Sleepwalking my way through life: January 2005

Remember me, for the stories

Monday, January 31, 2005
Current Mood: Sick
Current Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Don't forget me

I'm sick again.
I woke up with a sore head, wasn't that bad, so I sat up and the room swam around me before I returned to my pillow with a throbbing skull. I eventually got enough energy and strength to ask mum if I could stay off school. She got my temperature and gave me some disgusting soluble tablets. I think she was kinda testing me to see if I was really sick. Like if I drank the icky water stuff then I was really sick and if I didn't then I wouldn't be sick. I drank it in mostly one go. Then returned to bed with a slightly upset stomache too and went to sleep.

I was woken up by the phone. My dad was calling from Seattle and he wanted to say hi before I went to school. I told him that I was sick and everything and he told me to study.
Yeah, thanks for your concern dad.
I gave the phone to Chris and dozed for a bit until he went to school. Then I hung about reading some old magazines before playing a bit of Resident Evil Zero. Got pretty far before I died (While forgetting to save) and now I'm on the pc.

Come to think of it, that soluble stuff worked wonders on me... I feel tons better now.

I'm hungry now.

*Hunts for food*

That cat looks pretty tasty...


Please someone help me. I'm dying here infront of you.

Sunday, January 30, 2005
Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: The Mars Volta - Son Et Lumiere

I've had a long-ish weekend.

Lets start with Monday.
Yes I know monday isn't the weekend, but I forgot to mention a story that happened on monday night.

The band had just finished playing and I waited with Alan in this huge queue and this security guard guy kept laughing at my t-shirt which had pac-man on it. I think he was kinda drunk. Anyway, Alan was getting his jacket and there was this guy waiting behind me in the queue. He was totally drunk, as in he was stumbling and shouting and ranting. It was so funny. I had nothing better to do than to listen to his story...

"So I wassh near the front, and I drops my fucking phone so I went to get it and found a fucking shoe! A converse original shhhhhoe! And I was walking around holding it, and this fucking fit girl, I mean shhe was beautiful, can up and said it was here shoe! She was walking around in pish and puke and other shit with only one shoe on! Anyways, this fucking hot girl asked for her shoe back and it was like a cinderella shtory! BUT I didn't even get a fucking pull! She jusht ran off and left me there! Not even a pull!"
Then he noticed the gilr behind him.
"Hey! Lookatyou! YOU AIN'T GOT NO FUCKING SHOES!!!! I ashk you, if I found ur shoes would you get off wif me? Cosh ur really nice lookin...."
And that was the point that me Alan came out. We went outside and were hanging about for our lift when the guy came up to us.
"Hey! Do you guys hafe any cigarettes?"
"No, sorry man."
"Ach well. Shee yas then."
"Hey, arn't you the guy that found that shoe?" I piped in.
"Yeah! Are you her friend?"
"Yes," I lied.
"I didn't even get a fucking pull for it! ANd I got it back all sfely too! I guarded that shoe wif my life!" He staggered a bit.
"Yeah, I mean it's like a cinderella story..."
"Ah well. See ya man."
"Tell her for me will ya? I should've gotten a pull!"
And he staggered away muttering to himself. Twas so funny...

So yeah, my weekend. Went to the cinema on friday instead of the Key. We decided as a group to go see Closer. That is, they decided as a group and I came along anyway. Jen gave me a lift up to the centre (Personal note: Really nice lookin hair Jen). We all met up (And on a second personal note: WOW!) and got our tickets. They tickets cost five pounds fifty, and the guy asked us for said amount. He looked totally stoned out of his head. Anyway, I gave him my tenner and he gave me five fifty back, so I just blinked a couple of times and walked away with my ticket. Chaz then came up behind me and whispered in my ear. She had gotten more change too.
Idiot ticket stonehead.
So we went in and bought food before going into the cinema. There was only six other people in it apart from us. The film was crap. Yes that's right, a film with two bafta nominations was CRAP. It was just so boring and confusing...
So we got out and me, Chaz and Jen went to the Key while Dan and Heatherbelle went home. Twas quite fun. Jen and Chaz met Fubu, and we played a decent game of pool where there was only minor cheating, and we just pissed about. Bad thing was that I just missed Brittney (She left two minutes before we arrived) and I didn't get to talk to her...
Anyway, mum gave us a lift to Jens house and I stayed there till about half ten while we watched the sweetest thing... Twas quite good I guess.
When I got home I was feeling all sicky and couldn't get to sleep till about four in the morning...

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning my room. Then we had to go to my cousins birthday party. It was kinda fun. i had to DJ some of the night. It mostly entailed flipping a switch and putting a new record on the turntables, but it was still fun.

And today i did homework and now I'm on the pc.

And now I need to go.

From the wrong side of the tracks, but living on the right side

Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Current Mood: Better
Current Music: The Mars Volta - Televators


I had a not too amazing day today to be honest.

