Sleepwalking my way through life: March 2005

Dead on your feet just took on a whole new meaning

Thursday, March 31, 2005
Current Mood: Sleeeeeeepy
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Last rites to sleepness nights

I am so sleepy it's unbeleivable.

I've been running about and jumping and stuff all afternoon and I'm completely knackered.
And on to of that Messenger isn't working!

I was just chatting away to some regulars when all my convo scrrens went kinda see through. And I could type stuff in but not see it, and people could send me stuff, but I couldn't see it!

I was so bored I even looked through some of my old posts again.

I'm reading some old comics again too.

So yeah. Speaking of comics, mine might be on the move again. Well, both of mine.
Me and Maddy were talking about Less Than Kate and she suddenly shouted "We should make our own comic!"
And in a flurry of inspiration I came up with three characters. Alex (Who is suspiciously like me), Amy (Who is suspiciously like Maddy, except with glasses), and Fiona (Who suspiciously isn't like anyone).
It looks promising to be honest.
And me and John just started randomly talking about our comic again. And we've got a few story things worked out.
I might actually steal some for a stroy or two...
Well Damien is my original character anyway! I have a right to steal him back...

At least I think I do.

I can't be saved now

Sunday, March 27, 2005
Current Mood: Very good indeed
Current Music: Ash - Evil Eye

I've had a fun long weekend.
So far that is, since it's only sunday and I still get tomorrow off. But I probably won't tell you anything that happens on monday, since I'll be doing homework and studying.
And that just sucks.


Nothing especially great happened today. But something did happen.
It started at lunch when Heatherbelle, Chaz and Jen were gonna go up to biology for study thingies. I was gonna hang about at the lunch hall for a few minutes while I had my lunch before heading off to a random classroom to some writing. But Chaz and Heatherbelle came over and said that they weren't going to biology so I should stay, so I did. But Jen still wanted to go to biology, so she tried to persuade them to go, but they didn't, so she went by herself.
When I met up with her in between fifth and sixth and asked her what was up. She was really mad at Heatherbelle, like extrememly mad. So she went off and I went to physics.
She wasn't walking home from school so I decided to go to the centre with the rest of them. But they didn't wait on me, so I walked home with Maddy and company.
That night Jen phoned me up and asked if I wanted to see Miss Congeneality 2 (Sp?) on friday night, but I said I couldn't cos my dad was taking me out to dinner (More on that later). So to make conversation I asked her about her and Heatherbelle.
Things didn't go too well...
She said that things looked like they had patched up, but Heather was just ignoring her at the canopy. So it looks like things aren't ok.
I hope they make up, it's annoying when there's a rift in the group.


Nothing good happened during the day, I was on the computer most of the time just doing random crap.
So dad calls up at around half five to say that he's coming around at half six for dinner at half seven. So I'm like "Sure, all i need is a shower and I'm ready."
So I'm clicking everything off on the pc and am just about to log off when about a million people came on to talk to me. And I hate doing the thing where they go:
"How's you?"
"I'm good. You?"
"I'm ok."
"Soz, but i'm just about to go, I'll see ya later."
Bah! I hate doing that.
So I'm sitting there talking to them and having fun. Then Chris comes upstairs and says "That was dad, he's gonna be here in fifteen minutes"
"I've still got half an hour before he arrives!"
"No, you've got fifteen minutes."
*Looks at watch*
So I have a record breakingly fast shower, do my hair, and I'm ready just as he came to the door.
We went back to the hotel before going for dinner, and he gave us stuff that he had brought back from America (Namely a pair of trousers and a jumper) and he gave a cool new necklace thingy of a raven. Tis pretty cool.
So after all that we went accross the street to the Crooked Lum where we had a delicious dinner. It was so nice. I had a steak, chicken and ribs thing that was soooo tasty.
And the hot chocolate fudge sundae was pretty nice too.


Dad was round aat our house at around half ten to take us to Calderglen. We did the whole nature walk thing that we used to do when we were kids. It was actually quite fun. I forgot how nice it was to walk round Calderglen.
After that though it went down hill. We went to the town centre at about two and we stayed there until seven. We had a pizza hut near the end, but the rest of the day just dragged on. Dad was being very embarrasing too. He didn't really do anything bad, it was just embarrasing.
I saw Louie just outside of costa coffee. She told me what the Hanson concert was like, and she said she liked my dads hat.
No one shalt like my dads Indianna Jones style hat! It is an abomination!

