Sleepwalking my way through life: December 2004

I'm going to smile when I get buried

Friday, December 24, 2004
Current Mood: Very good
Current Music: Jimmy Eat World - Pain

It's still not snowing.
Well, it did start snowing again. And it did kinda settle. But then it did kinda stop. Ah well, we can't have everything in life now can we?
Too bad we can't.

Went ot see Jen while she was working today. Twas dead cool. I really need to satrt at the beginning...
I was about to leave, at mum said "While you're up there can you get me a salad? Oh, then you can go to safeway and get me some crisps and sweets please? Here's the money now off you go"
So I grabbed my brothers iPod and set out. It took me half an hour to get there. Twas freezing too. But I had great fun. I listened to Yellowcard all the way there. I forgot how much I actually did like them. I almost started singing when walking along the road.
Anyway, I got up to the shop and looked at the salads for a bit. Then I notice Jen sitting at her checkout so I go over to talk to her. It was such a shame cos no one was at her till and she was just sitting there. So I got some random salad and went to her till. She served me and we talked but when she had to give me change there was a problem...
She had run out of pound coins. She pressed the button to get more but no one came round. She started to get all embarrased and her face went a bit red. It was such a shame but all funny too. She eventually got it sorted out and got two bags of change. But then she couldn't open a bag. But she was laughing now so it was ok. We talked for a bit more before I headed out again.
This time I had to walk even further to get to Safeway. So I put on Sugarcult. I had forgotten how good some of their songs were too. I even sang along to a few. Anyway, I walked all the way up to Safeway and I got the other stuff a few minutes before it closed too. I had a quick chat with the girl behind the counter too. She laughed at me when I bought the 3 packets of sweets so I explained that it was for the rest of my family. And we kinda struck up a conversation.
But I've already forgotten her name...
I decided to take a shortcut home because my heel was hurting from my shoe rubbing against it. So I went down the side road and there was this giant puddle in the middle. So I jumped onto what I thought was a shallow bit.
It goes up to my ankle. So I jump to the other foot.
It goes to my knee!
My shoes were drenched and absoloutly freezing. But after a while they warmed up a bit. Like a wetsuit. When you get it wet the warmth of your body warms it up for you. It was kinda comfy.
But I had the makings of a blister on my foot.
I really hope that dad gets me the shoes I asked for. I really need them...

Jen called me later on that evening. It was creepy. I was reaching for the phone to call her and it rang so I picked it up and it was her.
*Twilight zone music*
We just talked about what happened that day, and what we're doing tomorrow. She has to go to church in the morning and to her Grans in the afternoon. So I need to call her between 11 nad 12.


Only 40minutes until it's officially Christmas!
I need to get off this thing!

Merry Christmas!

I never bother to run. I'll only die tired.

Current Mood: WHOOO!!
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Short Fuse Burning

Guess what. Go on, guess.


IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!

Quite thickly too! I didn't even notice it for ages but mum came in and said, "Have you seen the snow?"
"Stop playing about."
"No, really!"
*Opens Curtains*
And now it's settling!!
Well kinda.

Guess what else. Go on.
Only one day to go until the big day people! I is so excited! AND it's gonna be a white christmas!
First time I've ever had one of those.

And guess what ELSE. Go on. This one's REALLY good...

THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It really is. I've counted them. It says 88 in my profile, but it LIES I tells ya. It's been 88 for ages... But it's really 100th!
I have posted 100 of these little stories about my life...
This is great!

I'm gonna go see Jen later on today. She's been working overtime non-stop. So I'm gonna go up and buy something off her to talk to her and shit. Twill be fun.
Except I need to walk all the way there and back. In the snow too. Ah well, twill be wrth it.

*Looks out window*

This cannot be! Arg! It was probably me wh Jynxed it...


I might as well get ready now...
Damn weather. Change back dammit.

*Spins in chair*

So I sit and wait and wonder. Does anyone else feel like me?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Less Than Jake - Mowtown Never Sounded So Good

Last day of school today.

It was good fun. Like really good fun. Like REALLY good fun.

I was awake for most of the night cos I had tons of Irn Bru before bed. It wasn't very fun. I got up at 6.30am and watched tv for ages. Yet I was STILL late to meet up before school.