I actually got up early this morning. AND I was on time when I met up with people. Went to school all fine, met up with my other friends all great and stuff. From then on it went kinda downhill...

Physics was bullshit. I was actually doing work today. I was being a GOOD boy. But still, Mr Rosenburg picked on me cos I put my ear phones in while working. The other guys were shouting abuse at me and Louie and he gets at ME cos I put in my ear phones!
And Johnathan is such a fucking dick head! Yeah Johnny, I AM ignoring you, so take the hint. Oh please, take my ruler and draw over it again. And of course, beleive everything that Jen, Chaz and Heatherbelle tell you. Yes yes, use the same old annoying insults about how you think I'm gay with Dan and all that other shit that you have no imagination to improve on.
Oh sure Rooney, please hit me on the back again with the ruler, it doesn't hurt at all. And why you're right! I DO smell, but say it again cos I don't think everyone heard you.
Yes JP, I care about what you think. PLease, tell me how shitty my taste in music is.
Oh, if you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic.
The only good thing about it was that I got my Funeral for a Friend cd back from Louie.

Break wasn't too good, but I can't really remember why. I just had a massive head-ache from physics.

Maths went by in the blink of an eye.

English was ok. I got my short story back and got a pretty good response for it. Which I'm especially chuffed about because I wrote it last year for English and got a not-so-good mark for it.

Lunch was annoying. We went to the Hot Caff and I had to sit by myself while everyone got their lunches. It was this big table too, so I got looks by people because I was taking up a giant table for myself when I was eating sandwhiches... They all eventually sat down and I gave Feeney his 1984 DVD back. I preferred the book personally, the film was a bit... Odd. He wouldn't stop asking questions though. I got so pissed off at him in the end. THEN he asked me for five pence. So I gave him it. Then he said that I had a whole twenty pence in my wallet and why wouldn't I give him that.
I started counting the grains of salt on the table. I got to a hundred and laughed. Jen screamed. Her and Chaz thought I was looking at Heatherbelle and I was smiling cos I was thinking of something.
Come on!
One minute they don't beleive me, the next minute they're trying to frame me of things. On monday during RE Jen (Or Dan, I can't remember) drew a stick figure police woman, and Jen said it was Heatherbellewith her hand-cuffs. Then at lunch they told her that I drew it. Jeeesus.

We went to RE after that. We had the teacher that can hardly speak english so we messed about for the whole period. Feeney was looking at the pics on my phone and wouldn't let anyone else see them. When he looked at the pics he had to study them intently before moving on. I finally got it off him and gave it to Jen to look at. He went skitzo at me cos he didn't see one of the videos.
Jen then gave it to Jen Burnside who looked at the pics and compared it with her phone. Feeney kept bugging me to get it off her but I ignored him and listened to music.
When the bell rang I got the phone off her and showed Feeney the video he didn't see.
"Oh, I've already seen that one. I'll see ya."
*Joe shoots himself*

Computing was good for a change. Except for one thing. I was listening to music on the pc and Adam (The guy beside me) pulled the wire out of the socket. I put it back in, he did it again. I put it back in and told him to stop. He pulled it out and started pulling it towards him. Then the wire snapped.
It had snapped at the volume control bit and it wouldn't work again. That's me out of ear-phones. He was really sorry about it though, he even offered me his iPod ones in compensation. But I made no big deal out of it, I said I would get a new pair after school. It was no big deal really. I was kinda annoyed cos I couldn't listen to music, but it gave me a good excuse to get new ones. Those ones were pretty crap. Not loud enough.

So I went along to supported study. Now I REALLY wish I hadn't done that.
I was sitting beside Heatherbelle, infront of Chaz and Jen, and behind some guys called Dean and Simon. Jen and Chaz wouldn't stop annoying me. Jen kept putting stuff down my shirt and Chaz was just... Annoying. Dean and Simon kept turning round and asking me to bend my fingers back and to bend my leg a certain way (I'm double jointed in some areas). Meanwhile, Johnny and Rooney were shouting abuse at me from the otherside of the room. Got me really down it did.

I walked to the centre with Heatherbelle cos Jen and Chaz were getting lifts and she was getting a bus. We were just talking about random shit. Twas fun. It was so funny when we were walking down the hill though. Heatherbelle was just walking along and she slipped and did this kinda split thingy and landed on her knees. I almost died of laughter.
She went for her bus and I bought some cheap but better ear phones. And went home.

Chris wouldn't come off the pc, and when he DID come off tons of people that I wanted to talk to had to leave. Like I had a threeminute convo with Brittney before she had to leave... And I wanted to talk to her about friday gosh darn it.
I downloaded The Mars Volta album and got TELEVATORS back!!!!!