Sunday (Today)

And today happens to be Easter sunday.
Dad came and picked us up this morning to take us bowling. Now that was fun.
We payed for three games, and for the first two I was pretty crap. I only scored a strike once over the two games.
But I was on fire with the third one. It was so amazing. For my first three bowls I got strikes (Which gives me a turkey or something) but then I just started getting ok scores, and two completions. But on the last frame, I had 134 points and Dad had 135. So he bowled, knocked down seven, then got a completion before knocking down a further four.
Now it was my turn, and I knocked down three before getting a completion. Now it was down to me. All I needed was five pins to win the game. So i stepped up, got ready and bowled. The ball wobbled a bit but it smacked the pins and got me another strike. I had a gotten 155 (Smashing my previous record of 127).
*Is so proud*
After that Dad took us out to Burger King for lunch. We had it, and then he left to go to Paisley before going back down.
It was fun seeing him to be honest.

Now, here's what I'm gonna be doing over the next few days.

Monday (Tomorrow)

Homework and studying goddamn ye.
*Shakes fist at school*


My cousins are coming from Birmingham to stay over. Which is annoying becausemum's in Manchester that night so me and Chris will be with them all be ourselves.
Bah, I need to sleep on the floor so that some one else can have my bed...

The coming days will be alright

Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Live at Pinkpop

Today was a day.

Started with an extremely crap double period of physics where shit heads went through my bag, homework diary, etc. They ripped some pages out of it too...
AND the out stuff in my bag, so it looked like i was tealing stuff. But after I got it all out I was really pissed off, and Rosenburg started getting ast me!
"Joe, calm down."
"Sir! They went through my stuff!"
"Yes, well that's what happens in this class."
"Then this class is crap, sir."
"Well it'll teach you to leave your bag out."
"I'm sorry sir, I forgot that I asked them to go through my goddamn stuff!"
And he shut up after that. Heheh. I won an argument with the teacher...
*Is so proud*
Even if it is only Rosenburg.

Break wasn't much better, I had a headache and a sore stomach. But I was fine when I got to maths. I blasted My Chemical Romance in my ears with my head down for the first few minutes. Haggarty got a bit angry at me cos of that...
Ah well.

English was english.

Lunch was fun. It was just me, Jen, Chaz and Heather since Dan had been off and Feeney had gone off somewhere. So we just started messing about and Chaz started shredding my cling film that I use to wrap my sandwhiches. Then she stretched them out so they were really thin and long. Then she started tying bits together. Soon enough we were all doing it and I tied a bit ont the ringpull of my can. And the Kwikwip was born!
Yeah I know, we're all sad.

We had an exam in RE, but no one took it seriously. Twas really fun.

Computing was ok too. I listened to music the whole time and ignored everyone else. Twas great.

I walked home with Jen. That was fun too. We just talked about random things.
Yeah, nothing much to say anymore.

Don't turn away

Monday, March 21, 2005
Current Mood: good
Current Music: Evanescence - Whisper

Lets start with the weekend shall we?


Jen came round to my house at around twenty to eight and I wasn't ready yet, so as I finished up she sat down and watched some tv. When I did come downstairs she was sitting perfectly straight and she was perched on the very edge of the couch. It was so funny.
So we headed up to the cinema and talked for a bit until Dan and Chaz arrived. We bought our tickets, waited for about half an hour, then went in. They bought their sweets and whatnot (I didn't have enough ot buy anything), and we headed into the cinema.
This is where I drew the short straw. I went to my seat first, so I was on the edge, then Dan came in behind me, followed by Jen then Chaz. After the trailers started a couple came down and sat beside me. Now imagine being stuck between some one who sticks their knee all the way into your leg area, and some people trying to eat each others face.
Ugh. The film wasn't too bad though. Apart from the UBER uncomfortableness.


Chris' eighteenth birthday.
Chris is... OLD!

I got him Black Hawk Down for his present. He got a lcd tv, a dvd player, jeans, and around two hundred punds from various people.
That afternoon we went out for a pub lunch with the family. It was actually quite fun. I had something called a mixed grill, which had every animal from the barnyard on it. It had Steak, Lamb, Gamon, Chicken, black pudding, onion rings, tomatoes, mushrooms, chips and egg.
It was sooooo nice.
Yeah, that's mostly it for sunday.


I would tell you about monday, but I've been procrastinating and don't have enough time to finish...

I never thought I'd die alone

Saturday, March 19, 2005
Current Mood: Can't Complain
Current Mood: Offspring - Original Prankster

Meh, a quick post today people.

