Sleepwalking my way through life: Broken and lost. Thinking of her.

Broken and lost. Thinking of her.

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I bought the dvd yesterday, and I LOVE IT.

But not yet. I have to fill y'all in on what's happened in the past few days.


My mum let me wake up later on thursday, since it was my birthday. I went downstairs to unwrap my pressies on the table. Twas well nice. My mum got me a pair of black converse trainers, a subscription to my favourite magazine, and she's paying for my Greenday tickets. My dad got me the Funeral for a Friend cd and the second volume of the Happy Tree Friends. My bro got me an anime called Ghost in the Shell. I also got two cards on the day, one from my granddad with the usual "Best wishes" and a £15 check, and the other was from my dad with £40 in it ("Don't tell Sam," it said) and an essay on what it's like to grow up and stuff. Mum was all apologetic and saying that she'd forgotten to get me a card and stuff, but I didn't mind too much. She kept getting on at it anyway.
So I'm walking to school with Maddy, JenMc, Laura, and Rooney. They didn't know it was my birthday until my dad called up to wish me it. The phone call was promptly followed by hugs and sixteen punches from Rooney. But that was nothing compared to what I got at the school.
This guy Alec heard that it was my birthday, so, of course, he gave me the dumps. But these weren't any ordinary dumps, these were skin bruising, spine crunching dumps. And some people didn't want to give me the dumps, so he did it for them. I swear I needed medical attention but no one would listen...
I didn't get any present off of my friends because they were waiting until my sleepover on friday to give me them.
When I got home I watched Ghost in the Shell while breaking in my cons. That film is... Odd. It's all action filled and cool and stuff. But at the same time it's immensly deep and confusing, with theorys on the definition of existence. And the end of it completely threw me off.
I really should've studied for my maths test that was the next day. Ah well.


We had the maths test that day. I thought I failed it when I had it. But who cares about maths? I know that two and two make five and that's all I need.
Went home after school, got ready, bought sweets and waited for everyone to arrive. Jen arrived first and gave me a how to draw anime book. Tis well good. Heatherbelle was second and she gave me two t-shirts and another necklace thingy (Which I am wearing at the moment), she was foolwed by Chaz who gave me a tenner cos she didn't know what to get me. We all sat down and watched Charmed (Bah!) and Will and Grace (Another Bah!) until Feeney arrived. He was dead late too, but he eventually got here. With his own mattress. He got me a Gamecube carrying case thingy that I saw in Game. Tis pretty nifty.
And so the evening began. They had brought tons of food and stuff with them so we started to eat that. Chris went out after a bit because he was going to James' 18th birthday kegger party thingy. We had the house all to ourselves.
I went on the pc and talked to a few people, then everyone came in and tried to type stuff for me. It's like Jen and Chaz would hold my arms back while Heatherbelle would type stuff into the convo box. They can actually be pretty strong when they wnat to be. It was so much fun though. The eventually gave up and we had a webcam convo with Koori. It was really fun.
Then my mum came home and ordered us some pizza. Just after that she took me and Feeney to the video store to get a scary film because the girls had only brought chick-flicks.We looked at a few good ones, but Feeney picked out the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and said, "I think the girls would like this"
He was lying his ass off. The girls would hate it, he just wanted to see it. Lucky for him I liked the idea of it so mum tried to rent it. They said that it was only for sale so she bought it for us. Which was pretty cool.
As soon as we got back the pizza arrived, and we ate it while watching East Enders. Twas quite good. We devoured three large pepperoni pizzas (About thirty slices) in about 15minutes. We are such pigs...
After that it was around nine, so the girls decided to change into their pj's and, after a few protsts, so did me and Feeney. We brought all the sweets and drinks into the living room and set up where we were sleeping and stuff. We had it all planned out, but then Feeney didn't have any room, so while we re-arranged it into a better position he just set his stuff up where he orginally was. The girls and I were sleeping in a line while Feeney was at our feet. We then watched Freaky Friday.
It wasn't that bad, or that good for that matter, but it was decent.
After that we watched some of Scary Movie 2 on tv. It was kinda embarrasing because mum was in the kitchen watching it too. And there was all this sex and stuff in it... Half-way through it though she came in and said that she was going to bed.
So we decided to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now THAT was a good film. It was all suspenseful and scary and gory and stuff. Chaz couldn't even watch it. She kept her head buried under the covers for the whole film. Jen watched most of it, but hid herself near the end while Heatherbelle watched it all. It was so funny cos they kept screaming and stuff. Twas great.
After that Chaz started playing about with my camera phone and the video taking options. She took a ton of videos of us just doing stuff. There's this great one of Feeney attacking the camera because we wouldn't let him see a video. It looked really funny and stuff. Chris came in from his party and he was slightly pissed. It was so funny. He just kept going on about things and people that we didn't know about. Twas funny. After he went to bed they started watching A Walk to Remember, but no one was paying too much attention to it.
After THAT had finished we put on Mean Girls but mum came downstairs and told us to go to bed. So we shut off the tv but we sat up talking for a few hours. Every time I would drift off to sleep Jen and Chaz would shine the torch in my eyes and say "Time for the dentist, open wide"
Heatherbelle was out like a light. She went to sleep and didn't wake up after many shoutings and proddings by Chaz. But she did wake up when Chaz ste[ped on her foot. Then she was kinda grumpy for a bit until we brought the cat in. The cat was annoying us though. She kept scratching at the door to let her out and she wouldn't shut up...
We eventually got to sleep though. I didn't have a good sleep cos I had a lot on my mind, but I did drift off in the end.