*Is happier*

And NOW I'm gonna tell you about monday night.
When I went to see Tacking Back Sunday

I was late for meeting Maddy, Laura, JenMc and Alan and we had to run to catch the train. When we got in there was a giant queue waiting to get into the Carling Academy and we waited for about fortyfive minutes.
We did eventually get in though and we just talked for ages until My Chemical Romance came on. Then we all got seperated. Me, Mad, and Alan had already lost Laura and Jen. I was holding onto Maddys shoulders so I wouldn't lose her, but Alan got swept to the left by the crowd. I watched as he disapeared into the sea of bodies before facing forward to where Maddy was. But when I looked aroud Maddy had transformed into some random girl. I let go of her and gradually got pushed further in. I was trying to scream along with the crowd and pretend I knew some songs of MCR's. Twas fun.
I eventually turned back round and headed nearer the back to try and find them all again. But I got caught up in THREE mosh pits. IT WAS SO FUN. I got pushed into so many directions and I ran into tons of people and elbowed and kicked them out of my way. So. Much. Fun.
I found them again before TAking Back Sunday came on, and I hung around with them for a few songs before going off on my own again. I got as far forward as I could before taking twenty videos on my phone. There were two guys infront of me who kept handing me water and stuff. When a not-so-good song came on I grabbed the two guys shoulders and pushed myself up. I didn't get up but they turned round and grabbed my legs while I pushed up. Then they threw me on top of the crowed.
They were just passing me around. It was so much fun. Then they chucked me near the front so one of the stage-hands could take me down and put me to the edge of the crowd. But when I got to the barrier the crowd dropped me. I fell head first to the floor with my feet stillbeing grabbed by people. I stuck my arms up and two hands pulled me to my feet.
I was so close to the stage! It was like the stage, a small space, the barrier, one person, then ME. I took another ten or so videos. Dear God I had fun. I almost caught a drumstick too, but some guy snatched it out of my hands before I could get it.
The concert ended, I bought a Taking Back Sunday t-shirt outside, bought some chips and went home. I couldn't get to sleep cos of the ringing in my ears so I did some homework.

If Greenday's gonna be ANYTHING like that concert then I'll have so much fun.

Strike a match and hope it lasts

Saturday, January 22, 2005
Current Mood: Thirsty
Current Music: None (Watching tv)

Had a busy day today.

But enough about today, what about yesterday!

The bells went just as I was publishing the other blog. I walked out the class, walked down the corridor, swore loudly, went back into the class, and came back out with my ear-phones in my hands.
I walked past my friendlies cos I was going straight home and I thought that Jen was angry at me. Dan ran up beside me and back-handed my cheek, I elbowed him back and asked him why the fuck he did that. Then Jen came up beside me and asked me what was up. Turns out she wasn't mad at me, so I went down the centre with them all.
I was mostly talking to Emma for the first bit though. It was actually quite funny. I wasn't alking at first so she asked me what was up. I said nothing was wrong. Then she kept insisting that something was up and that I was staying silent because of it. Then we ended up having this conversation where we talked so fast that I rememeber nothing of what we said.
On the way to the centre though Dan was play fighting with Jen and he grabbed her finger and , to her protests, bent it all the way back and shoved her in a bush. Her finger really hurt after that and we were all worried incase she'd broken it or torn some ligaments or something. Meanwhile Dan was trying to cover his ass.
"Here let me show you what I did," he said to Heatherbelle as he grabbed her finger. He bent it back and there was a loud crack from the joint.
"Owwwww!" Heatherbelle replied.
"Shut up, it didn't even crack."
"Yes it did," replied Chaz, "I heard it."
"Me too," said Jen.
"Mee too," I lied.
"Yeah joe? Well you can just go and masturbate!"
"Whoa Dan, what's with the hostility? And what a fantastic comeback by the way. Why, I bet you've been thinking of that one all day."
Then we went into this bitching argument. It was so funny! For every remark he had for me I had ten ready for him! It was like a miracle! I was quick witted AND people were able to understand what I was saying. And the stuff that spewed from my oraface was gold! I really wish that I could rememeber most of them.
We finally parted, cos him and Emma were going for tea... Ok then... And me, Chaz, Jen and Heatherbelle headed upto H&M. When we got up there I walked beside Jen while Chaz walked beside Heatherbelle.
Chaz broke the silence."So Joe, You like Heather?"
I smiled. I knew this was going to come sooner or later. "Yes."
"Are you gonna ask her out?"
Kinda reminds me of that story I did not too long ago. It's still on my dA... I REALLY need to put more stuff on that.
"And why not?"
"Cos she doesn't like me like that"
"She's gonna make this as awkward for you as possible," Jen whispered.
"I know"
But that was it. She didn't say much after that. Jen bought a top then we went home on the bus.
The end.

Well, not really. I went to the Key after that. I was kinda late, but when I met up with everyone they were all like.
"So you're going to meet Brittney!"
"Are you nervous?"
"OK, some tips. Stand up straight, be funny but don't TRY to be funny."
"Don't ignore her either."
"Aww, this is so good! Are you excited?"
And I'm like, "What the fuck?"
Yeah, I was meeting Brittney. But just as friends. I think, or I thought. She's actually quite fun. But everytime I talked to her she was with her friedns so I was like "..." and it was the same as her. When we DID talk together alone withcouldn't hear cos the music.
Ah well.

