Sleepwalking my way through life: There's no other way

There's no other way

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Busy weekend.
Busy busy busy busy busy.
And a busy day too.

Saturday was spent at the Halo tournament thing.
Fletch didn't come, Jenky didn't come, and my bro didn't come. So I was hanging about with Fubu, William and Fro for most of the night.
Jen, Chaz, Heatherbelle and Dan came up too. They came up twice and hung about for about ten minutes before leaving. Their reactions were so funny. It was like:
"Why is it dark in here? Are all these people afraid of sunlight?"
"It smells in here."
"I've never seem so many tvs or games in my life!"
"Oh my God! The one in the red keeps looking at us!"
"Joe, have these guys even seen a girl before?"
"Oh my God! He's still looking!"
"These guys are kinda geeky... No offence Joe."
It was really funny.

I had a great time too. Except the two V two was a bit... Odd.

Since Feeney wasn't there and Jenky was a way in Austria, I had no one to play two V two with. So when the sign ups were called I just stood by the desk thingy in order to catch some one who didn't have a partner.
"Do you have a partner?"
*Joe looks around*
"Who the Hell?"
"Down here."
*Joe looks down and sees tiny kid*
"Oh. Hi."
"Do you have a partner?"
"Um... No."
"Can I be your partner! Please! I'm really good! I practice with my brother all the time!"
"Uh... Sure, why not?"
"Great! Now come here and sign up for me!"
"Ok then. What's your name?"
"Euan, but call me Moon cos that's my player name!"
"Sure, I'm Joe."
"Is that your player name?"
"No, it'sLeto."
"Cool! Now sign us up!"
*Reads sheet*
"What do you want our team name to be?"
"Oh I dunno... You choose!"
*Joe looks at some guys t-shirt*
"Airwalk it is."
"Fantastic! I'll see you later Leto!"
"See ya kid."

He wasn't too bad to be honest. He almost got just as many kills as me, but we still lost and didn't get through to the second round. It didn't bother me much, since I was used to the whole not winning thing. But he was really gutted since it was his first tournament and all.
It was hilarious though. He introduced me to his mum about three times. He kept going "Mum! Mum! This is Leto, the guy I'm playing with!"
And I'd be like, "Hi."
"I'm sorry, this is his first time here. I hope he's not bothering you."
"Nah. He's pretty good to be honest. I'd better go."
And his mum hung about for about half an hour, and every time some one swore she would grimace a bit and look around for who ever had done it.

So yeah, a fun day.

Sunday i had to get up early and catch a train into Glasgow with Maddy, Rooney, HenMc and Laura. It was such a nice day aswell.
So we got into Glasgow and decided to go to Fop, which is like a music store, but we never reached it. Outside the Rennie Mackintosh hotel we got stopped by surveyer people. I thought it was gonna be a five minute thing, but they took us inside and it took twenty minutes as we answered questions and tasted different kinds of bottled water. It wasn't bad I guess.
After that we headed to Borders to meet up with Benn. When we got there I headed to the Manga section to look out for some books (I didn't find them), then I talked to Maddy and Benn, then I went back to the books. When I went to look for them again they were gone and all that was left was Laura and a pissed off JenMc. Aparently Maddy had ditched us and went off with Benn, Ollie and Rooney. So we decided to do stuff by ourselves.
We went to Gregs, then headed for Forbidden Planet where I bought a really good Futurama poster (For the first episode) and I bought the thrid volume of Shaman King.
But more on that later.
I then got my lunch and we met up with Maddy again. We were gonna go to Virgin, but Maddy and all that just walked off without us again so we went tot the top of Buchannen (Sp?) street and sat on the big steps and took pictures. It was really fun.
Then they (NOT we) decided to walk all the way to the Transport Museum, which is really far away. So we walked really far away only to have to get the underground back cos it was time to go home.

So that evening I had dinner, sat down, and read Shaman King.
Seriously! It is just so amazing! I WANT THEM ALL!

Had to go to Easter school today. Five hours of boringness.
Our teachers can't even speak proper english either.
Ah well, I suppose it's for a good cause. Yes, passing my highers is a good cause.
Well... It's not a bad cause I guess. So it SHOULD be a good one.
Or maybe it's just a cause.
I dunno.

Can't wait till mum comes home. Then i can sort out the sleep over on friday and all will be well.
Until sunday when I have to study.

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