Sleepwalking my way through life: I just need to give it all away

I just need to give it all away

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Yeah I know, I haven't posted in a while. But this is the first time I could get on the pc for more than five minutes!
Stupid Chris, not letting me on for long enough...

Anyway, this is what happened in the past few days.


I was off sick AGAIN. So mum sent me to the doctors. She thought that I wasn't gonna make the appointment so she phoned them up herself and organised it for me. I was to be there for 11.20 and I wasn't to be late.
I went on the pc and finished d/l Hero. Then I spent another hour trying to find a sound bite off the net so I could HEAR it. Turns out it is in chinese, but it's got subtitles so I'm happy.
Went to the doctor and was ten minutes late... I think he made me wait longer cos of that though. Anyway, I told him my symptoms, he checked my breathing and shit like that before he told me that I had a head cold with a touch of flu. He gave some perscription paracemtamol and some sinus spray. I went to the chemist and handed it in and they said that I had to wait twenty minutes so I walked around the centre for a bit. I wandered over to HMV and they've FINALLY got some more stuff in there!
They've got the Ghost in the Shell series, the Cowboy Bebop series and they've even got a Coming Soon: Naruto bit!
AND they've got Less Than Jake - B is for B-sides on import. But it's like £20 so I ain't gonna bother.
So I got my perscription and went home and did bugger all for the rest of the day. Should've watched HEro, but I forgot about it...


I went back to school, only to be blanked out by my friends because I walked past them without saying anything. They thought I ignored them or something while I was actually going up to the office to hand a note in for why I wasn't well.
Ah well. Not much happened (That I remember) for the rest of the day...
Something MUST'VE happened though...


Nothing much happened until break really.
I walked in, expecting them to be not-talking with me again. But it turns out that Jen and Heatherbelle were having some argument or something like that. Dan was on Heatherbelles side and Chaz was on Jens side, with me in the middle. Then some one asked who's side I was on. I'm like "What the fuck?"
So they're asking me who I'm siding up with and I'm like "Leave me out of this" but they keep insisting. Jen was slowly edging closer and closer to me. So I made a decision. It's like what New Found Glory (However crap they are) said.
So I stepped over onto Jens side and everyone was like "Oh my God! I can't beleive he actually picked!"
"We weren't actually fighting, we just wanted to see who'd you pick! I was gonna slap you if you picked Heather!"
"Well yeah I'd pick you. You're my best friend."
I don't think Heatherbelle was too happy with the outcome though. Especially when she didn't talk to me for the rest of the day.
The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, Except for the Key that is...

Met up with Maddy and all that as usual and we headed up to the Dolan. When we got there the conversation somehow turned to sexualy transmitted diseases. Soon enough Maddy and JenMc were screaming at me for my stupidity and stuff. I was cowering into the couch by the time they were done.
We got inside the Key, and I hung about with this guy called David. He's like seventeen but he looks like he's in third year. Anyway, we were talking about when people are talking to you. He told me about this guy who was talking to him at a party and the guy suddenly said, "Oh wait a minute, I need to catch, yeah it's ok, I'll just be over here, be right back, just have to see about..." before the guy walked off and stood by himself having a drink. It was so funny how he described it though. He did what the guy did and just walked away from me and stood in the middle of the room. I couldn't stop laughing.
Yeah, I was kinda hyper by then.
But then Brittney came in and I was all like, well more calm and stuff. We talked about random shit. It was really fun. Then she went away to talk to some other friends for a bit so I played a game of pool with James. I was kicking his ass to, but then I accidently put in three of his balls and that brought him back enough to win. We played a rematch at the end of the night though. He kicked my ass there too but now I know you can play a full game of pool in under eight minutes.
Anyway, I went back to the booth bit for a while to talk to Nadia and Fubu for a bit and Brittney came over to sit beside me. There was one point when she leaned over me to hear what Fubu was saying so I put my arm around her. I was so chuffed.
God I'm sad.
I took it off though when I played the other game of pool, but she gave me her blue-stripey no-fingered gloves for luck though. Not a lot of luck with them, but it was still nice.
After our final pool game I headed home and spent a few hours reading Scar Tissue by Anthony Keidis. I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and it's a half decent book...


I went tot he Halo tournament. Chris (My bro) couldn't come this time round cos he had no money left. Fletch was pissed off at him cos Jenky wasn't coming either and tons of people didn't show up this month. Ah well, still had fun. Frost even showed up for more than five minutes. He stayed and showed us his paintball pistol (Twas so cool) and we talked about random crap like how easy it is to couterfeit money.
He's totally law-abiding by the way.
Unless you count the chipped x-boxes.
And the counterfeit games.
And the illeagal game modding.
Ah well. It was really good fun. Except mum wanted me home for ten o'clock. Bah humbug.


Spent the whole day doing homework and studying. Which really means that I listened to music while looking at my jotters and going "Yeah ok, I'm gonna do that? Suuuure..."
Twas pretty fun though, I dug out some old cds and listened to them again. I rediscovered my love for all things Chili Pepper. Twas great.
After we had dinner we put on the Bourne Identity. It's quite a good film. Action packed and really realistic and stuff.
When I ot to bed I remembered taht I had a physics test the next day, so I spent most of the night studying.


Phoned Jen in the morning and asked if she was bringing anything in for the first four periods. We had a fertility talk that lasted four hours so I wasn't sure if we needed our stuff. She said no so I just packed my physics stuff and headed to school. I talked to MAddy on the way in, and she said that Brittney liked me and all, and she loved the arm around the shoulder thing. Too bad I stopped it... There was also something else that I'm not gonna mention here, simply cos I cannot be arsed.
The talk wasn't too amazing. You know, I could've gone my whole life without knowing about mucus and coils and what a Herpes ridden penis looks like.
It was kinda funny though, at times. Me, Jen, Dan, and Feeney just pissed about for almost alll of it. And Dan had all the symptoms for some one who's on the pill. He heee.
I spent lunch studying for physics and Rosie gave us twenty minutes before hand to study for it. I was all ready for it and I knew my stuff. But when he handed the test out I drew a blank. I really couldn't remember anything I just studied.
I so failed that damn test.

And the rest of the time I've been on this. I've watched some of HEro and it KICKS ASS.
I better go now, Jen is getting at me to finish this thing.
See yas!
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