Sleepwalking my way through life: Please show me a sign

Please show me a sign

Current Mood: Headachey
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MASSIVE head-ache...
And I don't like taking pills for it... It's really bad!!!
I guess that this is a hint to get off the pc now. But I was never any good at taking any hints...

Went to the cinema as you know. It was good I guess. The Centre was all Christmasy cos "Santa" was coming. Bah humbug I say. Anyway, we met up and got all the way to the ticket office before I snapped. They were just really pissing me off. So I said, "You know what? Fuck this"
And turned around to walk into a man. Then I went back the way I came and headed home. I got a phone call on the way down from Jen.
"Joe, come back!"
"Why not?"
"Cos you guys are being absolute fuck-wits"
"You guys are fuck-wits!"
"Joe come back up!"
Then this guy turned round and said "Hey! Mind not swearing infront of my kids?"
And I just said "FUCK" and turned round. Don't think the guy was too happy about that...
I went back up to the ticket office and got our tickets. Point of no return really. I mean, if they still made fun of me I couldn't just turn around and leave could I? Who cares anyway. The film was good. Quite jumpy, and really freaky, but good. The story was kinda hard to follow at times, but still good.

Oh, before I forget. Whoever keeps posting in the comments and saying stuff, please leave your name... It'll make it easier to shout at you next time I se ya.


My head hurts really bad...
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