Sleepwalking my way through life: I'm sick of always being lost

I'm sick of always being lost

Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: Hoobastank - Remember Me

I have been sitting in front of the pc all fucking day.
I am bored out of my fucking mind.

I've spent the day listening to music, surfing the net, eating, reading RPs.... and as soon as I finish this I'm gonna start drawing.

So, yesterday.

Jen came round mine on time, but I wasn't ready. After that big post on how I was ready an hour and a half early and all.
So I brushed my teeth and packed my bag and we were off. We arrived at the station about twenty minutes early and talked until Daniel and Chaz came along. Heatherbelle couldn't make it because she was getting her hair cut.
So on the train we shouted at Daniel for a bit, then when we got into Glasgow we headed to the cinema to get our tickets. So Jen went up to the desk with her free ticket voucher thingies and asked for the Ring 2. But the lady couldn't give us Ring 2 tickets because it hadn't been out for long enough. So the only other options were Hitch and Constantine. Since we had already seen Hitch we picked Constantine.
We walked around Glasgow for a bit before it started, and I had a really nice Chicken and Mayonaise sandwhich...
The film was pretty good I think. It was all action filled and stuff. Yeah, a good film.
Jen, Chaz and Dan didn't like it all that much though.
I was practically asleep on the way back, and then I invited Jen and Chaz to mine for a bit.
We bought food and drink and went on the pc playing the Sims 2 and terrorising my MSN contacts for a bit. Then we went downstairs and played a bit of Strip Twister with no stripping (Sadly). I would've so won though. They were cheating left right and centre I tells ya.
Then Desperate Houswives came on, they watched that and afterwards they left. After that I watched another episode of Desperate Houswives before watching BRAND NEW SCRUBS!
I love that programme..

Yeah, Jen is making me finish this early. That's all that happened anyway...

So long
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