'What the Hell?' - Random People
'QUICK! Think fast!' - Gabes Head
'HAIR!' - Gabe
'That may have bee too fast...' Gabes Head"
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