Been on the computer for the past few hours. And now it's taking its toll on me so I'm coming off as soon as I finish this post.

What have I been doing for these past few hours? I hear you say. Well, I've been reading Manga. And I am in love.
Seriously, I always thought Manga as being crap and stuff, but it's just so amazing. I've mostly been reading parts of Shaman King and one or two of Naruto. But I'm really into it now. I just want to run into Borders or Forbidden Planet and buy a ton of Mangas to read.
Problem is I don't even have enough money to the train into Glasgow, nevermind the cost of the books themselves.

The Key was fun last night. I took my digi cam and took like forty pictures. Twas really good fun.

Bah better go. I'm feeling all off-y from being on the pc too long.
I really don't understand how Chris can do this every day...

Give me a bitter cause to lead

Friday, March 18, 2005
Current Mood: Headache-y
Current Music: None

I'm in computing again. Funny. I seem to be writing these more in computing than anywhere esle.

Yeah. Had this tree of knowledge thing the other day Yesterday in fact... It was quite fun. The guy did these magic tricks and stuff. We also got taught some "positive thinking" crap. Not bad to be honest, except my throat was sore from shouting "Yes" by the end of it.

Don't ask.

Ah well, thank God it's friday.
I don't think I'm going to it though. There's a fund raiser thing going on, and you have to pay to get into it. Got no money though. I might have some people over to my house for a bit. If I'm allowed that is.
Although... Frost was talking about a fundraiser thing that he would be holding at the Key... But I have no idea if it's tonight or not.
I'll phone Fubu when I get home to see what's going on.

Yeah, nothing much else to report.
Mum wouldn't let me on the pc last night cos I stayed on past nine on Tuesday.
So yeah.

I dunno if I should go tot he Key or not... Cos Brittney's gonna be there.

"Do you want me to make it shorter? SEGA MAKES MURDER PORN" - Gabe

Good things, many Demons

Sunday, March 13, 2005
Current Mood: Very good
Current Music: My Chemical Romance - This is the best day ever

I've had an ok day today.

I rediscovered the conservatory, and I spent most of the day in there listening to music and drawing.
I miss that place. It was always so warm and stuff, unless it was freezing. I remember during the summer of last year the theremometer went all the way up to fifty degrees and I was sweating buckets. That was when I joined WR and dA and everything.
That's round about when I satrted this thing too...

Anyway, I finished my drawing of Cheer up emo-kid. Even though mum stepped on it last night and put a hole in the paper... But yeah, it's pretty good I think.
And I took a picture of it, and now it's in DeviantArt.
Another handy use for my conservatory. Since it's light enough I can actually take pictures without that goddamn flash!
It's great!

So... Yeah.

School tomorrow. I need to study for the physics test just incase Rosenburg decides to spring it on us...

"'I was taking the garbage out, and I found this great tube!' - Gabe
'Wow' - Tycho
'Can you believe that some one would just throw this away?' - Gabe
'Do I believe that some one would throw away garbage? Yes. I think maybe CHOUGH!' - Tycho
'The tube is civilisation!' - Tycho"

When it's too dark to see

Saturday, March 12, 2005
Current Mood: Kinda sleepy
Current Music: Blink 182 - Anthem Pt2



Dear God, this game is just... WOW. Oh my dear God!

I can't contain my exitement!

So yeah, in other news.
I was gonna go out to see Hitch with friendlies today, but two of them are sick and one can't be bothered so we ended up not going.
So I was gonna go into town with my other friendlies, but I was too late.
I didn't have much money anyway.

So yeah. I started another drawing the other day. Not a big A3 one like Surrounded, but it's still pretty cool. I got the idea from one of Brittneys drawings. It's kinda like ehrs... Except better.

Still feeling kinda down, but that'll probably change soon.
Ah well.
Might call Jen later. See if she wants to go out tomorrow.

"'Check in his flower pot. Check his flower pot for gay porn! We really need that dress...
What? Yes mom, I know you worry...' - Tycho"

It doesn't even matter how hard I try

Current Mood: Very tired and STARVING
Current Music: Linkin Park - Kyur4 Th Ich

I love the Reanimation album.

Tis pretty good.

Got back from the Key about two hours ago. Twas fun.
I tell a lie. It was crap.