I met Jen and Heatherbelle at the canopy and I gave Heatherbelle her present. Then she gave me a wrapped box.
"Hold on a minute..."
She gives me another box.
"Whoa, thanks Heather."
Hands me a third box.
The bell rang and I made my way up to Physics. I sat on a table and drummed out a beat o pass the time until I wasn't the only one in the class. Mr.Rosenburg walked in, looked at me, then walked out.
"Hi Mr.Rosenburg," I said to an empty doorway. Louie came in a second afterward and we went into the biology class where everyone was. We played a few games of poker (Very fun) then I went to play cards and talk to Jen, Heatherbelle and Dan.

At break we headed to the canopy where we met Feeney. And to our surprise he wasn't wearing uniform. This is a very strange occurence...
We went to the centre and just walked about until it was time to meet Chaz at Pizza Hut. We met her, and I mostly had a good meal.
Mostly that is.
Jen and Chaz went on about the whole girlfriend material thing. They kept asking me what was wrong with them. I explained the whole system thing. That they weren't at the bottom of the pile. I said that some one like Britany Spears or Kelly Brook would be at the top while some one like Mahri would be at the bottom. I placed them about 3/4 towards the highest and said that they were a close second to Heatherbelle.
"But is one of us higher than the other?"
"Of course."
"Who is it then?"
"I dunno."
"Tell us!"
"I should've kept my mouth shut..."
I eventually got them to stop by drinking some coke with cheese, peperoni, pepper, spices, and some other stuff I can't remember.

After that me and Feeney went to look at games while they went off to look at other stuff. We were followed by Samantha and Michaela. They kept asking me who I fancied and stuff. Like they did on Saturday. Hey, wait a minute....

*Checks blog*

I never mentioned that!
Samantha, Michaela, Jenn and Laura came round my house on saturday night last week. I was outside talking to them for an hour and a half in the freezing cold wearing a t-shirt, trousers and slippers.
I was very cold.
They just kept asking me who I fancied. An hour and a half on who I fancy. I kept saying that I didn't know but they didn't believe me. But by the end of it I had a good idea of who I did like. But no way in hell would I tell them. I'm still not sure of it myself.

"We shall see," said the blind man. "We shall see."

I sad that I didn't know again. And they left me alone. Then we headed to Dan's house. That was fun too I guess. We watched music channels for a while and had Bacardi Breezers. They were actually quite nice...
Then Dan went out to pick up his wee bro from school so Jen and Chaz went on his pc and downloaded Granny porn...
*Throws up*
The they went on to anime porn.
*Throws up even more*
That is some of the sickest shit I have ever seen. And I NEVER want to see it again. Never.

After a bit Jen had to go to work, then Chaz went and Heatherbelle went at the same time as me and Feeney.
Feeney bought a game before we got on the bus. He's loaded I tells ya. I got home, put my presents under the tree and went on the pc.

And that's me for the moment.
Tomorrow I might play video-games again. I'm not sure though....

"We shall see," said the blind man. "We shall see."

I will never be connected

Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Reqium of a Dream

Today wasn't as bad as I first made out.

After computing finished we had English and Fitzpatrick put a word grid on the board for us to play about with. He said his fourth year class took six minutes to get the nine letter word, and he doubted that we'll do it any quicker. As soon as he finished talking I put my hand up and asked him if "Laplander" was the answer.
His face was priceless.

Lunch was decent. Jen and Chaz started shouting at me cos I said that Heatherbelle was better girlfriend material. They went off at me and asking me why and shit like that.
"I ain't saying anything."
"Why not?"
"Cos you guys will hurt me."
"We won't. We promise."
So I told them why. I said that Heatherbelle was slightly better looking and had a slightly better personality. I then threw my arm up to block Jen's flurry of slaps and I got hit in the face by Chaz's bottle.
Not fun.

We did absolutely nothing in chemistry. I drew on the board a lot before playing a few games of poker, rum, snap, old maid and switch. That was kinda fun.

