Sleepwalking my way through life: No one hears even though I've talked all night

No one hears even though I've talked all night

Current Mood: Cruddy
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Kehoe

Today was... A day.

Wow Joe, that was really descriptive.
Yeah, as descriptive as a solid grey block!
Yeah man, that was a really bad zing.
Hey Joe.
You know wht you're doing?
Having a conversation with myself?
Think I should stop?

Started with RE. Wasn't bad I guess. We watched Philidelphia (Sp?) again. It's an ok film, but I can't really be arsed watching it again. I was a bit distracted while watching it though, there was this really rank smell in the class. At first it was like cheese, then it turned into this putrid sick smell. But I was sitting beside Feeney and everytime he spoke to me I wanted to gag. His breath was so rank! Wish I had a breath mint, then I would cram it down his mouth.

If you haven't figured it out yet, in not in an amazing mood.

After that was chemistry. That wasn't bad I guess. We just did two experiments (Which we totally messed up) and finished off the unit. But I need to do all this homework for tomorrow and I don't wanna do it.

We went up to a maths classroom for break. While we were there we witnessed David get abused by some second year twat. Twas kinda funny, but also really annoying.

English was the same old crap about poems and stuff. We had an odd discussion about inferiority complexes near the end though. It was really off topic to begin with...

Maths was fun. We went over the test that we had done on friday. And while he went over it all there tons of groans from the class as they realised that they had gotten this and that wrong. And when he handed out the actual tests I counted up the marks he had given me and I had gotten four more marks! I told John so he got out his calculator and added it up, and it looked like I had gotten three marks more than I should've.
Hold on a sec!
I grabbed the calculator from him and totalled it up to the fact that I had gotten less than I deserved.
"Oh yeah, I didn't see that mark right there..."
"Damn straight you didn't"
I told Mr Haggarty and he said, "I don't know, I AM a maths teacher after all. Oh look how poncey I am"
Maybe he didn't exactly say that...
"Ah well. Here you go then Joe. I guess that's a more respectable mark"
"Oh yeah! In your face John! I rule! I totally rule! I am the bes- Wait a sec! WHAT DID HE SAY ABOUT MY MARK?!?!?!?"
Then the bell rang and I headed down for lunch.

I was actually kinda gutted because I had forgotten my sandwiches at the house and I had to spend my last moneys... Anyway, I went to one vending machine and this little guy stood behind me, then tons of other kids went on the other machine. There was a massive queue on the other machine while there was just me and the kid on our one.
How odd.
So I sat down t the table and they were talking about tv or something about that. Then the conversation moved onto this blog. Chaz said something about how it wasn't obvious who I liked. Then this whole thing was exploded out of proportion. Yeah, so what I like some one, please resume the spinning of the world. But they wouldn't shut up with all the questions they were asking.

I'm going to have to continue this at a later time people.
Lets just say I've had a really fucked up day.
I wish I had taken my own advice. Now there are two phrases I will always keep with me.

"A snowballs chance in Hell"
"Never trust anyone. Ever"

I learned my fucking lesson thank you very much.
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