Sleepwalking my way through life: Strike a match and hope it lasts

Strike a match and hope it lasts

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Had a busy day today.

But enough about today, what about yesterday!

The bells went just as I was publishing the other blog. I walked out the class, walked down the corridor, swore loudly, went back into the class, and came back out with my ear-phones in my hands.
I walked past my friendlies cos I was going straight home and I thought that Jen was angry at me. Dan ran up beside me and back-handed my cheek, I elbowed him back and asked him why the fuck he did that. Then Jen came up beside me and asked me what was up. Turns out she wasn't mad at me, so I went down the centre with them all.
I was mostly talking to Emma for the first bit though. It was actually quite funny. I wasn't alking at first so she asked me what was up. I said nothing was wrong. Then she kept insisting that something was up and that I was staying silent because of it. Then we ended up having this conversation where we talked so fast that I rememeber nothing of what we said.
On the way to the centre though Dan was play fighting with Jen and he grabbed her finger and , to her protests, bent it all the way back and shoved her in a bush. Her finger really hurt after that and we were all worried incase she'd broken it or torn some ligaments or something. Meanwhile Dan was trying to cover his ass.
"Here let me show you what I did," he said to Heatherbelle as he grabbed her finger. He bent it back and there was a loud crack from the joint.
"Owwwww!" Heatherbelle replied.
"Shut up, it didn't even crack."
"Yes it did," replied Chaz, "I heard it."
"Me too," said Jen.
"Mee too," I lied.
"Yeah joe? Well you can just go and masturbate!"
"Whoa Dan, what's with the hostility? And what a fantastic comeback by the way. Why, I bet you've been thinking of that one all day."
Then we went into this bitching argument. It was so funny! For every remark he had for me I had ten ready for him! It was like a miracle! I was quick witted AND people were able to understand what I was saying. And the stuff that spewed from my oraface was gold! I really wish that I could rememeber most of them.
We finally parted, cos him and Emma were going for tea... Ok then... And me, Chaz, Jen and Heatherbelle headed upto H&M. When we got up there I walked beside Jen while Chaz walked beside Heatherbelle.
Chaz broke the silence."So Joe, You like Heather?"
I smiled. I knew this was going to come sooner or later. "Yes."
"Are you gonna ask her out?"
Kinda reminds me of that story I did not too long ago. It's still on my dA... I REALLY need to put more stuff on that.
"And why not?"
"Cos she doesn't like me like that"
"She's gonna make this as awkward for you as possible," Jen whispered.
"I know"
But that was it. She didn't say much after that. Jen bought a top then we went home on the bus.
The end.

Well, not really. I went to the Key after that. I was kinda late, but when I met up with everyone they were all like.
"So you're going to meet Brittney!"
"Are you nervous?"
"OK, some tips. Stand up straight, be funny but don't TRY to be funny."
"Don't ignore her either."
"Aww, this is so good! Are you excited?"
And I'm like, "What the fuck?"
Yeah, I was meeting Brittney. But just as friends. I think, or I thought. She's actually quite fun. But everytime I talked to her she was with her friedns so I was like "..." and it was the same as her. When we DID talk together alone withcouldn't hear cos the music.
Ah well.

I'm being chucked off the pc now, so I'd better go.
I'll see ya when I see ya.
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I bought a top as well!!!!!!!!!!!


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