Last day of school tommorow. Not staying in for the whole day. We're leaving at break before going to Pizza Hut. That should be fun I guess. Been a wile since we've all been out. Feeney's even coming out too. Afterwards we're going to Dans and just randomly mess about. That'll be fun too...

Christmas is coming soon too. Only four days? Or something... Quite looking forward to it this year, instead of last year when I didn't feel it at all.

Ah well.

Wishing that everything would end

Current Mood: Not good, not bad
Current Music: Funeral for a Friend - Escape Artists Never Die

In school. AGAIN.

I haven't been posting for a while cos I really didn't have any time. Twas gutting.
My brogot the Sims2 off of hs friend. And it kicks serious ass. Really, it's so cool to play.
I was gonna post some stuff last night but as soon as I started typing this up EVERYONE came online. It was like I had no one to talk to but as soon as this popped up seven people started talking. People I hadn't spoken to in months decided that moment to start talking again.

Twas very odd.

I had a good weekend. Went out with Maddy, Jen Mc, Laura, and Kenny. It was great fun. We just walked around Glasgow and stuff.
Wow, that was a boring comment....

On sunday I just played Halo all day. Now THAT was fun. I tried it on a harder difficulty level and had so much fun. My cousins came round later though so I had to turn it off for a bit (The zombie-like flood scared them), but when I played it again I had a santa hat on. Then Chris came downstairs for a bit to watch how I was doing.
"Dude, why do you have a santa hat on?"
"Think about it. What could be more bad ass than saving the galaxy in a santa hat?"
"I see."
I got quite far too. But I was stuck on this same bit over and over and over and over again. But I past it. Eventually.

Can't be arsed with school today. My friends are being jackasses for no reason. Which is another term for a perfectly normal day.
Today is actually quite relaxed. It's the second last day and the teachers aren't bothering to do anything with us. Tis great.
Fitzpatrick might though. Git. He's so annoying.

I can't be arsed anymore...

No questions asked

Thursday, December 16, 2004
Current Mood: Not too bad
Current Music: Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box


I hate Mr Fitzpatrick!

He's given us a short story to do, and I need to write it for tomorrow! This is sooooo annoying!
Yes, maybe I should've started writing this last week when he told us about it.
But I'm not that type of person!!
I'm extremely tempted to hand in an edited version of one of my other stories. But then I'd feel bad and stuff... Unless I make up a new one to put on DeviantArt.

Ok, this is the plan...

I'm gonna re-type an old story that I found the other day and give that to Fitzy, then I'm gonna come up with a completely new story to put on DeviantArt along with my older one...
Though I'm not too happy about it.

Just because I'm not the same doesn't make me different

Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Current Mood: Crappy
Current Music: Mjolnir Mix - Halo Theme

Day from Hell.

My mum came home two minutes ago, she said, "So how was your day then?"
And I said, "Yeah, it was great"
Then I go upstairs and write "Day from Hell"
How comical.

It started with an extremely rainy day. And I mean extremely. It was very windy and cold, and on the way to school I got splashed by three cars who thought it would be funny to drive into puddles to soak us. I got into school all fine and stuff, if not a little wet, and tried to salvage my day.

No chance of that happening.

I went into maths and I have a quiet conversation with John.
"Joe, be quiet"
"Sorry sir"
So I contnue with my work and I get into another conversation with John.
"Joe, what did I tell you?"
"Sorry sir"
I do more work. The noise in the class slowly rises to the point where you have to almost shout to be heard. I think it's a good time to continue my conversation with John. So I begin to whisper-
"Joe! This is the last time I'm telling you!"
What a git! The whole class is talking around us and he picks on me! I really think he doesn't like me.

So break came and Charlotte saw my haircut. She's been off sick for a few days so she didn't see it. Needless to say that there were comments made, I can't be bothered remembering them. I headed up to computing where I was in for even more fun.

John-Paul that hypocritical bastard. He's a good guy, don't get me wrong, but he's such an asshole at times. He's always saying stuff like, "Hey Joe why don't you stand up for yourself? Just tell them to get lost," and he goes and makes fun of me. And when I tell him to shut the hell up he just goes, "As if that will ever happen" Had an ok conversation with Adam, before it suddenly turned against me. I don't remember what he said, I just remember that it was uncalled for. He apoligised afterward but I didn't give a shit. Then on the way out this third year called Matthew went "Heya Joe"
"Get lost Matthew"
Then John-Paul cut in with, "What's this Joe? Being abused by fourth years?"
"No, third years actually"

English wasn't too bad. Kirsty got pissed off at me because I proved her wrong on something. What a stuck-up bitch.

