Sleepwalking my way through life: November 2004

I can't pretend to be this way anymore

Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Current Mood: Good
Current Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers- Scar Tissue


I'm back!
Well, kinda. My comp has been in the shop for about a week and I'm using the school comp to type in this...

AND NOW I GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!

Life is so unfair at times....

Please show me a sign

Sunday, November 07, 2004
Current Mood: Headachey
Current Music: All American Rejects- Swing Swing


MASSIVE head-ache...
And I don't like taking pills for it... It's really bad!!!
I guess that this is a hint to get off the pc now. But I was never any good at taking any hints...

Went to the cinema as you know. It was good I guess. The Centre was all Christmasy cos "Santa" was coming. Bah humbug I say. Anyway, we met up and got all the way to the ticket office before I snapped. They were just really pissing me off. So I said, "You know what? Fuck this"
And turned around to walk into a man. Then I went back the way I came and headed home. I got a phone call on the way down from Jen.
"Joe, come back!"
"Why not?"
"Cos you guys are being absolute fuck-wits"
"You guys are fuck-wits!"
"Joe come back up!"
Then this guy turned round and said "Hey! Mind not swearing infront of my kids?"
And I just said "FUCK" and turned round. Don't think the guy was too happy about that...
I went back up to the ticket office and got our tickets. Point of no return really. I mean, if they still made fun of me I couldn't just turn around and leave could I? Who cares anyway. The film was good. Quite jumpy, and really freaky, but good. The story was kinda hard to follow at times, but still good.

Oh, before I forget. Whoever keeps posting in the comments and saying stuff, please leave your name... It'll make it easier to shout at you next time I se ya.


My head hurts really bad...

Please be here with me

Current Mood: Excellent
Current Music: Muse- Butterflys and Hurricanes


I got g-mail!!! After weeks and weeks of persuading Chris to give me it, I've finally got it! It was like:
"Chris can I get g-mail?"
"Chris can I get g-mail?"
"Chris can I get g-mail?"
"Oh, ok then"
I wore him down though... And I'm glad I did.

It's so cool though. I get a gigabyte of FREE memory to store all my e-mails. AND it sorts them all out automatically. Did I mention that it was free?
You can only get invited to join it too. And it's only a Beta version. Which means that it'll come back even better but then you hav to pay fo it. But I hope IO can keep my version cos it's very cool....

I was talking to Frost through e-mail the other day, and it turns out that Razorlight were playing paintball with him. RAZORLIGHT!!!! He got their autograph and everything. They also ran out of paintballs because the band had bought so much and they had to drive into town to get more... That is so cool...

I guess I should go and get ready now. I'm going to see the Grudge with all my friendlies and I still need to scrounge money off of mum...


Death is my last resort

Saturday, November 06, 2004
Current Mood: Not too good
Current Music: Default- Deny

I feel really shit all of a sudden...

I got back from Drama not too long ago. The show is gradually getting better. But I have to sing at the end of it. Which is annoying cos I really can't sing at all... AND the show's in 2 weeks, and it might be my last term in Drama before I get a job... AND even if I stay on I won't be able to see...
Umm, lets forget about that detail shall we?
Heh heh...
I'm thinking of going for it next week anyway. It's a long shot I know. Like a really long shot. Like there's me, and a million miles away is where I have to get the shot. That's the kind of long shot I mean....
You're all probably wondering what I'm on about...
Not until next week people....

Anyway, I got back to a silent house where Chris and Mum weren't talking to each other cos of some argument. Watched some tv before mum said that Jenny called and I'd have to phone her back.
So I phoned her up and she asked if I wanted to go see "Grudge" tomorrow or something. And I was like sure, sure, whatever. Then she said "So you thought you looked like Adam Fairlie last night"
I had gotten my hair straightened off of Maddy last night. I looked SOOOO cool! I am so getting my hair permantly straightened next time...
So I said "Well, I thought I looked a bit like him, especially with my glasses on"
"Well Charlotte said you didn't"
"Fine then. It was really straight last night though"
"Charlotte said it was wavy"
"She only saw it with gel in it. The gel had made it go all wavy and stuff. You should've seen it though, everyone thought it was great"
"Ok then. When are you gonna admit that you're gay and fancie Adam?"
Hold the phone sister
"Seriously. Why the fuck did you just say that? I ain't fucking gay. It's fucking sick"
"Ok then Joe"
"Hey, shut up"
"Fine then. You coming tomorrow?"
"Yes. Bye"
"Wait, we dunno what time it is yet, so I'll phone you later ok?"
*Hang up*

What the fuck is she on about for Chrissake?
That got me kinda pissed off. But then I felt kinda better... And now I feel like total shit. I'm all down and depressed and everything...
I was like that last night at the fireworks too. I was looking at the very prettiful fire, and I just felt reallly crap. It was all blazing and really cool, but my mind was just somewhere else and thinking of something else. Argh.
The fireworks were really cool though. Some even made the ground shake...