I'm being chucked off the pc now, so I'd better go.
I'll see ya when I see ya.

I avoid the questions, because I can't face the answers

Friday, January 21, 2005
Current Mood: Tired
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Portrait of a Cigarette Smoker

I'm in computing again.
BOTH our teachers are off on a course so we were left with no one. A spanish teacher came in and put Jackal in charge before leaving us to do our work.
Now, where was I? Ah yes... Yesterday.

Computing was computing. We did the same old same old. Nothing special.
But when I came out of the class Chaz came up behind me and handed me a note thingy. I can't rememebr it, but the gist was "Hey Joe. Who do you like? Please tell me. I must not be a proper friend if you can't trust me. Are you gonna ask her out? Are you going to the Key? I might go if Jen or Heather goes. Enjoy Physics!"
Or something like that.

I started writing a letter back during physics, but Johnny was annoying me cos he thought I fancied Louie. Yeah I flirt with her a lot but I don't like her in that way.
Twas quite funny though. He kept trying to mimic my voice, but even I know that my voice isn't that high.

I was planning to go straight home after school, but Dan and Chaz cornered me so I had to go to the centre with them. They started pretending that they were american and acting like I was their tour guide. It was really annoying.
"Hey guys! Is that Heather over there?"
*Dan and Chaz turn around*
*Joe runs away*

So I went home and read the Edge magazine that came through the door. Dad had gotten me it for my Christmas present and it had FINALLY gotten through. Twas quite good, all about the PSP. After I read a bit of that I decided to go on the pc. Which is when I did my last blog.

So here's what happened. After lunch they were still bugging me about who I liked. Chaz kept asking me on msn and Jen wouldn't talk about anything else. Why the Hell did they care so much?
Anyway, I cracked. Wish I hadn't. I was talking to Jen and she kept pleading with me and pretending to get sad and then getting angry. So I gave in.
"Please tell me!"
"Sorry Jen, but no."
"You have no idea how close I am to telling you."
"Then tell me! Is it Heather?"
"Ok then."
And I wish I hadn't told her. As soon as I told her I regreted it. She promised to me that she wouldn't tell anyone that she even knew who I liked, but as soon as I told her she said she was going on the phone to Chaz. Here's the conversation after I had finished with all my swearing.
"Joe??? Are you gonna ask her out?"
"No, she don't like me."
"Ha haaa you're right she don't."
"Fuck off."
"I'm off now to talk to Chaz! Can't wait to tell her what I've found out."
"I wonder what she'll say..."
"Bye Joe!"
Two minutes later Chaz calls me and says, "Are you gonna tell me?"
"You already know"
"Since when?"
"Since Jen told you two minutes ago"
"She didn't! So who is it?"
"Ok then, bye!"

Great. That was the highlight of my evening.
Oh, if you couldn't tell, that was me being sarcastic.

Next day. Today even. Mum was stuck in Manchester without a flight the previous night so we had the house to ourselves again and I slept in. Well, thank God it's friday. That was enough to lift my spirits to my "Fuck you World" mood. Which is actually quite a good mood, cos I can face anything while in it.
So chemistry wasn't bad, but I was looking forward to break.
So i got to break, and everything was fine. Heatherbelle didn't know. Yet. But Jen and Chaz pulled me aside while Dan and Heatherbelle went up to maths.
"Listen Joe, we don't believe you. We think this is just another cover-up."
"Yeah, so tell us."
"You guys don't beleive me? Fine then, whatever"
So we went up t maths and I told Heather that I liked her. Everything was fine, but they still didn't beleive me.
And Dan! For fucks sake! As soon as I walked in from break he started with a string of insults against me. Like non-stop. He's making fun of me, the way I dress, the way I write, he's taking a shot at me for everything. And I'm taking it all in with a smile. I'll get him later.
Turns out he has a livejournal too. Lets see if I can find out the address shall we?

*Evil laugh*

At lunch I gave him one pitiful insult and he acted the wounded animal to get sympathy.

The bells about to go so I'm gonna haver to leave yas.
So long.

No one hears even though I've talked all night

Thursday, January 20, 2005
Current Mood: Cruddy
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Kehoe

Today was... A day.

Wow Joe, that was really descriptive.
Yeah, as descriptive as a solid grey block!
Yeah man, that was a really bad zing.
Hey Joe.
You know wht you're doing?
Having a conversation with myself?
Think I should stop?

Started with RE. Wasn't bad I guess. We watched Philidelphia (Sp?) again. It's an ok film, but I can't really be arsed watching it again. I was a bit distracted while watching it though, there was this really rank smell in the class. At first it was like cheese, then it turned into this putrid sick smell. But I was sitting beside Feeney and everytime he spoke to me I wanted to gag. His breath was so rank! Wish I had a breath mint, then I would cram it down his mouth.