First off from the beginning I was left by myself after everyone mysteriously disappeared.
Then I found them again and we went on the computers for like an hour just doing random crap.
Came off, was alone for ages. Then I saw Laura and Nadia and talked to them for a bit.
Then I tried to talk to Brittney. But we didn't. It's like the conversation just desended into nothing.
I had a game of pool with Laura. And lost spectacuarly.
Got the shit ripped out of me by Mark McGlauhlin (Sp?) and Steven Rooney. Look guys, if you don't like me, then just fucking say it. Don't act all nice with little fucking side comments.
Yeah, went home, feeling depressed.
The end.

Didn't have an amzing day either. It was all great, until PE. We were playing basketball and Mark Mulrain threw the ball to me cos there was no one else near me. I jumped to catsh it, I missed, the basket ball flew into my own set of balls. It hurt so much that I was out for two games.

Fuck this.
I'm off.

"'Money's gone. In my grief, I paid a mad scientist twenty million for a cybernetic replica of my dead wife. It was my wish that it would look, feel, and behave just as she did' - Tycho
'Is that it?' - Gabe
'Yeah' - Tycho
'That's just a bucket on roller-skates' - Gabe
'It really wasn't a good investment' - Tycho"

Sick of the Tension. Sick of the Hunger

Friday, March 11, 2005
Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: None

I'm in computing again.
Mrs Forsythe is away once again so we get another free period.
We had one yesterday too. AND I wrote a blog about it. But the school computers are so Goddamned slow that it didn't post it or even save it!

Can't be arsed writing it out again.
Can't remember it to write it out again...

So today, yeah.

Tis Maddys seventeenth birthday today!
She's gotten loads of presents off of her friends and stuff. But the best one (In my opinion) is this kinda laser tag game that Allan and Laura got her. It's really just a basic laser tag game, guns with packs, but this one has a shock system, so every time you get hit you recieve a shock through you hand!
It is so much fun. We were playing with it all through Chemistry and at the beginning of break too.
She's taking it to the Key with her so that we can play about with it there.

And Brittneys coming to the key!

I haven't seen her in two weeks now...
I'll see her tonight.

And I got to go now.

"'You get sex for free?' - Gabe"

I wear this on my sleeve

Thursday, March 10, 2005
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Ok


Adam just kicked my ass at this Matrix thing.
Yeah, I'm in computing again.
He was playing this wee beat-em-up game and challenged me to it. He kicked my ass. I had a gun too! And he STILL kicked my ass.

All the good sites are banned. Tis annoying. It's like, "I'll go read some ones LiveJournal."
"Ok then, I'll go on Faceparty."
"Fine. I'll read some old Penny-Arcades."

Tis annoying.

Twas Brittneys birthday yesterday!
She was sixteen years. Wow. That means that Maddy (Whos birthday is tomorrow) is almost a whole year older than her...
I'm thinking of doing something dead sweet at the Key tomorrow. Like give her a muffin with a candle in it.
Or maybe not... I dunno.

I better go now, before the bell rings I guess.

I'll see ya when I see ya.

"She threw out a hairbrush yesterday. I pet it like a cat." - Tycho

Run away

Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Current Mood: Bah!
Current Music: Linkin Park - Rn@wy

"I wanna run away, never say goodbye, I wanna know the truth, and never wonder why, I wanna know the answers, no more lies, I wanna shut the door, and open up my mind" - Linkin Park

Darn blogger crashed while in the middle of posting... Need to start again.

I've had a good week.
I really can't remember most of it, but it's been a good week.

I've spent most of the last hour reading my old posts on this thing.
I really used to be an ass.
Wait, used to be?

Well, apart from that thing on monday night with Brittney.
It's like, I know that she likes some one else more than me. But it still feels like a knife in the gut when some one actually tells me it's true.
Ah well.

We had a real teacher for physics today! Rosenburg was off, so we had a proper teacher! And he actually taught us! We've had Rosenburg for so long that I actually forgot what being taught physics was really like. The whole class really thought this guy was great, and we even asked if he could replace Rosenburg.
Ah well.

I got some prelim results back. I got a C in maths and Chemistry and in computing I got a B.

Not much to say this time round.

I'll see ya when I see ya.

"'So, what's in the briefcase?' - Tycho
'You know, legal stuff. Laws.' - Gabe"

The upwards war and the downwards spiral

Monday, March 07, 2005
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: My Chemical Romance - Helena

Had a good day today.

Well, I'm not gonna start with today. I'll start with saturday.