Then lunch came. And what a fun lunch that was indeed. Charlotte just picked up my bag, flipped it upside down and shook everything out. Then she looked at me, after I watched her do it, and said, "It was an accident!"
Jen helped me pick it all up and stuff. She was bein nice to me today. Feeney made me put all his rubbish in the bin and she shouted at him for it. Thankies Jen.
Then Jenn (The girl who likes me) came over and sat beside us. She is so annoying. "Why don't you like me Joe? Wanna come bowling with us? Wanna get off with me? Will you go out with me Joe?"
"Is that a yes?"

We got up and I went over to chemistry. That was slightly better. I like chemistry now. It's more fun to learn when you find it interesting. So the day wasn't a COMPLETE loss.

But wait people! There is yet more....

After school we went down to the centre and walked around as usual. Jen went off with her mum and I went with the rest. They started singing "Let them know it's christmas" really loud and embarrasing us. It was really good fun until we got to the bus stop. They were still singing and Dan said, "Hey can you guys stop singing? It's not that I think you're bad singers. It's just a bit loud"
I put my hand up. "I think they're bad singers," I joked.
And Charlotte looked at me and said, "Well it's better than anything you can do you English piece of shit"


What in the name of fucking Christ did you just say to me? Why the fuck did you bring that up? Is it an insult? Because I'm English means you can throw it in my face anytime you want? Do I go around calling you an insignificant Scotish turd? Yes Charlotte, I'm fucking English as you've just pointed out. OK? Is it a fucking crime? Does it make me less than you? Am I beneath you because I'm fucking English? No? Well it fucking sounded like it. Yes guess what, the guy you like is English too! Have you noticed that yet? The fact that he has a stronger accent than me? Why the fuck do I get shit for it and he doesn't? Go fuck yourself Charlotte. No infact wait. Thank you Charlotte. Thank you for reminding me why I'll never be accepted. Bitch.

But all I could get out was, "Bye guys"

Day from Hell.
No actually, that's unfair to be honest.

Hell has had better days than this.

Last temptation of my kind

Sunday, December 12, 2004
Current Mood: Sleppy
Current Music: Taking Back Sunday - A decade under the influence

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got my computer back. The guy took it in and said "A week at the most"

Five weeks later we got it back. I'm not too bothered though. It's all virus free and really fast with the total lack of pop-ups and stuff.
AND my camera is all better so I can upload all my new drawings.
AND I found a good stiry under my bed last week and I'm going to put that up too.
AND I can listen to all my m,usic again...


And now is the official time that I've ran out of things to say.
Nothing of interest actually happened over the past 5 weeks. Well, tons of things have happened, but not many worth mentioning.

I had a new girl interest, but that was over quickly... My drama show was on, but it wasn't too good. (In my opinion)

Wow. My life is boring...
I got a haircut today. I guess that's something. My hair was really long before, like I could pull it down so it passed my eyes and everything. I was gonna get it straightened and stuff but I just decided to cut it short. And now it's short. REALLY short. I look totally different too...
I wish I had kept it longer....
Can't be as bad as Louies hair though. She said that she's dyed it purple by mistake... I can't wait to see her tomorrow....

Oh, and the guy who was posting shitty things on my comments was Dan. Bastard. It was so funny how I caught him too. We were in English and I just had a quick stab at it...
Dan had just said, "The L-Word is so great isn't it?"
And I went, "Yeah, sure. So why do you keep posting shitty stuff on my blog?"
"Why are you posting shitty things on my Blog?"
"Who told you that?"
"Fine ok then, I said those things on your blog. Happy?"
"No. And yes. Oh, by the way, Jen didn't tell me. I just guessed it was you"
And his face was priceless.

AND I get to talk to all my friends in other countries!!!
AND I need to go now.

You see how I did that?
Smart right?