Sleepwalking my way through life: Death is my last resort

Death is my last resort

Current Mood: Not too good
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I feel really shit all of a sudden...

I got back from Drama not too long ago. The show is gradually getting better. But I have to sing at the end of it. Which is annoying cos I really can't sing at all... AND the show's in 2 weeks, and it might be my last term in Drama before I get a job... AND even if I stay on I won't be able to see...
Umm, lets forget about that detail shall we?
Heh heh...
I'm thinking of going for it next week anyway. It's a long shot I know. Like a really long shot. Like there's me, and a million miles away is where I have to get the shot. That's the kind of long shot I mean....
You're all probably wondering what I'm on about...
Not until next week people....

Anyway, I got back to a silent house where Chris and Mum weren't talking to each other cos of some argument. Watched some tv before mum said that Jenny called and I'd have to phone her back.
So I phoned her up and she asked if I wanted to go see "Grudge" tomorrow or something. And I was like sure, sure, whatever. Then she said "So you thought you looked like Adam Fairlie last night"
I had gotten my hair straightened off of Maddy last night. I looked SOOOO cool! I am so getting my hair permantly straightened next time...
So I said "Well, I thought I looked a bit like him, especially with my glasses on"
"Well Charlotte said you didn't"
"Fine then. It was really straight last night though"
"Charlotte said it was wavy"
"She only saw it with gel in it. The gel had made it go all wavy and stuff. You should've seen it though, everyone thought it was great"
"Ok then. When are you gonna admit that you're gay and fancie Adam?"
Hold the phone sister
"Seriously. Why the fuck did you just say that? I ain't fucking gay. It's fucking sick"
"Ok then Joe"
"Hey, shut up"
"Fine then. You coming tomorrow?"
"Yes. Bye"
"Wait, we dunno what time it is yet, so I'll phone you later ok?"
*Hang up*

What the fuck is she on about for Chrissake?
That got me kinda pissed off. But then I felt kinda better... And now I feel like total shit. I'm all down and depressed and everything...
I was like that last night at the fireworks too. I was looking at the very prettiful fire, and I just felt reallly crap. It was all blazing and really cool, but my mind was just somewhere else and thinking of something else. Argh.
The fireworks were really cool though. Some even made the ground shake...

I haven't spoken to Michael in ages... He hasn't been on MSN or his blog or anything... I actually need to check that up really... Ah well. He'll show up sooner or later.


I'm feeling to down to type much more.
So long.
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