Sleepwalking my way through life: I am alone

I am alone

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Oh my fucking God they ruled. The night was just so amazing it was unbelievable.
Let me start from the beginning.


Wasn't a bad start to the day. We sorted out what the arrangements were for that night. I got to school, had a bit of fun. That is, until we got to maths.
I failed my unit test...
Outcomes two and three. I failed them. Means that I have to retake the test, and if I fail THAT one then I'm out of Higher Maths.
But it still shouldn't give Haggerty a reason to fuck about with me.

*Haggerty hands the papers back to me and John*
"Now boys, don't you ever embarrass me by getting marks like that again. I don't want you two sitting beside each other anymore. On wednesday I want to see you two in different seats."
"Piss off."
"What was that Joe?"
"Nothing sir."
Bastard. Now me and John can't discuss the universe and theorys about God and time and shit. We spent the rest of the period talking and doing fuck all. Jesus I hate Haggerty.

The rest of the day was decent I guess. After school I walked home really quickly so I could get ready in time.
I got home, had a shower, got changed, forced some sandwiches down my throat for my dinner and I was ready with ten minutes to spare. So I started watching some tv and by the time I looked up I was late.
I ran all the way from my house to the train station where they were all waiting for me. Tree was there too (A guy named Chris who we call Tree cos he was massive when he was a kid) and he gave us a two litre bottle of Strongbow. Of course I was against it cos I don't drink and all, but I had to carry it cos I was the only one who looked even remotely eighteen. Apart from Tree that is.
We got on the train and went into central before heading to the underground. The platform was packed with kids who wanted to see Greenday. Maddy openned the Strongbow and started drinking. As did I. It's amazing what peer pressure could do.
Anyway, the train came along and we all rushed into it and grabbed some seats. Then a conductor came up and told us that the train didn't go to the exhibition centre and we all ran off. The proper train came later and me and Laura squeezed on one bit while the other guys went off into other carriges. When we got off we realised that JenMc was left at the other platform cos she couldn't get on.
So we headed off without her and we went into the SECC. Since I was holding the Strongbow I was sent back out cos you weren't allowed drinks inside. So I was waiting outside drinking out of the bottle when some one pincjed my ass. I turned around to find two drunken girls and one said, "It was her!"
"No it wasn't!"
"Sure it was!"
Then they started laughing and randomly hugged me. Then they ran off leaving a very confused and tipsy Joe.
Then Michael Ferguson came up to me and asked if I could sneak him into standing. I said I would give it a shot.
"Ok, do you know how to do it?"
"You go in, get everyones tickets, come back out and give them to us."
"You go in. Get everyones tickets. Come back out. Give them to us. Go back in. Get it?"
"Are you sure?"
"Jesus, you're fucking pissed."
I eventually chucked the bottle in the bin and we headed in.
We got into the standing bit (After I had sneaked people in) and me, Alan and Rooney started making our way up to the front. We were so squshed in it was hard to move... New Found Glory came on and played a few songs. I only knew one of them so I was just screaming along with the crowd. They went off and there was a long pause where everyone tried to get further to the front. We were pretty close too when Greenday came on.
They kicked ass. It was so good. There were explosions and stuff. It was just so amazing. After a few songs I was so close to the front that I could almost touch Billy-Joe's hand as he reached out. It was just so kick ass. But the guards at the barriers were right bastards. They hardly ever gave out any water, and it was boiling and I was getting really dehydrated.
Sometime after "Holiday" ended I wasn't feeling too good. I thought I was going to throw up or pass out or something. But I didn't want to leave the front. Not just because I didn't want to leave such a kickass place to be, but because my trousers had falen down. I was wearing baggy troussers and they had fallen down to my knees. So I was standing there, trying to pull them up and not pass out.
When I did get them up, I looked at the ceiling to try and get a breath or fresh air, but my eyes blurred and my legs felt weak. I almost fell but I stopped myself. I turned around and looked at rhe guy behind me.
"Are you ok mate?" He screamed over the music.
I shook my head.
"Right, lets get you up."
I pushed myslef up on the peoples shoulders beside me and he grabbed my legs and pushed them up. I got passed to the front where a barrier guard grabbed me. I gripped his arm and he-
-I was suddenly being led out to the side door along the stage and back into the crowd in a sort of daze. I couldn't remeber being set down or walking along the side of the stage. I just blacked out.
I went off to the side where no one was standing and I layed down on the cold floor. When I got up ten minutes later there was a big sweaty outline of me. I headed out into the toilet and fixed my trousers before splashing my face with freezing cold water.
I went back out, bought a pepsi and sat at the wall beside a girl for about ten minutes. Beore getting up and buying a Greenday beanie for Brittney. I thought it would be a good present for Valentines day (More on that later). I then went back into the concert and hung out at the back.
After about fifteen or so minutes some random person jumped on my back and hugged me. I shook them off and turned around to see Louie smiling and waving at me.
"JOE!" She screamed.
"LOUISE!" I screamed back.
"JOE!" Craig sreamed as he came up behind her.
"JOE!" This time it was Michael.
"JOE!" Now it was Gary.