I went out to the town centre and walked about a bit, just browsing and stuff. Then I went up to Ottakers and got mum her mothers day present. I got her the "Bad Mothers Handbook" or something like that. The guy in the shop said it was a good present for mothers day. Then I headed to Birthdays and got Mum, Dad and Chris a card... I actually need to post dads present soon.
Then I went all the way up to HMV and got My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. It's quite decent actually.

"In the middle of a gunfight, in the centre of a restaraunt, they say come out with arms raised high"

Yeah, tis pretty good.
I was on my way home, and passed the Stuart Hotel. I looked up longingly at the first floor windows and thought of my friends playing Halo with me being there to kick their asses. I was so busy looking up that I didn't see where I was going. I walked straight into Chris Frost on his way back up.
"Shit man I'm sorry."
"Hey Joe, no worries. You wanna come up for a bit?"
"Can't. Got no money."
"Doesn't matter. Just hang out for a bit."
"Sure, why not."
So I went up, said hi to JStereoMud (Who deosn't know my real name, so he just calls me Leto) and you'll never guess who I saw on my way over to Fletch.
"Jenky you son of a bitch! You said you weren't gonna be there!"
"Joe! You made it!"
"Only for a bit. I'm not staying long. So what happened?"
"Oh, I traded not going to this for not being on the internet for a month."
"I guess taht isn't that bad. But dude, think of how much porn you're not downloading."
"Yeah I know."
"I mean, you passed that up to spend twelve hours in a room with about thirty other guys playing computer games?"
"Joe, I'm gonna kick your ass."
I went over and talked top Fletch for a bit, then i talked to Jenky for ages. We just told each other random stories. Twas great.
Then me, Jenky, Fletch and Fubu all got into a giant conversation about classic video games on the Nes and Sega and stuff. After that was done I decided to head out. But before I left Chris Frost talked me into joining The Ultimate Halo Tournament. Basically I sign up to get my ass kicked by real pros. I signed the form and handed it in BEFORE he told me that I had to bring an exra fiver.
Oh goody.

So I got home, had a shower, got changed and went out again.
Dimaggios was so much fun. Seriously, I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. And some points I couldn't speak, and at others I couldn't breathe. Chaz kept saqying the most inappropriate stuff just as the waiters go by. IT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY!
And at one point, I was reading what Dan was writing in a text, but I changed it so it sounded different. I said "Jennifer and Charlotte grabbed your penis while you were going down on Heather?"
And Heather, Charlotte and Jen said, "What?"
So I repeated louder, "Jennifer and Charlotte grabbed your penis while you were going down on Heather?"
And the waiter was standing right beside the table when I said it.
I couldn't breathe. I actually couldn't take in a breath. I was sitting in the corner having convulsions because it was so funny. Dan was worried incase the waiter thought we were laughing at him, so the next time he came round Dan said, "We aren't laughing at you by the way."
"Well thanks, I can now sleep tonight."
I almost died! It was hilarious.
So the night was a success. Twas hilarious...

Sunday was boring. I didn't do anything really.

Monday was ok. Mr Fitzpatrick got at us cos most of us haven't handed in all our essays. Then he gave us our Textual Analysis resits.
Hey, Fitzy, I got a tip for you. When you give pupils a test which determines whether or not they pass higher English, YOU DON'T TELL THEM THEY HAVE IT ON THE DAY THEY GET IT!

Yeah. Cos the bastard Fitzy has given us a Close reading to do I can't type any more.
I have to go do my fucking homework.

"When I was nine, I spit in the mailbox, and told my parents the mailman did it. He was fired. A year later, he killed himself" - Gabe

If we make it out of here, don't count who we left behind

Saturday, March 05, 2005
Current Mood: Pretty Good
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Surrender


Maddy gave me Less Than Jake - Anthem and B is for B-sides to borrow. So I uploaded them onto my computer...


Yeah. So I'm going out today to buy some stuffs later today. That's right people. I HAVE MONEY!
I'm gonna go and get mum a book or summit for mothers day, then I'm going to shop for CDs! I dunno what I'll get. But I saw soooo many good CDs in HMV the other day. Like My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World and Yellowcard and Less Than Jake. AND THERE ARE SO MANY DVDS I WANT.
They've got this buy one get one free offer on so many animes that I really want... Like Vampire Hunter D and stuff. And Akira! Daniel likes Akira, don't you?

Yeah, the CaliforniaLan is today, but I'm not going cos I can't be arsed, I don't have enough money and I'm going out tonight to Dimaggios with the gang. Twill be so much fun.

