Sleepwalking my way through life: I've got a soul that cannot sleep at night

I've got a soul that cannot sleep at night

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Happy New Year-ish!

Got back from my dads on monday, and this is the first time I've been able to get on the computer. This is wednesday by the way. Yeah, this is the first time I've been on here in just under two weeks I guess. So, here's what I've been up too in that week.

I slept in on Christmas day, mostlybecause I was up till 2am on the pc. It was good fun though. I was talking to loads of people and it was great fun.
Anyway, we got our stockings (Me and Chris) and they were full of the usual stocking stuff. Like fruit, chocolate, new toothbrush, that sort of thing. Then I got dressed and we went down stairs where my presents were on one couch and Chris' were on the other. We immediately got stuck in. I got a good haul this year too. A few long sleeved t-shirts, trousers, Less Than Jake cd, Fable (Yay!), TWO clanders (One off Jen and one off Chris), Donnie Darko Directors cut, Return of the King Extended, books, and a pair of straighteners. I felt kinda sad cos I had just got my hair cut but mum said that she could use them instead. Heatherbelle got me a "Stress relieving punching bag." What a fitting present.
Jesus! I completely forgot to mention my new phone! It's a three phone that flips out and it's got a camera and everything. Tis well nice.

We had to visit the family on boxing day. It wasn't too bad. There was so much food that I almost exploded and I got a decent present too. I got £20 vouchers for HMV and another long-sleeved t-shirt.

The day aftfer that we were on a plane to dads house. The flight wasn't bad seeing as I had Less Than Jake blasted in my ears for most of it. And I had 1984 to read (That Feeney got me).
The time that we were there though wasn't too good. It was filled with lectures and advice givings and crap like that which I didn't want to know. Like my whole descision about going to university or not. He wouldn't shut up about it. One minute he's saying that I'm too young for Uni, the next that I should go, followed by saying "Why don't you just drop out?" And he would eventually finish by saying that I need to make a decision soon.
Stop pushing me for fucks sake! Yes dad, I will make a decision, but it won't be within the next five fucking minutes. I'm not even entirely sure of what I want to do yet and you're already wanting me to decide what I should do? To hell with that!
And I don't give a shit if you don't want me to act. It's not your decision, it's not your choice, so stop asking me if I'm sure or not. Of course I'm not sure. So just fucking well leave it.

*Breathes heavily*

Sorry about that. I have some father issues...

Anyway, New Years wasn't too bad. Got stuffed again with some decent food... But the plane back was fun. It was really bumpy on the way down. Like REALLY bumpy. Me and Chris weren't sitting together cos the plane was too full. But I was sitting this irish/english girl who was at the window seat and we kinda started talking. She lived in Fife, was sixteen (I know this cos I asked) and very nice looking. Like VERY nice looking. And she fot kinda scared on the way down. My hand was on the arm rest and when the plane jumped a bit she grabbed hold of it. She let go after the plane stopped shaking and she was kinda embarrased. Then went it rumbled as we hit the ground she grabbed onto my arm. Twas well great.
And umm.... A shame. Yes of course it's a shame....

And I did nothing yesterday followed by nothing today. I did talk to tonnes of people this morning but that wasn't really much.
Well, there was something that was pretty big, but I ain't gonna mention it. Cos it ain't none of your business.

Might as well go now....


*Spins in chair*
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