Sleepwalking my way through life: The coming days will be alright

The coming days will be alright

Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Live at Pinkpop

Today was a day.

Started with an extremely crap double period of physics where shit heads went through my bag, homework diary, etc. They ripped some pages out of it too...
AND the out stuff in my bag, so it looked like i was tealing stuff. But after I got it all out I was really pissed off, and Rosenburg started getting ast me!
"Joe, calm down."
"Sir! They went through my stuff!"
"Yes, well that's what happens in this class."
"Then this class is crap, sir."
"Well it'll teach you to leave your bag out."
"I'm sorry sir, I forgot that I asked them to go through my goddamn stuff!"
And he shut up after that. Heheh. I won an argument with the teacher...
*Is so proud*
Even if it is only Rosenburg.

Break wasn't much better, I had a headache and a sore stomach. But I was fine when I got to maths. I blasted My Chemical Romance in my ears with my head down for the first few minutes. Haggarty got a bit angry at me cos of that...
Ah well.

English was english.

Lunch was fun. It was just me, Jen, Chaz and Heather since Dan had been off and Feeney had gone off somewhere. So we just started messing about and Chaz started shredding my cling film that I use to wrap my sandwhiches. Then she stretched them out so they were really thin and long. Then she started tying bits together. Soon enough we were all doing it and I tied a bit ont the ringpull of my can. And the Kwikwip was born!
Yeah I know, we're all sad.

We had an exam in RE, but no one took it seriously. Twas really fun.

Computing was ok too. I listened to music the whole time and ignored everyone else. Twas great.

I walked home with Jen. That was fun too. We just talked about random things.
Yeah, nothing much to say anymore.
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