Yeah, the Key last night was ok I guess.
It started out great, cos it was just Me, Rooney, Mulrain, James, Kenny and Ross playing pool and talking. Then we went to the tunnels and talk to some other people, then I went up to see Maddy and all that again. I was really hyper by this time, and having a lot of fun.
Then Rooney and all that just kept bugging me. It really pissed me off.
Yeah, so that ruined my night.

Might as well go now. Got places to go, no people to see though.
I might just pop in on the CaliforniaLan to see how people are doing...

"'I get it now, yeah. Makes total sense. Who needs MegaMan or Strider when you've got snowboard guy, and car?' - Gabe
'And football guy' - Tycho
'Oh, I fucking LOVE football guy' - Gabe"

The world slowly turned and hit me

Friday, March 04, 2005
Current Mood: Tired
Curent Music: None

Yeah, I got my LAST prelim today!
But it's Chemistry...
I'm not saying that Chemistry's bad or anything, tis a good subject, but there are so many things to remeber. People told me what was basically in it last night. But I still feel all nervous.

I'm going to the Key tonight, and I'm going to get as hyper as possible in celebration of the end of my prelims. Some people get drunk, but I take the wild side and go HYPER!
Yeah, I'm a geek.

Downside is that Brittney won't be there.
Twas really looking forward to seeing her too.

"A dog ate my testicles" - Tycho

The thing... It lives inside

Thursday, March 03, 2005
Current Mood: Really tired
Current Music: My Chemical Romance - Shylines and Turnstiles

Yeah, not much time for a big long post tonight...

Physics wasn't too bad to be honest. Wasn't easy nor hard.
I'm dreading Chemistry though...

I bought Dad's birthday present on the way home from school. Got him the Dune dvd, since he loved the books so much.
On the way home I saw Alan, Maddy, Benn and some other guy (Who I didn't know the name of, and still don't for that matter) at the train station. I caught up with them and we talked and we all headed tro Maddys house, but we couldn't go in because her dad was in. So I stupidly said, "Well you can come to mine, no one's in."
So we started going to my house, but Adam called Maddy and asked her to wait for him, so we waited for almost twenty minutes before he arrived. Then we all went up to my house.
Twas fun though. We sat and talked randomly for a while, then we went on the pc and in my room. I took so many pictures though. It was so much fun.

Yeah, that's it really.
And time to leave you with another quote from...
*Do do do dooooo*

"All this talk of profanities has made me think about the words we use and how we use them. That's right. I've gone through an entire week without saying fuck.
FUCK! Fuck it! Fucking... FUCK!" - Gabe

The two of us, we dream like one.

Current Mood: Rushed
Current Music: Yellowcard - Inside Out


I only have ten minutes to get dressed, have food, have a shower, straighten my hair and get to school!


Cos I can't be arsed doing all the things above.

I also can't be arsed studying. WHICH IS WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW.
Goddamn Physics. Goddamn Rosenburg. Goddamn school.

I've been reading Penny-Arcade all morning. It is the funniest comic I have ever read. EVER. If you love video games then you'll love this comic. Which means most of the people who read this will hate it.
Ah well.

Oh yeah, I straightened my hair too. And I look so cool! I have a fringe people! Not this little curly thing that curls up at the start of my forehead, and actual fringe! And guess what! IT MOVES!
So I can make it go up, down, or sweep it to the right or left in an almost-emo style.
My hair is too short though, I need to grow it a lot longer...

Ah well, I now leave to fail my physics exam.

"I'm am going to love kicking your ass. Assuming I roll a four or better..." - Tycho

I'm lost without you.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Current Mood: Hungry. And tired. And cold.
Current Music: Funeral for a Friend - Bend your arms to look like wings.



Took my maths prelim today and FAILED IT!

Well, I dunno if I've failed it, but I'm pretty sure I did.
Afer the exam we headed to the centre for a while. Jen went away home on the bus and me, Chaz, Heatherbelle and Dan walked round the centre for a bit. We had quite good fun. We hung about the lifts in centre west for ages just talking about random stuff. Then at about two we got up and walked Chaz home, then me and Dan walked Heatherbelle home. Which is really far away. And when that was done I ended up on the otherside of town from where I lived, so I had to make the arduous journey back home.
Good thing I had Funeral for a Friend blasting in my ears...

I saw some killer CD's at HMV today. And some kick ass anime too. Gosh darn it I need money!
I need a job too. You know, so I can actually EARN money!
Earn? What is this word... Earn?

That's all folks.