I haven't spoken to Michael in ages... He hasn't been on MSN or his blog or anything... I actually need to check that up really... Ah well. He'll show up sooner or later.


I'm feeling to down to type much more.
So long.

I'm the king of catastrophes

Friday, November 05, 2004
Currrent Mood: Piss Awful
Current Music: Less Than Jake- Science of Selling Yourself Short

I'm in school again.

I just did my computing NAB too. Passed it thank God. That's a fucking surprise though. I only found out I had a test the period before. I was totally unprepared for all the shit that was in it.
I guess that teaches me to study then...
I hate this bloody computing class. Since there's only 6 people in it we always talk. And I feel like such a fucking retard in it too. Like just there. I got 14/20. 2 marks over the pass mark. What does everyone else get? 16, 17, 19.... And I'm the fucking butt of all the fucking jokes...

I'm going to the Key tonight too. For the first time in three weeks. And since it's the 5th of November we're going to go down to see the fireworks... Oh goody.

Shit, the bell's gonna ring so I'm gonna have to go...

This class is so fucking depressing....

The only dreams I have turn to out to be nightmares

Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Current Mood: Warm
Current Music: Ash- Burn Baby Burn

I've had a good day today?
"What is this?" I hear you say, "A good day? Is this the first sign of the Apocalypse?"
Well, you might not say THAT...

Well, it wasn't a bad day to start off with. I got up on time. Which was odd cos mum was in Manchester last night and wasn't there to wake me up. I had my breakfast and I got out on time and everything.
Double physics first. We just had to do an extra long experiment, and we made so many jokes through it.
It was hilarious.
Then I had my Maths unit test. Which was as easy as pie itself. It really was. Just full of questions we had done a hundred times before and all that.

I have a feeling that this is gonna be a short post....

English was... Well, crap really.
Lunch was kinda boring... Except my friendlies tried to think up stage names for me. I think the favourite was AfroJoe or summit. I'm probably gonna change my name though... Joseph David? Damion Adams? Alexander Kyle?
Too many to choose really...
RE was crap too. I got out my story and got bugge by Jen and Feeney until I put it away so they couldn't read it. They'll see it when I put it up on DA, just be patitient people...
Computing was also boring. We had a mini quiz thingy. Needless to say I got 2 out of 6 right. Bah. Then I (finally) fixed my program. Which I was very chuffed about...

After school I had to get £70 out of the bank to pay Chris back. I've been spending WAY too much recently...

And with that note I am leaving. It's hard to talk to people, write a story, write a blog AND write a comic at the same time. So good day....

I said GOOD DAY!

I don't want to be alone anymore

Monday, November 01, 2004
Curent Mood: Crappy
Current Music: K's Choice: Virgin state of mind

I am sooooooooo tired.

I've had a bad day.

No, not a bad day. An unimaginably shitty day that I want to forget and never to come back.

It started with me having a bad nights sleep. I was doing well last night before I rolled onto the bruise on my leg and it woke me up fully. Then I couldn't get to sleep again... So at 4am, I close my eyes for a second and open them up to find that it's 7am.
I walked to school with Less Than Jake blasting in my ears, which was good, but then I had to give it back to Maddy, which was bad. Then I started to learn my essay for the English unit test. Which was VERY bad. So I walk into the library as usual, just to be welcomed with the usual shit that comes at me everyday.
"Joe, what's up with your hair?"
"Did you straighten it?"
"Is it supposed to look like that?"
Get bent
So I sat there reading it over and over and making sure I was getting everything right, and the bell rang so I made my way down to English. I started my essay fine and dandy, I finished the first two paragraphs which was good, then I stopped. My memory went completely blank and I couldn't write anymore. I knew what i was supposed to write, and how to form it, but I completely forgot the begining of the paragraph. I sat there for 10minutes trying think of what to write before coming up with an entirely shit start. Then halfway through my 4th paragraph someone phoned me. No number was left but they did leave a message on my phone. Which I can't access with lack of money.
Break came, and I got more annoyed cos they were going on at my hair. They went off to their class, I went up to maths. That wasn't too bad. I had a nice conversation with John about our comic. Yeah we're making a comic. Dunno what about yet. It's just gonna be really dark and action filled and stuff. And there's gonna be lots of blood of course....
So, moving on to RE. Jenny was sittin kinda behind me and kept bugging me about Chasing Litter. Danny had told her about it after he read my blog. She kept askin about who was in it and all that crap. When I didn't answer her (I was annoyed at her) she tried to insult me by saying "Fucking bin raiders, that's what you are"
Ok then.
Then she had to go home at lunch cos she was feeling sick. Wee shame. Lunch was crap though. I did my patented "sit there and stare at table" technique where I just concentrate on an obscure thing to make me feel better. I just thought and thought and thought. It helped slightly. But I'm still scared...
Fuck that
Physics. God I hate Rosenburg. We were learning about water pressure and stuff and he was just making feel invisible. I had my hand up for the first few questions but he passed over me, so I started a doodle in my jotter which he noticed.
"Now look Joseph, I see that you're very good at that" Aye right "But if you concentrated on your work then maybe you'll be better at physics. Now put that away..."
Me and Louie talked for a bit. But that was just depressing. She kept going on about Liam this Matthew that. All you have to do is nod and go "Hmmmm" every once in a while to her and she's happy.
Finally school ended and I made my way home alone. That's when I had time to think about the day. But then I stopped thinking and studied my hands. To take my mind off of stuff. Then I went on the pc and thought about the comic and I made another cd cover for Chasing Litter. Here it is.
I think that this one's better than the other one. But Maddy might not like it as much, seeing as how she ain't on the front anymore.

