Sleepwalking my way through life: I will never be connected

I will never be connected

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Today wasn't as bad as I first made out.

After computing finished we had English and Fitzpatrick put a word grid on the board for us to play about with. He said his fourth year class took six minutes to get the nine letter word, and he doubted that we'll do it any quicker. As soon as he finished talking I put my hand up and asked him if "Laplander" was the answer.
His face was priceless.

Lunch was decent. Jen and Chaz started shouting at me cos I said that Heatherbelle was better girlfriend material. They went off at me and asking me why and shit like that.
"I ain't saying anything."
"Why not?"
"Cos you guys will hurt me."
"We won't. We promise."
So I told them why. I said that Heatherbelle was slightly better looking and had a slightly better personality. I then threw my arm up to block Jen's flurry of slaps and I got hit in the face by Chaz's bottle.
Not fun.

We did absolutely nothing in chemistry. I drew on the board a lot before playing a few games of poker, rum, snap, old maid and switch. That was kinda fun.

Last day of school tommorow. Not staying in for the whole day. We're leaving at break before going to Pizza Hut. That should be fun I guess. Been a wile since we've all been out. Feeney's even coming out too. Afterwards we're going to Dans and just randomly mess about. That'll be fun too...

Christmas is coming soon too. Only four days? Or something... Quite looking forward to it this year, instead of last year when I didn't feel it at all.

Ah well.
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