Sleepwalking my way through life: Sick of the Tension. Sick of the Hunger

Sick of the Tension. Sick of the Hunger

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I'm in computing again.
Mrs Forsythe is away once again so we get another free period.
We had one yesterday too. AND I wrote a blog about it. But the school computers are so Goddamned slow that it didn't post it or even save it!

Can't be arsed writing it out again.
Can't remember it to write it out again...

So today, yeah.

Tis Maddys seventeenth birthday today!
She's gotten loads of presents off of her friends and stuff. But the best one (In my opinion) is this kinda laser tag game that Allan and Laura got her. It's really just a basic laser tag game, guns with packs, but this one has a shock system, so every time you get hit you recieve a shock through you hand!
It is so much fun. We were playing with it all through Chemistry and at the beginning of break too.
She's taking it to the Key with her so that we can play about with it there.

And Brittneys coming to the key!

I haven't seen her in two weeks now...
I'll see her tonight.

And I got to go now.

"'You get sex for free?' - Gabe"
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