Sleepwalking my way through life: I avoid the questions, because I can't face the answers

I avoid the questions, because I can't face the answers

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I'm in computing again.
BOTH our teachers are off on a course so we were left with no one. A spanish teacher came in and put Jackal in charge before leaving us to do our work.
Now, where was I? Ah yes... Yesterday.

Computing was computing. We did the same old same old. Nothing special.
But when I came out of the class Chaz came up behind me and handed me a note thingy. I can't rememebr it, but the gist was "Hey Joe. Who do you like? Please tell me. I must not be a proper friend if you can't trust me. Are you gonna ask her out? Are you going to the Key? I might go if Jen or Heather goes. Enjoy Physics!"
Or something like that.

I started writing a letter back during physics, but Johnny was annoying me cos he thought I fancied Louie. Yeah I flirt with her a lot but I don't like her in that way.
Twas quite funny though. He kept trying to mimic my voice, but even I know that my voice isn't that high.

I was planning to go straight home after school, but Dan and Chaz cornered me so I had to go to the centre with them. They started pretending that they were american and acting like I was their tour guide. It was really annoying.
"Hey guys! Is that Heather over there?"
*Dan and Chaz turn around*
*Joe runs away*

So I went home and read the Edge magazine that came through the door. Dad had gotten me it for my Christmas present and it had FINALLY gotten through. Twas quite good, all about the PSP. After I read a bit of that I decided to go on the pc. Which is when I did my last blog.

So here's what happened. After lunch they were still bugging me about who I liked. Chaz kept asking me on msn and Jen wouldn't talk about anything else. Why the Hell did they care so much?
Anyway, I cracked. Wish I hadn't. I was talking to Jen and she kept pleading with me and pretending to get sad and then getting angry. So I gave in.
"Please tell me!"
"Sorry Jen, but no."
"You have no idea how close I am to telling you."
"Then tell me! Is it Heather?"
"Ok then."
And I wish I hadn't told her. As soon as I told her I regreted it. She promised to me that she wouldn't tell anyone that she even knew who I liked, but as soon as I told her she said she was going on the phone to Chaz. Here's the conversation after I had finished with all my swearing.
"Joe??? Are you gonna ask her out?"
"No, she don't like me."
"Ha haaa you're right she don't."
"Fuck off."
"I'm off now to talk to Chaz! Can't wait to tell her what I've found out."
"I wonder what she'll say..."
"Bye Joe!"
Two minutes later Chaz calls me and says, "Are you gonna tell me?"
"You already know"
"Since when?"
"Since Jen told you two minutes ago"
"She didn't! So who is it?"
"Ok then, bye!"

Great. That was the highlight of my evening.
Oh, if you couldn't tell, that was me being sarcastic.

Next day. Today even. Mum was stuck in Manchester without a flight the previous night so we had the house to ourselves again and I slept in. Well, thank God it's friday. That was enough to lift my spirits to my "Fuck you World" mood. Which is actually quite a good mood, cos I can face anything while in it.
So chemistry wasn't bad, but I was looking forward to break.
So i got to break, and everything was fine. Heatherbelle didn't know. Yet. But Jen and Chaz pulled me aside while Dan and Heatherbelle went up to maths.
"Listen Joe, we don't believe you. We think this is just another cover-up."
"Yeah, so tell us."
"You guys don't beleive me? Fine then, whatever"
So we went up t maths and I told Heather that I liked her. Everything was fine, but they still didn't beleive me.
And Dan! For fucks sake! As soon as I walked in from break he started with a string of insults against me. Like non-stop. He's making fun of me, the way I dress, the way I write, he's taking a shot at me for everything. And I'm taking it all in with a smile. I'll get him later.
Turns out he has a livejournal too. Lets see if I can find out the address shall we?

*Evil laugh*

At lunch I gave him one pitiful insult and he acted the wounded animal to get sympathy.

The bells about to go so I'm gonna haver to leave yas.
So long.
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