If you haven't figured it out yet, in not in an amazing mood.

After that was chemistry. That wasn't bad I guess. We just did two experiments (Which we totally messed up) and finished off the unit. But I need to do all this homework for tomorrow and I don't wanna do it.

We went up to a maths classroom for break. While we were there we witnessed David get abused by some second year twat. Twas kinda funny, but also really annoying.

English was the same old crap about poems and stuff. We had an odd discussion about inferiority complexes near the end though. It was really off topic to begin with...

Maths was fun. We went over the test that we had done on friday. And while he went over it all there tons of groans from the class as they realised that they had gotten this and that wrong. And when he handed out the actual tests I counted up the marks he had given me and I had gotten four more marks! I told John so he got out his calculator and added it up, and it looked like I had gotten three marks more than I should've.
Hold on a sec!
I grabbed the calculator from him and totalled it up to the fact that I had gotten less than I deserved.
"Oh yeah, I didn't see that mark right there..."
"Damn straight you didn't"
I told Mr Haggarty and he said, "I don't know, I AM a maths teacher after all. Oh look how poncey I am"
Maybe he didn't exactly say that...
"Ah well. Here you go then Joe. I guess that's a more respectable mark"
"Oh yeah! In your face John! I rule! I totally rule! I am the bes- Wait a sec! WHAT DID HE SAY ABOUT MY MARK?!?!?!?"
Then the bell rang and I headed down for lunch.

I was actually kinda gutted because I had forgotten my sandwiches at the house and I had to spend my last moneys... Anyway, I went to one vending machine and this little guy stood behind me, then tons of other kids went on the other machine. There was a massive queue on the other machine while there was just me and the kid on our one.
How odd.
So I sat down t the table and they were talking about tv or something about that. Then the conversation moved onto this blog. Chaz said something about how it wasn't obvious who I liked. Then this whole thing was exploded out of proportion. Yeah, so what I like some one, please resume the spinning of the world. But they wouldn't shut up with all the questions they were asking.

I'm going to have to continue this at a later time people.
Lets just say I've had a really fucked up day.
I wish I had taken my own advice. Now there are two phrases I will always keep with me.

"A snowballs chance in Hell"
"Never trust anyone. Ever"

I learned my fucking lesson thank you very much.

Broken and lost. Thinking of her.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Current Mood: Hungry
Current Music: Incubus - Sick Sad Little World


I bought the dvd yesterday, and I LOVE IT.

But not yet. I have to fill y'all in on what's happened in the past few days.


My mum let me wake up later on thursday, since it was my birthday. I went downstairs to unwrap my pressies on the table. Twas well nice. My mum got me a pair of black converse trainers, a subscription to my favourite magazine, and she's paying for my Greenday tickets. My dad got me the Funeral for a Friend cd and the second volume of the Happy Tree Friends. My bro got me an anime called Ghost in the Shell. I also got two cards on the day, one from my granddad with the usual "Best wishes" and a £15 check, and the other was from my dad with £40 in it ("Don't tell Sam," it said) and an essay on what it's like to grow up and stuff. Mum was all apologetic and saying that she'd forgotten to get me a card and stuff, but I didn't mind too much. She kept getting on at it anyway.
So I'm walking to school with Maddy, JenMc, Laura, and Rooney. They didn't know it was my birthday until my dad called up to wish me it. The phone call was promptly followed by hugs and sixteen punches from Rooney. But that was nothing compared to what I got at the school.
This guy Alec heard that it was my birthday, so, of course, he gave me the dumps. But these weren't any ordinary dumps, these were skin bruising, spine crunching dumps. And some people didn't want to give me the dumps, so he did it for them. I swear I needed medical attention but no one would listen...
I didn't get any present off of my friends because they were waiting until my sleepover on friday to give me them.
When I got home I watched Ghost in the Shell while breaking in my cons. That film is... Odd. It's all action filled and cool and stuff. But at the same time it's immensly deep and confusing, with theorys on the definition of existence. And the end of it completely threw me off.
I really should've studied for my maths test that was the next day. Ah well.


