Sleepwalking my way through life: The upwards war and the downwards spiral

The upwards war and the downwards spiral

Current Mood: Good
Current Music: My Chemical Romance - Helena

Had a good day today.

Well, I'm not gonna start with today. I'll start with saturday.

I went out to the town centre and walked about a bit, just browsing and stuff. Then I went up to Ottakers and got mum her mothers day present. I got her the "Bad Mothers Handbook" or something like that. The guy in the shop said it was a good present for mothers day. Then I headed to Birthdays and got Mum, Dad and Chris a card... I actually need to post dads present soon.
Then I went all the way up to HMV and got My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. It's quite decent actually.

"In the middle of a gunfight, in the centre of a restaraunt, they say come out with arms raised high"

Yeah, tis pretty good.
I was on my way home, and passed the Stuart Hotel. I looked up longingly at the first floor windows and thought of my friends playing Halo with me being there to kick their asses. I was so busy looking up that I didn't see where I was going. I walked straight into Chris Frost on his way back up.
"Shit man I'm sorry."
"Hey Joe, no worries. You wanna come up for a bit?"
"Can't. Got no money."
"Doesn't matter. Just hang out for a bit."
"Sure, why not."
So I went up, said hi to JStereoMud (Who deosn't know my real name, so he just calls me Leto) and you'll never guess who I saw on my way over to Fletch.
"Jenky you son of a bitch! You said you weren't gonna be there!"
"Joe! You made it!"
"Only for a bit. I'm not staying long. So what happened?"
"Oh, I traded not going to this for not being on the internet for a month."
"I guess taht isn't that bad. But dude, think of how much porn you're not downloading."
"Yeah I know."
"I mean, you passed that up to spend twelve hours in a room with about thirty other guys playing computer games?"
"Joe, I'm gonna kick your ass."
I went over and talked top Fletch for a bit, then i talked to Jenky for ages. We just told each other random stories. Twas great.
Then me, Jenky, Fletch and Fubu all got into a giant conversation about classic video games on the Nes and Sega and stuff. After that was done I decided to head out. But before I left Chris Frost talked me into joining The Ultimate Halo Tournament. Basically I sign up to get my ass kicked by real pros. I signed the form and handed it in BEFORE he told me that I had to bring an exra fiver.
Oh goody.

So I got home, had a shower, got changed and went out again.
Dimaggios was so much fun. Seriously, I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. And some points I couldn't speak, and at others I couldn't breathe. Chaz kept saqying the most inappropriate stuff just as the waiters go by. IT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY!
And at one point, I was reading what Dan was writing in a text, but I changed it so it sounded different. I said "Jennifer and Charlotte grabbed your penis while you were going down on Heather?"
And Heather, Charlotte and Jen said, "What?"
So I repeated louder, "Jennifer and Charlotte grabbed your penis while you were going down on Heather?"
And the waiter was standing right beside the table when I said it.
I couldn't breathe. I actually couldn't take in a breath. I was sitting in the corner having convulsions because it was so funny. Dan was worried incase the waiter thought we were laughing at him, so the next time he came round Dan said, "We aren't laughing at you by the way."
"Well thanks, I can now sleep tonight."
I almost died! It was hilarious.
So the night was a success. Twas hilarious...

Sunday was boring. I didn't do anything really.

Monday was ok. Mr Fitzpatrick got at us cos most of us haven't handed in all our essays. Then he gave us our Textual Analysis resits.
Hey, Fitzy, I got a tip for you. When you give pupils a test which determines whether or not they pass higher English, YOU DON'T TELL THEM THEY HAVE IT ON THE DAY THEY GET IT!

Yeah. Cos the bastard Fitzy has given us a Close reading to do I can't type any more.
I have to go do my fucking homework.

"When I was nine, I spit in the mailbox, and told my parents the mailman did it. He was fired. A year later, he killed himself" - Gabe
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