Twas very funny. I stayed with Louise for the next half hour or so unitl Greenday finished. Then I found all my friends and we headed out. I got a lift home off of Mulrain. Twas pretty fun.
I got home, went to bed, didn't go to sleep for hours...

Jesus people. That was only one day...


I was awoken by the phone at half nine. Jen was phoning me to remind me about going to Pizza Hut that day. So I got up, got ready, and headed out.
Twas actually quite fun this time. We got sat in a big circular booth so it was pretty cool. I had pizza, had fun, laughed when Daniel spilt a bi glass of coke on the seat and satined Chazs jacket, laughed again when he jumped up and down under the hand dryer to get his leg dry, laughed a thrid time when he and Heatherbelle went to far with insults and I had fun hiding the valentines day card that I got for Brittney (I didn't want them to know I had one).
After Pizza Hut we walked around while Jen and Chaz looked for people who could buy them some alcohol. They were going to the Key that night and they wanted to be drunk for it.
They failed, so we headed back to Dans place and the filled a bottle with a mixture of loads of different stuff. It didn't taste half bad to be honest. So when that was done we watched tv and Dan put on his Pump It Up dvd. This dvd is a testament to how straight Daniel really is. It's an exercise video with the people from the Call On Me video. He is so straight it's unbeleivable. And he gets away with shit so much.
I know I'm going back a bit, but on Wednesday I had a made a joke, and I grabbed Jens hand for effect. Dan immediatly got angry and shouted at me not to touch her.
Practice what you preach mother fucker.
He grabs her and all the girls at any chance he gets. He is such a sick freak.
Anyway, we were watching that and we started talking about my hair for some reason. They were trying to convince me to keep it short and that I didn't look as good when it was long. I didn't care, cos I'm growing it long and I don't give a shit about what they say. Anyway, Heatherbelle made some sort of comment like, "If you were in an Emo band, wouldn't you get bullied if you had Joe's hair?"
So I told her to fuck off. And I really meant it. I got shouted at for shouting at Heatherbelle.
She fucking started it.
Halfway through the most boring dvd ever, which didn't even have any decent looking girls, they were accusing me of having a fucking stoner. So I stood side on for them to see. I took out my mobile and wallet and put them on the ground so there would be no lumps. Dan immediatly grabbed my phone and ran upstairs. I chased after him but he locked himslef in the toilet. They were after Brittneys mobile number.
He gave me it back, and I'm pretty sure that he didn't get the number, and I left.
I justed stormed out. I wasn't taking any shit anymore. Yes I did have fun that day. But yes, I did hear every insult, saw every look, and noticed every hand gesture. And there's only so far you can push me before I go over the edge.
At least I didn't punch anything this time.
I walked home, ignoring all the calls from them.
Did sweet fuck all for the rest of the day.


Didn't do anything all day.
Well, I phoned Brittney at around six to see if she would go out on Monday, but I got her answering machine.


Got up, watched tv, went on this.
Oh, and I phoned Brittney too. I felt like such an idiot doing it too.
*Ring ring*
*Ring ring*
"Hi is Brittney there?"
"Yeah it's me."
I JUST realised that it was her mobile I was phoning.
"It's Joe here."
"Oh hiya."
"I was just wondering if you wanted to got to the cinema tomorrow?"
"I'd love to, but I'm totally skint. I've got no money at all."
"Don't worry about that, I can pay for you."
"Great. When?"
"How about we meet at half one? Is that ok?"
"Yeah, it's fine."
"See ya there."
"See ya."

I felt like an idiot after I finished the call though...
Dunno what I'm gonna see yet.

Jen just called me two secs ago. We had a mini argument before deciding to take the bus in to the centre.
Oh yeah, I've also made a new signature just now. Thanks to Adam for putting the picture on his MSN space.
Angel Signature
Ah well. Shit, this has been an EXTRA LOOOOOOOONG post today...

That's all folks.
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