We had the maths test that day. I thought I failed it when I had it. But who cares about maths? I know that two and two make five and that's all I need.
Went home after school, got ready, bought sweets and waited for everyone to arrive. Jen arrived first and gave me a how to draw anime book. Tis well good. Heatherbelle was second and she gave me two t-shirts and another necklace thingy (Which I am wearing at the moment), she was foolwed by Chaz who gave me a tenner cos she didn't know what to get me. We all sat down and watched Charmed (Bah!) and Will and Grace (Another Bah!) until Feeney arrived. He was dead late too, but he eventually got here. With his own mattress. He got me a Gamecube carrying case thingy that I saw in Game. Tis pretty nifty.
And so the evening began. They had brought tons of food and stuff with them so we started to eat that. Chris went out after a bit because he was going to James' 18th birthday kegger party thingy. We had the house all to ourselves.
I went on the pc and talked to a few people, then everyone came in and tried to type stuff for me. It's like Jen and Chaz would hold my arms back while Heatherbelle would type stuff into the convo box. They can actually be pretty strong when they wnat to be. It was so much fun though. The eventually gave up and we had a webcam convo with Koori. It was really fun.
Then my mum came home and ordered us some pizza. Just after that she took me and Feeney to the video store to get a scary film because the girls had only brought chick-flicks.We looked at a few good ones, but Feeney picked out the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and said, "I think the girls would like this"
He was lying his ass off. The girls would hate it, he just wanted to see it. Lucky for him I liked the idea of it so mum tried to rent it. They said that it was only for sale so she bought it for us. Which was pretty cool.
As soon as we got back the pizza arrived, and we ate it while watching East Enders. Twas quite good. We devoured three large pepperoni pizzas (About thirty slices) in about 15minutes. We are such pigs...
After that it was around nine, so the girls decided to change into their pj's and, after a few protsts, so did me and Feeney. We brought all the sweets and drinks into the living room and set up where we were sleeping and stuff. We had it all planned out, but then Feeney didn't have any room, so while we re-arranged it into a better position he just set his stuff up where he orginally was. The girls and I were sleeping in a line while Feeney was at our feet. We then watched Freaky Friday.
It wasn't that bad, or that good for that matter, but it was decent.
After that we watched some of Scary Movie 2 on tv. It was kinda embarrasing because mum was in the kitchen watching it too. And there was all this sex and stuff in it... Half-way through it though she came in and said that she was going to bed.
So we decided to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Now THAT was a good film. It was all suspenseful and scary and gory and stuff. Chaz couldn't even watch it. She kept her head buried under the covers for the whole film. Jen watched most of it, but hid herself near the end while Heatherbelle watched it all. It was so funny cos they kept screaming and stuff. Twas great.
After that Chaz started playing about with my camera phone and the video taking options. She took a ton of videos of us just doing stuff. There's this great one of Feeney attacking the camera because we wouldn't let him see a video. It looked really funny and stuff. Chris came in from his party and he was slightly pissed. It was so funny. He just kept going on about things and people that we didn't know about. Twas funny. After he went to bed they started watching A Walk to Remember, but no one was paying too much attention to it.
After THAT had finished we put on Mean Girls but mum came downstairs and told us to go to bed. So we shut off the tv but we sat up talking for a few hours. Every time I would drift off to sleep Jen and Chaz would shine the torch in my eyes and say "Time for the dentist, open wide"
Heatherbelle was out like a light. She went to sleep and didn't wake up after many shoutings and proddings by Chaz. But she did wake up when Chaz ste[ped on her foot. Then she was kinda grumpy for a bit until we brought the cat in. The cat was annoying us though. She kept scratching at the door to let her out and she wouldn't shut up...
We eventually got to sleep though. I didn't have a good sleep cos I had a lot on my mind, but I did drift off in the end.


They woke up in time for One Tree Hill to start. Wasn't too bad, but it wasn't too good either. And after that mum left to do some shopping and Chris went off to help James clear up his house. That left me to make the bacon sandwiches. Which, of course, I don't know how to make.
So the girls helped me, well to tell the truth they actually did it for me while I washed the dishes. But it was really nice bacon. Then we all sat down and watched Mean Girls which was better than I expected. Then Heatherbelle went early because she wanted to watch some football, the Chaz went follwed by Jen and me and Feeney were left to watch tv while waiting for his mum to pick him up. That bit was kinda boring.
After he left I spent the rest of the day on the pc. I was talking to Koori about how sleepy I was, so she told me to go to sleep. So I put my head down and fell asleep on the desk. I woke up a few minutes later with a glob of drool on my hand and Koori laughing at me in the convo box. By hen it was half eight at night so I just went to bed. I just slept in my clothes cos I couldn't be bothered to change.


I woke up the next day all nice and refreshed. I helped mum fix some shelves that had fallen down in the garage and then went upstairs to do my homework. Then realised that I had no homework-
- so I decided to draw instead. I started this really good pic on my A3 sketch pad. I'll post it on DeviantArt when I'm done with it.


I can't remember monday. Except that I bought and watched the Cowboy Bebop movie. It kicks ass! It really is so amazing! It's funny, smart, deep, action filled, and all this other stuff all in one film! I really need to see the series now...


Yesterday it snowed! Really heavily too. We had a big snowball fight on the way to school. By the time we got in I was drenched from head to toe. But loving it.
I was quite annoyed though, cos the school stayed open while other schools around town were closed. Gits.
During lunch we were talking about how them lot thought I fancied Jen. Jen doesn't think so, she thinks I like Heatherbelle. I had my ear-phones cos I was trying to ignore them, but it was easy to see Jens mouth go "Hea-ther" and her finger kept pointing at her. Twas funny though. I'm surprised that they don't know who I actually fancy.
I mean, it's kinda obvious.
I walked with Jen on the way home and some little shit heads started a snowball fight with me. I was having a laugh with them at first, but then it just got sad. Little freaks wouldn't leave us alone. They thought that Jens name was Kelly and that she was my sister.
Heh heh.


