Sleepwalking my way through life: I never bother to run. I'll only die tired.

I never bother to run. I'll only die tired.

Current Mood: WHOOO!!
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Short Fuse Burning

Guess what. Go on, guess.


IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!

Quite thickly too! I didn't even notice it for ages but mum came in and said, "Have you seen the snow?"
"Stop playing about."
"No, really!"
*Opens Curtains*
And now it's settling!!
Well kinda.

Guess what else. Go on.
Only one day to go until the big day people! I is so excited! AND it's gonna be a white christmas!
First time I've ever had one of those.

And guess what ELSE. Go on. This one's REALLY good...

THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It really is. I've counted them. It says 88 in my profile, but it LIES I tells ya. It's been 88 for ages... But it's really 100th!
I have posted 100 of these little stories about my life...
This is great!

I'm gonna go see Jen later on today. She's been working overtime non-stop. So I'm gonna go up and buy something off her to talk to her and shit. Twill be fun.
Except I need to walk all the way there and back. In the snow too. Ah well, twill be wrth it.

*Looks out window*

This cannot be! Arg! It was probably me wh Jynxed it...


I might as well get ready now...
Damn weather. Change back dammit.

*Spins in chair*
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