They woke up in time for One Tree Hill to start. Wasn't too bad, but it wasn't too good either. And after that mum left to do some shopping and Chris went off to help James clear up his house. That left me to make the bacon sandwiches. Which, of course, I don't know how to make.
So the girls helped me, well to tell the truth they actually did it for me while I washed the dishes. But it was really nice bacon. Then we all sat down and watched Mean Girls which was better than I expected. Then Heatherbelle went early because she wanted to watch some football, the Chaz went follwed by Jen and me and Feeney were left to watch tv while waiting for his mum to pick him up. That bit was kinda boring.
After he left I spent the rest of the day on the pc. I was talking to Koori about how sleepy I was, so she told me to go to sleep. So I put my head down and fell asleep on the desk. I woke up a few minutes later with a glob of drool on my hand and Koori laughing at me in the convo box. By hen it was half eight at night so I just went to bed. I just slept in my clothes cos I couldn't be bothered to change.


I woke up the next day all nice and refreshed. I helped mum fix some shelves that had fallen down in the garage and then went upstairs to do my homework. Then realised that I had no homework-
- so I decided to draw instead. I started this really good pic on my A3 sketch pad. I'll post it on DeviantArt when I'm done with it.


I can't remember monday. Except that I bought and watched the Cowboy Bebop movie. It kicks ass! It really is so amazing! It's funny, smart, deep, action filled, and all this other stuff all in one film! I really need to see the series now...


Yesterday it snowed! Really heavily too. We had a big snowball fight on the way to school. By the time we got in I was drenched from head to toe. But loving it.
I was quite annoyed though, cos the school stayed open while other schools around town were closed. Gits.
During lunch we were talking about how them lot thought I fancied Jen. Jen doesn't think so, she thinks I like Heatherbelle. I had my ear-phones cos I was trying to ignore them, but it was easy to see Jens mouth go "Hea-ther" and her finger kept pointing at her. Twas funny though. I'm surprised that they don't know who I actually fancy.
I mean, it's kinda obvious.
I walked with Jen on the way home and some little shit heads started a snowball fight with me. I was having a laugh with them at first, but then it just got sad. Little freaks wouldn't leave us alone. They thought that Jens name was Kelly and that she was my sister.
Heh heh.


Today, I went into school and felt really sick. Now I'm home form school.
Wow, such detail.
I'm gonna go play Halo2 now. I'll post again sometime.

See ya soon kiddo.
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