Sleepwalking my way through life: It takes more than good intentions to win in life

It takes more than good intentions to win in life

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Someone bought a PICTURE of a DS on eBay.
Go look!
And the guy bought it for $139.99!
The moral of the story is always read the label.

So yeah. I did have people round on Friday night after all. Except it was only Jen and Chaz.
Well, I wasn't gonna have anyone round in the first place, cos I had a cold and I was feeling all eugh and all. But after school I went up to Jens house where I installed the Sims2 for her. She then put in the Sims University (That she bought that day) and we started playing about for a bit. Then Chaz called her and asked what was happeneing. Long story short, we were gonna hang out at Jens and play the Sims2.
So Chaz came and we started to play the Sims2. It was a lot of fun really. But then Chris called and said that the pizzas had arrived. So I went home and ate my pizza on the pc as James, Emma and Chris ate theirs downstairs (They were round cos mum was away in Ireland). So just as I finished my pizza Jen and Chaz came over to see what I was doing and we just decided to hang out at mine.
We went on the pc and played about. Chaz started abusing my MSN contacts as Jen held me down so I wouldn't stop them. And wow, Jen is a LOT stronger than she looks. So they went on with that for a while, then they started having a kind of phone/webcam thing with Paul Hart and Daniel McKinlay. They kept wanting Jen to flash them...
Every once in a while James came upstairs to talk to us (Pissed out of his head). At one point he hugged Jennifer before hugging me and getting off with my shoulder.
I was terrified.
At about eleven they went home and I went to sleep at about twelve-ish.

I was going to go the the Halo tournament yesterday, btu I didn't feel up to it. And I had to help Chris clean the carpet after James spilt half a bottle of Jack Daniels over it.
It looks kinda clean now...

I betetr go and clean up before mum comes home. Which is soon I'm guessing.

So long.
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At 2:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey my little Joey!!
How ya doin?
I want you to know how much i enjoy reading your blog!!
I find it intriguing!!
Keep on recording your life, one day you could turn it in to a book!!
catch ye later

At 6:21 pm, Blogger Joe said...

I'm guessing that's Louise, snce she's the only person who calls me Joey nowadays.
And thanks, that's the plan to be honest, but it'd be a boring book I tells ya...



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