Sleepwalking my way through life: Half awake and half a world away

Half awake and half a world away

Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Help Stop the youth America from Exploding

I'm going to take a quote from Garfield, the best cat to ever inhabit this universe, to describe my day today.

I hate mondays.

Well, this monday wasn't too bad to be honest. Though it wasn't too good either.

It started up with my morning exercise thingy. Since the muscle aching PE on friday I've decided to try and get fitter by doing press ups and sit ups and shit every morning. It's kinda fun really.

It was all windy when I got outside and it felt like I could get lifted off my feet as I walked to school. And on the way past the village I stepped through some really wet grass and had mud splatters all up the side of my trousers. Messed them up pretty good it did. AND it's only monday, so I need to wear them for the rest of the week...

Mr Fitzy was off in English (Yay!) but we had to do a practice textual analysis thingy (Crap!). Dn wouldn't shut upwhile we were doing it though. I seriously think that if he had his mouth sewn shut that he would explode. Very messy...

That went on for two hours... Break wasn't to eventful. Well, we were talking about my birthday party on saturday (Oh yeah, my birthday is on thursday. 16!) and Feeney asked if all of them were sleeping over, and I said no cos they wouldn't want to sleep over. He said they might, so I asked them just to show him that they would say no, and Jen said it was a good idea. So it looks like everyone's gonna sleep over at mine. That'd be fun I guess. Except I don't know if I'm even allowed yet.

Me and John just solved the meaning of life in maths, nothing big. We also came up with a theory that disproved God completely. As in God could not exist if this theory were true. But he didn't like that after a while cos he said it depressed him. He doesn't even believe in God...

RMCE we still had that uber crap teacher. She was veeeeery annoying.

Lunch was ok I guess. Nothing special happened.

Double physics was shitty though. It was all fun at first cos me nd Louie were playing about with my phone and stuff, but it soon turned really crap. We were having a discussion about boobs and stuff (Don't ask why) and how she was gonna get hers bigger when she was 18 or something. So I guessed her current size, but since I was hyper, I kinda guessed a little too loud... Even Rosenburg heard me. Louie was really pissed off with me after that. And she jabbed me a few times in the cheek with the edge of her pen. But that didn't bother me too much. But all of a sudden I just felt so damned depressed. Like I was holding back tears or some shit like that. But I was so depressed. And I stayed like that for the rest of the period.

Went to the centre after school and bought myself the Taking Back Sunday cd to cheer me up. It did kinda. They're quite good, and I'm seeing them in... 2 weeks today!
Well nice.

I need to go now, I need to move the couch outside or some crap like that.
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