Sleepwalking my way through life: Please someone help me. I'm dying here infront of you.

Please someone help me. I'm dying here infront of you.

Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: The Mars Volta - Son Et Lumiere

I've had a long-ish weekend.

Lets start with Monday.
Yes I know monday isn't the weekend, but I forgot to mention a story that happened on monday night.

The band had just finished playing and I waited with Alan in this huge queue and this security guard guy kept laughing at my t-shirt which had pac-man on it. I think he was kinda drunk. Anyway, Alan was getting his jacket and there was this guy waiting behind me in the queue. He was totally drunk, as in he was stumbling and shouting and ranting. It was so funny. I had nothing better to do than to listen to his story...

"So I wassh near the front, and I drops my fucking phone so I went to get it and found a fucking shoe! A converse original shhhhhoe! And I was walking around holding it, and this fucking fit girl, I mean shhe was beautiful, can up and said it was here shoe! She was walking around in pish and puke and other shit with only one shoe on! Anyways, this fucking hot girl asked for her shoe back and it was like a cinderella shtory! BUT I didn't even get a fucking pull! She jusht ran off and left me there! Not even a pull!"
Then he noticed the gilr behind him.
"Hey! Lookatyou! YOU AIN'T GOT NO FUCKING SHOES!!!! I ashk you, if I found ur shoes would you get off wif me? Cosh ur really nice lookin...."
And that was the point that me Alan came out. We went outside and were hanging about for our lift when the guy came up to us.
"Hey! Do you guys hafe any cigarettes?"
"No, sorry man."
"Ach well. Shee yas then."
"Hey, arn't you the guy that found that shoe?" I piped in.
"Yeah! Are you her friend?"
"Yes," I lied.
"I didn't even get a fucking pull for it! ANd I got it back all sfely too! I guarded that shoe wif my life!" He staggered a bit.
"Yeah, I mean it's like a cinderella story..."
"Ah well. See ya man."
"Tell her for me will ya? I should've gotten a pull!"
And he staggered away muttering to himself. Twas so funny...

So yeah, my weekend. Went to the cinema on friday instead of the Key. We decided as a group to go see Closer. That is, they decided as a group and I came along anyway. Jen gave me a lift up to the centre (Personal note: Really nice lookin hair Jen). We all met up (And on a second personal note: WOW!) and got our tickets. They tickets cost five pounds fifty, and the guy asked us for said amount. He looked totally stoned out of his head. Anyway, I gave him my tenner and he gave me five fifty back, so I just blinked a couple of times and walked away with my ticket. Chaz then came up behind me and whispered in my ear. She had gotten more change too.
Idiot ticket stonehead.
So we went in and bought food before going into the cinema. There was only six other people in it apart from us. The film was crap. Yes that's right, a film with two bafta nominations was CRAP. It was just so boring and confusing...
So we got out and me, Chaz and Jen went to the Key while Dan and Heatherbelle went home. Twas quite fun. Jen and Chaz met Fubu, and we played a decent game of pool where there was only minor cheating, and we just pissed about. Bad thing was that I just missed Brittney (She left two minutes before we arrived) and I didn't get to talk to her...
Anyway, mum gave us a lift to Jens house and I stayed there till about half ten while we watched the sweetest thing... Twas quite good I guess.
When I got home I was feeling all sicky and couldn't get to sleep till about four in the morning...

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning my room. Then we had to go to my cousins birthday party. It was kinda fun. i had to DJ some of the night. It mostly entailed flipping a switch and putting a new record on the turntables, but it was still fun.

And today i did homework and now I'm on the pc.

And now I need to go.
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