Sleepwalking my way through life: Just because I'm not the same doesn't make me different

Just because I'm not the same doesn't make me different

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Day from Hell.

My mum came home two minutes ago, she said, "So how was your day then?"
And I said, "Yeah, it was great"
Then I go upstairs and write "Day from Hell"
How comical.

It started with an extremely rainy day. And I mean extremely. It was very windy and cold, and on the way to school I got splashed by three cars who thought it would be funny to drive into puddles to soak us. I got into school all fine and stuff, if not a little wet, and tried to salvage my day.

No chance of that happening.

I went into maths and I have a quiet conversation with John.
"Joe, be quiet"
"Sorry sir"
So I contnue with my work and I get into another conversation with John.
"Joe, what did I tell you?"
"Sorry sir"
I do more work. The noise in the class slowly rises to the point where you have to almost shout to be heard. I think it's a good time to continue my conversation with John. So I begin to whisper-
"Joe! This is the last time I'm telling you!"
What a git! The whole class is talking around us and he picks on me! I really think he doesn't like me.

So break came and Charlotte saw my haircut. She's been off sick for a few days so she didn't see it. Needless to say that there were comments made, I can't be bothered remembering them. I headed up to computing where I was in for even more fun.

John-Paul that hypocritical bastard. He's a good guy, don't get me wrong, but he's such an asshole at times. He's always saying stuff like, "Hey Joe why don't you stand up for yourself? Just tell them to get lost," and he goes and makes fun of me. And when I tell him to shut the hell up he just goes, "As if that will ever happen" Had an ok conversation with Adam, before it suddenly turned against me. I don't remember what he said, I just remember that it was uncalled for. He apoligised afterward but I didn't give a shit. Then on the way out this third year called Matthew went "Heya Joe"
"Get lost Matthew"
Then John-Paul cut in with, "What's this Joe? Being abused by fourth years?"
"No, third years actually"

English wasn't too bad. Kirsty got pissed off at me because I proved her wrong on something. What a stuck-up bitch.

Then lunch came. And what a fun lunch that was indeed. Charlotte just picked up my bag, flipped it upside down and shook everything out. Then she looked at me, after I watched her do it, and said, "It was an accident!"
Jen helped me pick it all up and stuff. She was bein nice to me today. Feeney made me put all his rubbish in the bin and she shouted at him for it. Thankies Jen.
Then Jenn (The girl who likes me) came over and sat beside us. She is so annoying. "Why don't you like me Joe? Wanna come bowling with us? Wanna get off with me? Will you go out with me Joe?"
"Is that a yes?"

We got up and I went over to chemistry. That was slightly better. I like chemistry now. It's more fun to learn when you find it interesting. So the day wasn't a COMPLETE loss.

But wait people! There is yet more....

After school we went down to the centre and walked around as usual. Jen went off with her mum and I went with the rest. They started singing "Let them know it's christmas" really loud and embarrasing us. It was really good fun until we got to the bus stop. They were still singing and Dan said, "Hey can you guys stop singing? It's not that I think you're bad singers. It's just a bit loud"
I put my hand up. "I think they're bad singers," I joked.
And Charlotte looked at me and said, "Well it's better than anything you can do you English piece of shit"


What in the name of fucking Christ did you just say to me? Why the fuck did you bring that up? Is it an insult? Because I'm English means you can throw it in my face anytime you want? Do I go around calling you an insignificant Scotish turd? Yes Charlotte, I'm fucking English as you've just pointed out. OK? Is it a fucking crime? Does it make me less than you? Am I beneath you because I'm fucking English? No? Well it fucking sounded like it. Yes guess what, the guy you like is English too! Have you noticed that yet? The fact that he has a stronger accent than me? Why the fuck do I get shit for it and he doesn't? Go fuck yourself Charlotte. No infact wait. Thank you Charlotte. Thank you for reminding me why I'll never be accepted. Bitch.

But all I could get out was, "Bye guys"

Day from Hell.
No actually, that's unfair to be honest.

Hell has had better days than this.
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At 8:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here, im no "Dan" there was him posting as well as me so u still don't know who i am ya wanker!! See instead of running to ur wee blog to bitch about ur "friends" why dont u say it to their faces?! PUSSY!!

At 7:45 pm, Blogger Joe said...

Get a life freak.
You're obviously someone I know. Sostop posting on my fucking Blog.
Infact, I might have an idea of who you are....

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