Today, I went into school and felt really sick. Now I'm home form school.
Wow, such detail.
I'm gonna go play Halo2 now. I'll post again sometime.

See ya soon kiddo.

I'm going to die like this you know. Miserable and old.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Current Mood: Meh
Current Music: Taking Back Sunday - Set your phasers to stun

Only 4hours and 13minutes to go people!

Well, approximately. By the time I finish this entry, the time would probably have decreased dramatically...

But anyhoo, only 7hours and 11minutes to go people!

I hope I get new shoes. I REALLY need new shoes. You can practically see my toe is on my old ones. I'm getting kinda excited too. Not really excited, but kinda excited.

Oh no!

I'm going to have to be.... RESPONSIBLE!!


I might be getting a drivers permit too. Which is REALLY cool. Imagine me driving! That would be so amazing.
And all of my friends are coming over on Friday night now. AND they're sleeping over. AND we're gonna watch tons of films. AND we're gonna stay up all night. AND we're gonna go to sleep. AND so on AND so forth.

Chris gave my the Theory of a Deadman album today. Not as my birthday present, just cos he's uploaded the songs onto the pc and doesn't need the cd anymore. So I get it. It's not too bad. Sounds a bit Nickelback-ish, but that isn't too bad I guess...

*Spins in chair*

I've been making a new deviantArt ID for my front page. Well, I made it then said "Nope" and scraped it. Twas fun.

I've got pictures from my phone too...
Me with my glasses on
Me and Louie in Physics
Me and Maddy at the Key

Surprisingly, my phone actually takes good pictures. Well, if you use the outside camera and not the inside one...

I need to go now. Being chucked off the pc... Tis unfair.
Heh heh.

2hours 56minutes to go!

Half awake and half a world away

Monday, January 10, 2005
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Help Stop the youth America from Exploding

I'm going to take a quote from Garfield, the best cat to ever inhabit this universe, to describe my day today.

I hate mondays.

Well, this monday wasn't too bad to be honest. Though it wasn't too good either.

It started up with my morning exercise thingy. Since the muscle aching PE on friday I've decided to try and get fitter by doing press ups and sit ups and shit every morning. It's kinda fun really.

It was all windy when I got outside and it felt like I could get lifted off my feet as I walked to school. And on the way past the village I stepped through some really wet grass and had mud splatters all up the side of my trousers. Messed them up pretty good it did. AND it's only monday, so I need to wear them for the rest of the week...

Mr Fitzy was off in English (Yay!) but we had to do a practice textual analysis thingy (Crap!). Dn wouldn't shut upwhile we were doing it though. I seriously think that if he had his mouth sewn shut that he would explode. Very messy...

That went on for two hours... Break wasn't to eventful. Well, we were talking about my birthday party on saturday (Oh yeah, my birthday is on thursday. 16!) and Feeney asked if all of them were sleeping over, and I said no cos they wouldn't want to sleep over. He said they might, so I asked them just to show him that they would say no, and Jen said it was a good idea. So it looks like everyone's gonna sleep over at mine. That'd be fun I guess. Except I don't know if I'm even allowed yet.

Me and John just solved the meaning of life in maths, nothing big. We also came up with a theory that disproved God completely. As in God could not exist if this theory were true. But he didn't like that after a while cos he said it depressed him. He doesn't even believe in God...

RMCE we still had that uber crap teacher. She was veeeeery annoying.

Lunch was ok I guess. Nothing special happened.

Double physics was shitty though. It was all fun at first cos me nd Louie were playing about with my phone and stuff, but it soon turned really crap. We were having a discussion about boobs and stuff (Don't ask why) and how she was gonna get hers bigger when she was 18 or something. So I guessed her current size, but since I was hyper, I kinda guessed a little too loud... Even Rosenburg heard me. Louie was really pissed off with me after that. And she jabbed me a few times in the cheek with the edge of her pen. But that didn't bother me too much. But all of a sudden I just felt so damned depressed. Like I was holding back tears or some shit like that. But I was so depressed. And I stayed like that for the rest of the period.

Went to the centre after school and bought myself the Taking Back Sunday cd to cheer me up. It did kinda. They're quite good, and I'm seeing them in... 2 weeks today!
Well nice.

I need to go now, I need to move the couch outside or some crap like that.

Is this what it feels like to not believe?

Thursday, January 06, 2005
Current Mood: Ok I guess
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems

First day back at school.

And I am DEAD. Dead I tells ya. I got up at seven this morning. SEVEN! Only the dead are awake at that time. Which is what I am now.
DEAD I says!