Yesterday was fun though.
I mean really fun.

My alarm goes off at 6.30am and I get up and get dressed. We needed to get to my brothers friends house for 8, but we had to go to the bank first to pick up money for the day. So me and Chris are up and getting ready, we go down stairs, have breakfast, and start watching tv cos we still had a lot of time before we left. We flicked through the channels and I noticed the clock said 5.55am.
The clocks had gone back and we hadn't noticed. We felt like complete idiots. It was so funny though. We watched some more cartoons and some sorry excuses for anime for an hour before we left. We went down to Safeway and took out some money before heading upto Pauls.
It took us about an hour to reach the centre, and there was 3 people from Frost's group already there. Frost is Chris Frost, the guy who runs the Halo thing and also works at the paintball centre. We made our way up to the centre itself where we found Frost in fish-nets and a dress since it was Halloween. We had a good laugh over that.
The rest of the Halo group came and about an hour after THAT we started.
And, holy shit, it was immense. The first game was king of the hill, red team won the first part, but the second part I was stuck with the flag. Now, the flag is like a paint magnet. Everyone shoots at you just so you would die and drop it. But luckily I got beside this tactical guy who covered me until I got to the hill. Then I lept in and held the flag up for about a minute before they shot me. But I accidently left my shoe in the bog before, so I only had one shoe one when I walked out of the area. I got it back though. It was caked in mud though.
The second game was "Busses". Two double decker busses sat opposite each other and each team to base in each of them. The aim was to plass the "bomb" in the fuel tank of the other bus. When Frost shouted go the paint was everywhere. I wasted over 250 ballls on that level. But it was amaing fun. The red team won both rounds though.
That means the score was Red-30, Blue-20.
The next level was by far the best. This was the only one where you could be really military. It was called "Pyramids" and it had a giant pyramid in the middle of a huge arena littered with bushes, statues, and boxes. You had to steal the "Kings gold" from the pyramid and place it in the enemies base. The blues went all out for this one, they circled and destroyed the reds. I ran accross the open area at one point, and a trail of gunfire followed until I dived behind a statue and heard hundreds of thunks as the balls hit the edge. I peeked round the edge and tons more were fired at me. I shouted "HELP!!! I NEED COVER!!!!" And suddenly 10 blues came out of nowhere and fired at the reds. So I lept out and opened fire, hitting about 5 of them. Then I took a shot to my leg (Where there's a bruise now) and I was out. But we won. That game got us 15points so the score was Red-30, Blue-25.
"Attack and defend" was crap. We defended easily and got 10 points but in the second round I watched from the side as reds cheated everywhere. This guy got shot three times and didn't come out. But they got 10 points too. Score: Red-40, Blue-35.
"Capture the Flag". The final event. No THIS was fun. I was with the tactical guy again. And I was the one who actually captured the flag. I had just shot a red and looked around for another one. But they were all gone. All there were left were me and two blues. So I grabbed the flag and walked slowly back to our base where I placed it calmly on our oil drum. We weren't so lucky on our next game. My gun jammed twice and I ran out of ammo, so I had to leave. We were doing well until the respawn rule came on. If you still had ammoe left then you were still in the game when you got shot. An the reds had PLENTY of ammo. So they respawned a lot. And we lost.Which ment the final scores were Red-55, Blue-50.
Chris said it was the most heated competition he'd seen in his 3 months on the job. And I belive him. It really as amazing though.


My mum's chucking me off now...
Ah well. I'll write in again on thursday...
I'm feeling much better now....