Sleepwalking my way through life: I'm going to die like this you know. Miserable and old.

I'm going to die like this you know. Miserable and old.

Current Mood: Meh
Current Music: Taking Back Sunday - Set your phasers to stun

Only 4hours and 13minutes to go people!

Well, approximately. By the time I finish this entry, the time would probably have decreased dramatically...

But anyhoo, only 7hours and 11minutes to go people!

I hope I get new shoes. I REALLY need new shoes. You can practically see my toe is on my old ones. I'm getting kinda excited too. Not really excited, but kinda excited.

Oh no!

I'm going to have to be.... RESPONSIBLE!!


I might be getting a drivers permit too. Which is REALLY cool. Imagine me driving! That would be so amazing.
And all of my friends are coming over on Friday night now. AND they're sleeping over. AND we're gonna watch tons of films. AND we're gonna stay up all night. AND we're gonna go to sleep. AND so on AND so forth.

Chris gave my the Theory of a Deadman album today. Not as my birthday present, just cos he's uploaded the songs onto the pc and doesn't need the cd anymore. So I get it. It's not too bad. Sounds a bit Nickelback-ish, but that isn't too bad I guess...

*Spins in chair*

I've been making a new deviantArt ID for my front page. Well, I made it then said "Nope" and scraped it. Twas fun.

I've got pictures from my phone too...
Me with my glasses on
Me and Louie in Physics
Me and Maddy at the Key

Surprisingly, my phone actually takes good pictures. Well, if you use the outside camera and not the inside one...

I need to go now. Being chucked off the pc... Tis unfair.
Heh heh.

2hours 56minutes to go!
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At 5:54 pm, Blogger Laura said...

Hello Joe! ^___^

Happy very belated birthday! ^__^;;

Ooooh, driving permit! SCARY! Hehe

*whisper* I got a blog too! :P

At 7:24 pm, Blogger Joe said...


You got a blog? Nice!
*Checks it out immediately*


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