Sleepwalking my way through life: Is this what it feels like to not believe?

Is this what it feels like to not believe?

Current Mood: Ok I guess
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems

First day back at school.

And I am DEAD. Dead I tells ya. I got up at seven this morning. SEVEN! Only the dead are awake at that time. Which is what I am now.
DEAD I says!

Wasn't too bad I guess. It was really wet and windy when I got out, and I was frozen within five minutes. But I got to school and went into RE. We had a new teacher since our old one moved school.
What a patronizing bitch.
Could she talk any slower? I mean really. There's only a certain number of minutes that you can hold a sentence for before it becomes a world record. And we can't organise anything for fund raising. So stop asking us if we can do a sponsered walk!
She got under my skin that one did.

Chemistry was ok. Nothing interesting really happened.

Break was normal. Dan, Heatherbelle,Chaz and Jen think that they've figured out who I fancie. Which is really odd seeing as I'm still not too sure of it myself. I mean, I think I know. But I still don't.

English was annoying. Bloody poems. How I hate them. Why do people have to write that way? It's annoying.

Maths was crappy as usual. Except Rooney got really pissed off at John because he didn't think it was possible for people to take over the world. And he hates communists (Which John practically is).

Lunch was... Well, lunch was lunch. The usual stuff.

Computing was crappy too. I really don't like computing anymore. Well ever since I've been put in that class. It's just annoying.

Physics wa fun though. Me and Louie were just messing about for the whole period. Twas great.

After that we went to the centre and I looked at a "How to draw Manga" book. It was £15 or summit but Jen said that she'd get me it for my birthday.

Whooo!!! A week today!
*Is so excited*

Anyway, on the way home I took a video of Jen as her hair was blown everywhere buy the wind. It was so funny when it happened but when I watched it back I realised that....
It really is annoying! I was cringing as I listened to it!
That's it Joe, from now on you're having a new voice.
*Trys out different voices*
Fuck it

I should be doing homework now, but I can't be arsed. I'm gonna feel guilty for it later, but I'm just tired now.
I'll just copy off of John tomorrow or something.

"We shall see," said the blind man. "We shall see."
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