Sleepwalking my way through life: I'm going to smile when I get buried

I'm going to smile when I get buried

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It's still not snowing.
Well, it did start snowing again. And it did kinda settle. But then it did kinda stop. Ah well, we can't have everything in life now can we?
Too bad we can't.

Went ot see Jen while she was working today. Twas dead cool. I really need to satrt at the beginning...
I was about to leave, at mum said "While you're up there can you get me a salad? Oh, then you can go to safeway and get me some crisps and sweets please? Here's the money now off you go"
So I grabbed my brothers iPod and set out. It took me half an hour to get there. Twas freezing too. But I had great fun. I listened to Yellowcard all the way there. I forgot how much I actually did like them. I almost started singing when walking along the road.
Anyway, I got up to the shop and looked at the salads for a bit. Then I notice Jen sitting at her checkout so I go over to talk to her. It was such a shame cos no one was at her till and she was just sitting there. So I got some random salad and went to her till. She served me and we talked but when she had to give me change there was a problem...
She had run out of pound coins. She pressed the button to get more but no one came round. She started to get all embarrased and her face went a bit red. It was such a shame but all funny too. She eventually got it sorted out and got two bags of change. But then she couldn't open a bag. But she was laughing now so it was ok. We talked for a bit more before I headed out again.
This time I had to walk even further to get to Safeway. So I put on Sugarcult. I had forgotten how good some of their songs were too. I even sang along to a few. Anyway, I walked all the way up to Safeway and I got the other stuff a few minutes before it closed too. I had a quick chat with the girl behind the counter too. She laughed at me when I bought the 3 packets of sweets so I explained that it was for the rest of my family. And we kinda struck up a conversation.
But I've already forgotten her name...
I decided to take a shortcut home because my heel was hurting from my shoe rubbing against it. So I went down the side road and there was this giant puddle in the middle. So I jumped onto what I thought was a shallow bit.
It goes up to my ankle. So I jump to the other foot.
It goes to my knee!
My shoes were drenched and absoloutly freezing. But after a while they warmed up a bit. Like a wetsuit. When you get it wet the warmth of your body warms it up for you. It was kinda comfy.
But I had the makings of a blister on my foot.
I really hope that dad gets me the shoes I asked for. I really need them...

Jen called me later on that evening. It was creepy. I was reaching for the phone to call her and it rang so I picked it up and it was her.
*Twilight zone music*
We just talked about what happened that day, and what we're doing tomorrow. She has to go to church in the morning and to her Grans in the afternoon. So I need to call her between 11 nad 12.


Only 40minutes until it's officially Christmas!
I need to get off this thing!

Merry Christmas!
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