Wasn't too bad I guess. It was really wet and windy when I got out, and I was frozen within five minutes. But I got to school and went into RE. We had a new teacher since our old one moved school.
What a patronizing bitch.
Could she talk any slower? I mean really. There's only a certain number of minutes that you can hold a sentence for before it becomes a world record. And we can't organise anything for fund raising. So stop asking us if we can do a sponsered walk!
She got under my skin that one did.

Chemistry was ok. Nothing interesting really happened.

Break was normal. Dan, Heatherbelle,Chaz and Jen think that they've figured out who I fancie. Which is really odd seeing as I'm still not too sure of it myself. I mean, I think I know. But I still don't.

English was annoying. Bloody poems. How I hate them. Why do people have to write that way? It's annoying.

Maths was crappy as usual. Except Rooney got really pissed off at John because he didn't think it was possible for people to take over the world. And he hates communists (Which John practically is).

Lunch was... Well, lunch was lunch. The usual stuff.

Computing was crappy too. I really don't like computing anymore. Well ever since I've been put in that class. It's just annoying.

Physics wa fun though. Me and Louie were just messing about for the whole period. Twas great.

After that we went to the centre and I looked at a "How to draw Manga" book. It was £15 or summit but Jen said that she'd get me it for my birthday.

Whooo!!! A week today!
*Is so excited*

Anyway, on the way home I took a video of Jen as her hair was blown everywhere buy the wind. It was so funny when it happened but when I watched it back I realised that....
It really is annoying! I was cringing as I listened to it!
That's it Joe, from now on you're having a new voice.
*Trys out different voices*
Fuck it

I should be doing homework now, but I can't be arsed. I'm gonna feel guilty for it later, but I'm just tired now.
I'll just copy off of John tomorrow or something.

"We shall see," said the blind man. "We shall see."

I've got a soul that cannot sleep at night

Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Gainsville, Rock City

Happy New Year-ish!

Got back from my dads on monday, and this is the first time I've been able to get on the computer. This is wednesday by the way. Yeah, this is the first time I've been on here in just under two weeks I guess. So, here's what I've been up too in that week.

I slept in on Christmas day, mostlybecause I was up till 2am on the pc. It was good fun though. I was talking to loads of people and it was great fun.
Anyway, we got our stockings (Me and Chris) and they were full of the usual stocking stuff. Like fruit, chocolate, new toothbrush, that sort of thing. Then I got dressed and we went down stairs where my presents were on one couch and Chris' were on the other. We immediately got stuck in. I got a good haul this year too. A few long sleeved t-shirts, trousers, Less Than Jake cd, Fable (Yay!), TWO clanders (One off Jen and one off Chris), Donnie Darko Directors cut, Return of the King Extended, books, and a pair of straighteners. I felt kinda sad cos I had just got my hair cut but mum said that she could use them instead. Heatherbelle got me a "Stress relieving punching bag." What a fitting present.
Jesus! I completely forgot to mention my new phone! It's a three phone that flips out and it's got a camera and everything. Tis well nice.

We had to visit the family on boxing day. It wasn't too bad. There was so much food that I almost exploded and I got a decent present too. I got £20 vouchers for HMV and another long-sleeved t-shirt.

The day aftfer that we were on a plane to dads house. The flight wasn't bad seeing as I had Less Than Jake blasted in my ears for most of it. And I had 1984 to read (That Feeney got me).
The time that we were there though wasn't too good. It was filled with lectures and advice givings and crap like that which I didn't want to know. Like my whole descision about going to university or not. He wouldn't shut up about it. One minute he's saying that I'm too young for Uni, the next that I should go, followed by saying "Why don't you just drop out?" And he would eventually finish by saying that I need to make a decision soon.
Stop pushing me for fucks sake! Yes dad, I will make a decision, but it won't be within the next five fucking minutes. I'm not even entirely sure of what I want to do yet and you're already wanting me to decide what I should do? To hell with that!
And I don't give a shit if you don't want me to act. It's not your decision, it's not your choice, so stop asking me if I'm sure or not. Of course I'm not sure. So just fucking well leave it.

*Breathes heavily*

Sorry about that. I have some father issues...

Anyway, New Years wasn't too bad. Got stuffed again with some decent food... But the plane back was fun. It was really bumpy on the way down. Like REALLY bumpy. Me and Chris weren't sitting together cos the plane was too full. But I was sitting this irish/english girl who was at the window seat and we kinda started talking. She lived in Fife, was sixteen (I know this cos I asked) and very nice looking. Like VERY nice looking. And she fot kinda scared on the way down. My hand was on the arm rest and when the plane jumped a bit she grabbed hold of it. She let go after the plane stopped shaking and she was kinda embarrased. Then went it rumbled as we hit the ground she grabbed onto my arm. Twas well great.
And umm.... A shame. Yes of course it's a shame....

And I did nothing yesterday followed by nothing today. I did talk to tonnes of people this morning but that wasn't really much.
Well, there was something that was pretty big, but I ain't gonna mention it. Cos it ain't none of your business.

Might as well go now....


*Spins in chair*